Checker Board Shadow Illusion : Video

Before you start to call BS on this one, go ahead and test out the optical illusion your self. It’s not a trick, it’s not video editing or even photoshop tricks and magic, its an honest to goodness optical illusion where the brain tricks it’s self into believing the squares are different colors.

If you don’t believe me take a look at this photo and then open the image on what ever photo editing software you choose, then select the little “dropper” tool to select the color of the squares. You’ll find that the squares are the exact same color. You can also just focus your eyes on the two squares in question and force your brain to ignore everything else and you will see they are the same color. It’s a little difficult to accomplish but it works the same way as the Magic Eye illusions.

This is due to the way you interpret color and shades. Our brains try to interpret both colors and shades at the same time and it confuses it self miserably. Our brains are always comparing things against one another, it’s the way nature designed it to find the “easier way out.”

In one case, the square is surrounded by lighter squares which make it look darker, and in the other case it’s surrounded by darker squares, making it look lighter. Then you add the shadow that is going across the middle of the board and you completely destroy what our brains are seeing and how they are processing the information.

Via Discover