5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Is Better Than Android or iOS According to Wired

Microsoft released its much anticipated Windows 8 consumer preview this week.  There have already been questions of will this do anything to help Microsoft pull itself back up and once again be a contender.  Wired has five reasons why this OS may be better than the best out there at the moment.

First, according to the article writer Christina Bonnington, is the picture password.  I am agreed on this one that it is not only a more creative way of doing things, it is also safer.  The user will choose a photo for their lock screen, and then they will have three touches on the picture that will unlock it.

Second, apps are easier to sort through. Users can just swipe the left of the screen and any open apps appear.  When the user clicks on the bar icon the most frequently used apps will appear.

Third, screens are easier to use for people with fat fingers.  This seems understandable on phones, but on tablets there have not seemed to be as much of a problem with this issue.  However, it is cool that this OS has three screen sizes to choose from.

Fourth, the screens are not cluttered.  There are no unnecessary apps lying around.  Also, there are no navigational, task, and menu bars.  The Metro UI theme is very clean and sleek look for the OS.

The fifth reason why Wired thinks the Windows 8 OS has potential to be better than what is currently out there is the home screen.  It has combined the best of both worlds from iOS and Android.  It is tidy and neat, but also possesses freedom.