5 Reasons Hosted Exchange is Vital for Businesses

Microsoft Hosted Exchange service has been serving the business users for almost a decade now. It has been met with great response and growing number of people are installing Hosted Exchange service for their business.

This should not imply that Hosted Exchange is the only horse in this course. There are two other emailing or data exchanging systems which are very popular POP and IMAP. In my diverse professional experience in which I had the pleasure to examine all the email and data exchanging systems, I would recommend Hosted Exchange hands down.

There are many reasons for which I’m impressed with Hosted Exchange. Some of which are discussed below:

1.      Hosted Exchange is one step ahead

Microsoft Hosted Exchange has advanced features, where POP and IMAP are ‘just’ emailing services. Hosted Exchange allows you to schedule meeting, leave notes, see calendars, set tasks, assign tasks, use applications on mobile phones – all in all a better communicative service which stands out. In other words, it is one step ahead of its competitors.

2.      Hosted Exchange is cost effective

Having an in house Exchange server is although effective but is very expensive. You need a special team of specialists to look after that. It is suitable for large businesses. Contrary to that Hosted Exchange is very affordable; its cost is considerably low when compared to the vital service it gives. Small and medium size businesses should go for Hosted Exchange. An IT company will provide you services for a minimal monthly fee.

3.      Hosted Exchange is hassle free

Acquiring Hosted Exchange service is hassle free. You do not need systems, in house servers and a team to look after your Exchange. When you get a Hosted Exchange service and specialist company operates the service for you from their end. If the server breaks down and connectivity is lost, you don’t have to go through the trouble to set it right, the company to which you have outsourced the service will do that.

4.      It allows you to focus on your business

When there is no responsibility to look after little things, you know better than I do that the focus increases on the actual business. Logical reasoning says that you should do away with any ‘extra baggage of responsibility’ you carry when you are doing business, even if you have to pay a little extra. When you give your core business more attention, it is needless to say that it will prosper.

5.      Work efficiency increases with Hosted Exchange

Communication in any business should be regular. That means that the communication channel should be interrupted and handled by an expert. When there is no communication hindrance, the obvious outcome is that the business will be carried out more efficiently. You will get more work done in little time.

There are the above mentioned benefits are some more of the Hosted Exchange service. One thing I would like to at the end is that Hosted Exchange is more secure than any other email service. Most companies which offer Hosted Exchange service provide it with SSL or other security measures.

About the author:

Nuur Hasan is a professional website developer and a freelance writer. Throughout his professional career, Nuur has been fascinated by Microsoft Office 365.