Bad Ass Police Officer Stops A Plane With His Car

The Brazilian cops from the video above have just made it into the Bad Ass Category next to Walker, VanDham, and Seagal. The Brazilian Federal Police were chasing a band of smugglers around Brazil. The smugglers were flying into Paraguay, robbing a whole bunch of people and then carrying the stolen electronics, goods, and a bicycle, back to Brazil where they would sell it for a profit. Finally after weeks in the case, the police received a tip of where they would be landing the following day.

The police set up a small team and waited for the smugglers. When the smugglers landed, the police descended into the the runway in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, and started to drive towards the small plane. Seeing the police coming, the pilot floored the small plane to the max and started to speed down the runway.

Sadly for the smugglers, the bad ass cops had a small Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy,? can’t really tell for sure, on their side. They floored the pedal to the floor and crashed the vehicle against the plane’s left wing. The plane was loaded with smugglers, thieves, and over $150,000 in stolen goods and electronics.

The aircraft had been associated with smuggling drugs into Brazil and other surrounding countries. Thanks to the Federales, organized crime taken a deep hit.