Japan is trying to turn the Moon into a Disco Ball

Life is Disco, at least that’s what Japan thinks, a company in Japan called the Shimizu Corporation is planning to contract a group of people to turn the Moon into a giant solar panel disco ball… they hope the solar array in the moon should provide 13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy, and then using a giant ultra powerful laser or microwave band, it will transmit the energy back down to earth.

According to the Daily Mail, which at times has brought up some interesting questionable stories, the panels will form a 6,800 mile long band that will stretch around the moon’s equator.

We’ve been looking for alternate sources of energy and this one definitely sounds like it came out of a Sci-Fi movie, if they actually go through with it, they are going to spend millions of dollars. Not even sure how efficient it will be, so we’ll see.

The firm claims the project would eliminate inefficiency due to bad weather and fulfil all of the world’s energy needs. The plans call for astronauts to return to the moon and begin work with the help of robots that will be required to level the highly cratered surface. It claims the soil on the moon can be used to make water, concrete, oxygen and ceramics necessary for the project. So basically everything is already there, now they just need to train the Astronauts to become “construction workers” or train Construction workers to become Astronauts, either one of them is going to be a hell of a task.

A couple of problems I see is that they will have to put several “energy collection” arrays on the earth, another thing, is what’s going to happen when the laser is not hitting the array? do you just randomly have a laser beam of energy bouncing towards the earth? these “punks” are going to create a freaking death ray and really mess some things up down here… you remember that evil thing we used to do to ants… the one where we used a magnifying glass and burned them down? That’s the only thing I’m seeing with array, a giant 6800 mile long death ray burning down my friends when they are stuck in rush our traffic.

While it sounds good on paper, I think they have some more explanations before they got my vote to build this “Disco Ball”. Aside from the death ray, I want to be able to stare at the moon at night when I’m on a date with my wife and not have to wear sun glasses because of how bright it is.