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Hey guys, we at Tek-bull are always looking for new bloggers, if you are interested in blogging for us please do no hesitate to contact us if you already have a blog we can add your links at the bottom of our posts under the “about the author section” you can also put links in the body of the article (2) of them max.

If you want to submit one article only that’s fine with us too, you can use the article submission form at the bottom of the page! If you’re looking for a home to call your own, then we can help you out with that too! If this is something you’re interested in, we’re looking for writers that have a unique writing style, you can sign up and start submitting interesting articles about science, tech, gadgets, and really anything else that you think is cool! were trying to educate the smart masses so make sure that you can do that a little bit on each of the articles… aka don’t point out the obvious in the article.

you can use the form at the bottom or register and submit articles for us on the regular basis! Contact us if you want to be a regular contributor!