What is Vinepeek? Vinepeek Lets You Spy on People 6 Seconds at a Time

For one reason or another, we seem to be fascinated by spying on people. We love to watch people who can’t watch us back. Whether it happen by webcam, binoculars, telescopes, tinted windows, or even videos posted online for people to see, we love to see people live out their lives.  Because of that, it’s no surprise that Vinepeek, a website that collects videos from Vine, became so popular so quickly.

Vine, Twitters new video app, is an application that allows you to upload 6 second videos. Since it came out, people have given it different names from The Next Gif, to the Instagram of Video.

Vine and Vinepeek are two completely different things. Vine was created by Twitter as a way to share 6 second clips. Vinpeek, in the other hand, is just a website that collects the vines and displays the vines on a constant stream.

After about one minute, you’ll begin to feel like the Architect from the Matrix watching the lives of thousands of people – six seconds at a time. From a baby playing the piano, to a concert goer who records the money shot. Vinepeek in all its essence is just a collection of snippet videos that leave you in shock, suspense, and awe.

Regardless of what you think at the moment, give it a shot while it’s still up. Eventually it will be taken down once Twitter shuts down access to the Vines.

Img Credit – Vine.co Via: Buzzfeed | Vinepeek