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A Quick Introduction:

Tek Bull is a fast growing media company that was established in March of 2011 to present the very latest in technology, design, science, and social media stories. Tek Bull’s focus is to take articles that are written in a scientific format, or difficult to read, and taking them apart to bring them back down to an understandable format… aka… we put them down in layman’s terms.

After being established for only 4 months, Tek-Bull’s audience grew exponentially. As of July 1, 2011 Tekbull reaches an average audience of 50,000 views per month. Our Rankings are as follows:

Our goal is to become one of the largest community for smart masses within the social media, technology, science with the direction of keeping people informed about what it is going on in the world around them.


Our core audience includes early technology adapters, web and graphic designers, developers, and trendsetters, and bloggers who love to share our stories with their followers, friends, and readers.

Our Audience consists of 68% 20-29 year old males and 32% 24-30 year old females. Our strongest traffic source comes from the United States and represents about 72% of our audience.

For the most part, readers come from all over the world, but most of them come from the eastern United States, they make up about 70% of our audience.

Our social media provides most of our traffic, combined, it makes up for 82% coming from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Stumble Upon. The remaining 18% come from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Our main author just recently opened a Klout score, and as of July 2nd is at a 40%, and is expected to reach the 80’s in a matter of months. In case you are not familiar with Klout, it is considered to be the standard to evaluate a company’s or a person’s overall online influence. Read what Klout is all about, Tech Crunch, and The Huffington Post have written articles over it’s popularity.

So, why should you advertise on Tek Bull?

By advertising on Tek-Bull, you will be able to reach a global audience of extremely targeted readers. Most of our readers come in search of devices, technology, and science articles. Our top key word searches are as follows:

25%- General Tech Stories (Science, Space, Military Weapons)
23%- Gadgets and Devices
20%- Graphic Designs, Lists, and Infographs
13%- Social Media Registration
13%- Breaking Gadget News
7%- Future Technology

If we match the targeted audience you seek, Tek Bull is a very effective place to get your message out all the other Smart Masses on the Internet.

Tek-Bull is extremely cost effective. Check out our ad placements hosted by Buy and Sell Ads we also have several other options and prices. Contact ruben@dallas.myduro.net with any questions or any special requests.

TekBull also has special offers, like a year long advertisement campaign for a set price of $250 – $600 depending on the ad location, with the ability to change your ads in the middle of the entire campaign when you please.

Think about it this way, in 4 months our audience went from 2,000 views to 70,000 views. Tek-Bull is expected to grow in the upcoming months thanks to the addition of partners and writers.  If it continues to grow at the given rate, you could have an advertisement banner reaching 1,000,000 views for as little as $20 per month..

What are the 6 ways to advertise on Tek-Bull?


The First way to advertise: Giveaway Contests
Price: FREE!!

By far the cheapest, is by the Giveaway Contests. We like to host contests for all of our viewers, and they like free stuff. When we host a contest, even if the viewer is not interested in our site, they are interested in the profit of winning something for free.

If you or your company would like to donate an item(s) for us to giveaway to our audience, please contact Ruben Roel at ruben@dallas.myduro.net  If we agree that it is something our readers would find useful, you will be mentioned in the article, along with your company logo and a permanent link to your website site.


The Second way to advertise: Banner Advertisements
Price: $20 – $80 per 30 Days

Perhaps the most economical way, If you do not see a size that you like, or need, please feel free to contact us and we can probably come up to an arrangement. You’d be surprised as to how flexible we can be, we can even put a half page 300×600 if that’s what your heart desires!

728×90 Banner: Pictured in purple, this banner appears in the Header of every page in our Blog.

300×250 Square: Pictured in Yellow, this square appears at the top right of every article and page of our blog.

Featured Post: This is a post that is found half way down the blog. This post will remain in the home screen for a week straight (MINIMUM) and then it will be found under the “sponsors” links permanently.

300×100 Banner: Pictured in Red, this banner appears at the bottom right of every article and page of our blog.

125×125 Ads: Pictured in Yellow, these ads appear in the middle and the bottom left side bar of the page.

120×600 Vertical Banner: Pictured in Blue, this banner lies on the bottom right sidebar area of our blog. It appears in every page of our blog.

125×35 Small Rectangle: Pictured in Green, This square appears at the bottom of every page, there is a limited number of spots for this location, however they will remain in the bottom of the page for 1 full year. Price $100 per Rectangle and additionally you will get a featured post and a link under our “partner’s” links. Your link will remain in the “partners page” permanently.


The Third way to advertise: Full Background Image Advertisement
Price: $400-$1000 for 3 Months

The most visible/productive is buying a full background image advertisement, while they do run at a higher price starting at $400 – $1000 for 3 months, this kind of advertisement gets the attention of many people. The click through for this kind of advertisement is very high.


The Fourth Way to advertise, Article Outbound Links
Price: $10 for 10 Links

One of the cheapest ways to advertise on tek-bull. Is a related permanent link in our articles, they are purchased in numbers, at $10 for 10 links. Meaning that every time we write an article, we include your link as a reference point. There will be one link per article, so you will effectively have 15 articles with your links on the article going back to your website permanently.


The Fith way to advertise, Objective Sponsor Review
Price: $100 per Article if We write it
OR: $50 if you supply us with the article.

An Objective Sponsor Review. This is probably a very effective way to get your point across. If you want to get exposure to your website, your gadgets, your cell phone application, then we can publish an objective sponsored review.

This advertising option is extremely effective if it’s written well, but it’s a little tricky so you have to be careful. Currently we can not fulfill all the request for this type of advertisement. Since our readers come and search for useful stories, we can not fill our line of articles with advertisement sponsored reviews.  Our readers are our top priority and they will always be, without them, we don’t really have a website. Therefore, if your product is not something that is related to our articles, we will be unable to write about it.

However, if it is a fit, you have the option of us writing an honest and objective review in a minimum of 600 words, Or you can write the article for us and we can post it for you under our name. We can also have an interview-style article with 10 questions. Both of the options include a minimum of 3 links to the pages of your choice, additionally, the article will remain in the archives permanently.


The Sixth way to advertise, Social Links and Exposure
Price: $5 Dollars for an objective “visit this site” Social Update

As established in our introduction, most of our audience comes from Twitter, Facebook, Goole+, and Stumble Upon. For $5 we will host a Tweet, a Google Plus update, Facebook update, and we will submit your website’s article or gadget to Stumble Upon. You will instantly begin to receive audience to your articles. We will get them to the front door, it is up to you to close the deal.

If you have any questions or concerns about ANY of our advertisement campaigns, please feel free to contact Ruben Roel directly ruben@dallas.myduro.net. Or use the Contact Us Form we hope to hear from you soon.