Report: BlackBerry’s Last Hope BB10 Is May Not be Enough to Keep the Company Afloat

It saddens me associate the video at the top with RIM and the BlackBerry phones, but it’s the truth. The company has been going through some rough couple of months, and they are doing everything in their powers to keep it running smoothly. But just when we thought the company was over, RIM said – we can have one last shot – with BlackBerry 10.

Everything around them is sinking, but there are a couple of people that still have enough loyalty to stand around hoping for the best.

Then out of the blue, comes a secret source. An insider working for RIM reported to the BGR that things are much worse than they are being reported. If he is correct, BlackBerry 10 is already dead and it hasn’t even been released yet. BlackBerry 10 has gone through a hell of a path, they had the legal name change, and then there were delays after delays and then the insider says says: BB10’s firmware has no native e-mail, no BBM, and is worse than the BB 8700. He claims that the “awesome” BB10 “isn’t even as good as an Android 2.0”

According to the source the real reason on why RIM’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones are delayed, has nothing to do with a new LTE chipset that RIM is waiting on. The source said that Mike Lazaridis was lying when he said the company’s new lineup was delayed for that reason. ”RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason, they don’t have a working product yet,” So if this doesn’t scream out – Failure in every single language there is, I don’t know what does.