Give Aways and Contests!

Occasionally, we at Tek-Bull host contests and giveaways to give out FREE stuff  to our readers and fans!

Here is where you will find the newest contest and giveaway information including the rules for entering into our contests.

For starters, you need to be “Connected” to us, otherwise we really don’t have a way to contacting you if you are the winner of our contest!

You can connect with us via our links on the right side of the blog. Then, leave us a comment on the bottom of the post. At the end of the contest, our software will select a random comment to claim it’s winner.

BUT here is where YOU have the ability to change the outcome, the system will take all of the comments, the comment that receives the most “likes” or “replies” will have a heavier weight than one that has none. This doesn’t mean that a person with NO likes or NO replies is not going to win, it just simply means that they won’t have as much of a chance.

Here is an example, lets say that the contest is between two people. One person got 50 likes, while the other received None… the chances of winning are 50 to 1.

SOOO…Make sure that you share our page with your friends so they can like your comment etc.

When the Contest is finished, we will post an update on our social networks and post a winner story on our home page with the name of the person who won! at that point, the winner will have 1 hour to claim their price, by leaving a comment! if the price is not claimed, a new name will be selected. This will continue to happen until the names have all been exhausted.

Currently, we can only ship within the United States, in the future we will include other countries.

Good Luck and Have Fun! share us with your friends, and enjoy our stories! we’ll see you soon!

Current Contests & Giveaways!

Contest Name:

Contest Status

Spotify Free Invite Giveaway!
OPEN!!! — Closes July 27, 2011
RocketFish Hard Drive Enclosure Kit 2.5″ Winner: Mathew Lau