Anonymous Threat on Mexican Cartel Going Forward Nov 5: Updated!

Updated: They are not doing it anymore: “Anonymous IberoAmerica, the Latin American collective within the Anonymous hacktivist group, has called off its operation to expose members of the Zetas narcotics cartel after announcing that a kidnapped Anonymous member was released. The released hostage also reportedly delivered a message: that the Zetas would kill ten people for every name of a Zeta associate released by Anonymous.” Read the full release form here:

Anonymous has taken on Visa, Play Station, and other large companies and targets, but perhaps the most controversial operation for the online activist group was OpCartel, it was launched last month, and it threatened to release information about the Zeta drug cartel members and supporters. OpCartel was launched in response to the alleged kidnapping of an Anonymous member.

The YouTube video was originally launched in Spanish but was later made into an English speaking video. According to the video, one of its members had been kidnapped while postering in Veracruz. The video demands the return of the kidnapped member by November 5 or they will release the information on the organization, as well as journalists, cab drivers and the police who, according to the video, have collaborated with the cartel.

When the video came out last week, every single news source and blogs started to write about the ballsy video. Anonymous then told the Mexican media they had to cancel the operation because they were concerned for their safety. Then Barret Brown, the guy from the video above, posted the video in question stating that the operation is still ago. He said states that Mexican Anonymous members voted to bring the operation back.

If they do succeed and release the information, anonymous will become one of the Zeta’s enemies. According to the DEA, by “publishing the names, they identify them selves as rivals, and trust me, they will go after them,” Anonymous’ threat is a “gutsy move.” So tomorrow will be a very big day for Anonymous. They have two big missions, the first one was to take down facebook on the 5th of November, the second one, to take on one of the deadliest and most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico.