The Siri Protocol has been Cracked, Soon Siri Will Come to the Android

Siri is one of those apps that everyone want’s in their cellphone but only the iPhone 4s is capable of running it. Apple claims it’s because of the technology that the iPhone 4s has, computing power and the like. But a group of mobile developers claim that they successfully cracked the Siri protocol, figured out what made it tick, and learned how to use the recognition engine on any device.

The developers at Applidium had this to say about their  project.

“As soon as we could put our hands on the new iPhone 4S, we decided to have a sneak peek at how it really works. Today, we managed to crack open Siri’s protocol. As a result, we are able to use Siri’s recognition engine from any device. Yes, that means anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri! Or use Siri on an iPad! And we’re goign to share this know-how with you.”

With that in mind, you can quickly see that apple is going to shut them down fairly quickly. According to Applidium, the iPhone 4S sends identifiers to the networks, these identifiers have two purposes, to identify who owns the iPhone, and to identify what the device is “asking.” So technically apple could just shut down their identifying service or black list the android Identifiers and effectively shut down their service.

If you want to get on board with this project before apple shuts down their ID servers, you can check out Applidium and learn how to use their program. You will need some advance coding knowledge though, so be prepared for that.

Applidium, via Slashdot