How to Profit by setting up a paid Wi-Fi hotspot

Living in an apartment complex has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I tend to see some crazy things going through my windows, but I see some crazier things going through my internet router.

Before I had my encryption set up and changed my password on the router from the default : “password” I was getting some traffic that I didn’t like. Perhaps the main thing that really annoyed me was that almost 15 people were jumping on board my connection, and it slowed my internet down dramatically.

But, since I wasn’t at home that much, I really didn’t care, until I realized that all of these people were getting free internet access while I payed $60 a month for them to enjoy it.

If you are anything like me, you really don’t mind people piggybacking on your connection, as long as you get something back. Fortunately for you, I found an awesome service called Fonera, you can get a Fonera router, which gives you free roaming at Fonera Spots all over the country in return for sharing a little bit of your WiFi at home. But here is the awesome thing, if you live at an apartment complex, you can actually charge the people around your house a predefined monthly fee to use your internet. Something that’s as little as $10 a month, if you’re in a busy apartment complex like mine, can get you $150 a month. Enough to pay your internet bill, for doing absolutely nothing.

Just some tips on how you can make some money out of something that’s already happening for free. If you live near a coffee shop, you can probably bring in more money than that from all the visitors that come to the shop.