About Tek-Bull

Tek-Bull is a technology and science media source where we cover breaking tech news throughout the internet and the world.

Founded in 2011, Tek-Bull grew from a single person team to a team of 8 writers in a matter of months.

Tek-Bull’s story began in 2011, when Ruben Roel the founder of Tek-Bull launched his blog from his home in Denton, TX as a way to share his passion with technology and at the same time stay current with the events shaping the world around him.

Shortly after launching the site, Jonathan joined Tek-Bull to assist with the website programming, organizing and overall appearance of the site. Jillian followed close behind and became the editor, she makes sure that our sites are written as properly as only she can.

In May of 2011, Tek-Bull brought on Board  additional writers Matt, an amazing movie reviewer who has been writing unbiased reviews for years. Ricky, a gadget aficionado who keeps up with the gadgets found around the web and Jens, an amazing author who writes about the news as they happen,  each one of them supply information about topics in a way that only they can.

In June of 2011, Shane joined the team to provide Tek-Bull with images, tips and recent articles found through the Internet and Thomas, a one of a kind outlaw who loves to cover gadgets what are useful for every day use!

A few months into it’s creation today, Tek-Bull is providing technology information for the Smart Masses!