The Universe Seems to be Running Out of Gas

According to a new study, the universe is running out of gas. Now, I’m not talking about gasoline, but rather the gases that make up galaxies, nebula, and planets. Apparently galaxies have been dimming down at a slow but steady pace.

We all know, or at least should know, that stars need energy and gas to be created. These new stars need huge amounts of gas in the form of hydrogen to get started; the only problem is that the galaxies destroy 70% of the hydrogen and turn it into something else, like planets.

So where is the gas going to? Well, there is a fixed amount of hydrogen in the universe. Even though we have a lot of hydrogen floating around the universe, the universe is expanding; and as the universe expands, the density of hydrogen drops. Scientist blame this expansion on dark energyeven though we still have no idea how or why dark energy affects our universe. Eventually, in a very long time from now, the last star in the universe will finally be created, and at that point, the universe will have nowhere to go but downhill.

CSIRO, via Physorg