Get the App!

As the number Tek-Bull articles and writers continue to grow, so does our number of readers. Most of our readers come to our website from their mobile devices. With that in Mind, we are proud to announce our first version of the Tek Bull  Application for the Android OS System!

The application will make it easy to keep up with our articles, it will automatically be updated when a new article go live!  best of all, you’ll be able to share the articles with your friends!

Here are the instructions on how to do this!

1. Set your android phone to receive Applications from Unknown Sources

— Click Settings/Applications/(check mark Unknown Sources)

2. Using your cellphone’s scanner, scan the bar code on the right.

3. Click Download and Install the Application

4. Enjoy the FREE! App!

We hope you’ll enjoy our application!  We’ll continue to make improvements and add new features to the app in the future!