Snowball Fights finally become a sport!

Not very technological, but worthy enough to catch everyone’s attention.
The formal name for this absurdly fun but physically precarious competition is yukigassen. That’s Japanese for “snow battle.” It originated nearly twenty years ago as a scheme hatched by the Mount Showa-Shinzan resort to attract more winter season tourists, and it combines elements of paintball, chess, and backyard brawling.
This game is played in a 44 yard by 12 yard “snow battle field”, the game was initiated in Japan, but it’s moving into the United States via Alaska in their annual Fur Rondy festival, Anchorage’s version of the Mardi Gras. This game is quickly becoming a sport. The way you play is by having a 7 v/s 7 team of players hurdle snowballs as big and heavy as baseballs down the field in an attempt to knock out their opponents. The team with the most players at the end of the timer wins. OR you can run down the middle of the field like a mad bomber steal your opponents flag and run back home without getting hit by a snowball. Check out the video below to learn more about it.
There are currently over 2000 teams in Japan where the yukigassen competition is becoming the equivalent of hockey’s Stanley Cup. Frankly, I’m not surprised. The sport is in America’s DNA. The 1770 pre-Revolutionary War altercation that became known as the Boston Massacre started as a snowball fight between local patriots and British soldiers. 
All of it sounds like fun, but getting hit in the face by minor league baseball pitchers with an ice ball gives “Snow Fight!” a new meaning, read more about it at Yahoo