Reasons Why You Should Consider Internet Phone Technology For Making Cheap Call

As long ago as 1995 (is it really that long ago already? I must be getting old), a little communications company named Vocaltec decided to combine the emergent internet technology with existing phone technology – reasoning, quite lucidly, that the cable was the same and the line was the same so why the heck not? The result was called VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Provider (as in, your voice gets shunted down the same lines as your internet provision), and it’s been around ever since. It’s only recently, though, that it has started to catch on as a viable proposition.

These days, business and home use packages for internet provision with VoIP abound. And so they should. The cabling is all in place (as Vocaltec realised all those years ago!) so what’s the sense in paying two bills for services that can be combined? The modern home owner can choose from all sorts of services – the Comcast Triple Play; the AT&T Uverse package; or any one of dozens of others.

Each package differs in name and fine details but has all the basic points in place. You choose what you want, from digital TV, phone and internet, and then you pay for everything you’ve picked in one monthly bill. Because your service is combined with the same provider, you get all kinds of neat cross channel applications to make using you VoIP, and your internet and digital TV, a more immersive and intuitive experience: like being able to see your caller ID on your TV screen.

The AT&T Uverse package comes with three basic phone tariffs: Voice 250; Voice Unlimited; and Voice International. The 250 package gives you 250 minutes every month before you start getting billed (national calls only); the Voice Unlimited gives you unlimited national calls; and the Voice International also includes unlimited international calls. The prices remain relatively low because you are not technically using a phone line to call abroad – you’re doing it through the net, much like you would if you use Skype.

Skype is actually a good way  to talk about the benefits of packages like the AT&T Uverse offer. Basically, any completely free internet telephony service has something going on in the background that you may not want. There’s nothing illegal or even particularly bad happening – but there is an intrusion into your system while you are using the facility. With the paid for VoIP you get as part of a full digital cable package, you are paying for fair use yourself – so there’s nothing going on under the surface at all.

A free internet telephony service, of course, is equally unable to join together all of your media consumption in one easy package. The real advantages of something like AT&T Uverse are all to do with the ease the packages bring to your whole home communication system. High speed internet means you get a connection for multiple devices all running at the same time, no matter what it is they are doing. High definition digital TV with hundreds of channels means plenty of entertainment. And parental control over everything means that entertainment is always vetted before it goes out to the children.

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