What is Vinepeek? Vinepeek Lets You Spy on People 6 Seconds at a Time

For one reason or another, we seem to be fascinated by spying on people. We love to watch people who can’t watch us back. Whether it happen by webcam, binoculars, telescopes, tinted windows, or even videos posted online for people to see, we love to see people live out their lives.  Because of that, it’s no surprise that Vinepeek, a website that collects videos from Vine, became so popular so quickly.

Vine, Twitters new video app, is an application that allows you to upload 6 second videos. Since it came out, people have given it different names from The Next Gif, to the Instagram of Video.

Vine and Vinepeek are two completely different things. Vine was created by Twitter as a way to share 6 second clips. Vinpeek, in the other hand, is just a website that collects the vines and displays the vines on a constant stream.

After about one minute, you’ll begin to feel like the Architect from the Matrix watching the lives of thousands of people – six seconds at a time. From a baby playing the piano, to a concert goer who records the money shot. Vinepeek in all its essence is just a collection of snippet videos that leave you in shock, suspense, and awe.

Regardless of what you think at the moment, give it a shot while it’s still up. Eventually it will be taken down once Twitter shuts down access to the Vines.

Img Credit – Via: Buzzfeed | Vinepeek

Twitter Is Trying to Patent “Pull to Refresh”

By now we have all grown familiar with the “pull down to refresh” action on mobile websites. Especially websites like Twitter and Facebook, but now Twitter is trying to patent the action – which means we’re going to see that small but extremely useful little trick less and less.

Loren Brichter filed for the “User Interface Mechanics” patent back in 2010, when he still worked for Tweetie, the move is something that really makes sense. Instead of having to press a “refresh” button, simply pull down and it will do the actual refresh automatically. The system is described as:

A method, comprising: displaying a content area; receiving input associated with a first command, the first command including a request to scroll the content area; and based on the first command, performing a second command, the second command being independent of the first command

Since the description is kind of “way out there” and doesn’t really say – Pull Down To Refresh – this means that if twitter gets the patent, any website that uses a pull down to refresh command is going to be breaking the patent which means you’ll have to sit around jerking your phone up and down trying to refresh your news feed looking over your shoulder making sure no one is trying to file a lawsuit for crude gestures in public.

This is the only thing I hate about patents, instead of making life easier on everyone else; we’re stuck in their stupid legal debates. Imagine if someone patented a cure for cancer and didn’t allow anyone else to use it – yet, they had no way of actually putting the cure to good use.   [USPTO via iPodNN]

People Discovery Apps

In a world where new socialization is being more and more focused online, people are losing the process that existed for thousands of years beforehand. That would be actually meeting them in person either through similar likes or by mutual acquaintances. Now, app designers are coming up with ways to unite people in real life again.

One of the newest additions to this mix is the iPhone app Highlight created by Paul Davison. It will run on user’s devices in the background and can make connections with people up to 50 meters away. When connections are made either by address, Facebook likes, photos, or mutual connections, each user will receive the other’s profile.

Another new app currently in its beta is called Uberlife. This app also only currently available on iPhones works by creating hangouts or linking users to hangouts in whatever vicinity they choose. Users can be connected through similar likes. It’s a way of making real-life connections by using the user’s interests.

Glancee is an app that many people have probably already heard about. It works a lot like Highlight, and is available on iOS and Android. Users can be notified by connecting through Facebook when someone they know is in close distance at events. It will also notify users whenever someone is nearby who share similar interests. So far, this app has over 10,000 users.

Sonar is really like the rest of these apps. Its purpose is to notify the user of connections they may be missing by “highlighting shared friends, networks, and interests.” This one requires that users sign up using Foursquare which does in return require user to sign up with Facebook. It kind of seems like a reason just to use Foursquare.

One last app is Banjo. This one is a little too extreme for my tastes. While it does work to connect people that are using different social networks. It is more about not missing anything that happens in these other people’s lives than just connecting on a real life scale. While it will keep each user constantly up to date about the other by using Foursquare. I just think allowing an app to automatically check you in every place you go is a bit much.

Out of these I would say Glancee is by far at the top of the list in my opinion. I like how it finds people based on similar likes, but is not shoving it down your throat about every place that they go. Uberlife will most likely be great once it gets more users. By actually creating a hangout, it does not invade privacy, and gives the user the opportunity to meet new people. I would like to have more to say about Highlight because it looks very cool, but I use an Android system phone, and there is no web based app.

Microsoft’s New Social Network Socl – Social Searching

It looks like the internet has enough room for yet another social network to join in on the fun. Google’s social network “plus” seems to be doing okay, but now Microsoft is trying to jump onboard to get a piece of the social pie. Microsoft’s new social network called Socl, is going to be the social network for social searching – Why? Well, I don’t even know either. But this social network is going to attack Google more than it is Facebook.

The Verge’s Thomas Houston tested out the network, he said that while it feels like Facebook and Google+ the Socl Network by Microsoft is a different kind of beast! He said that Socl is all about the sophisticated search and predictive algorithms used on the Bing Search engine. The point of the Socl network is to get more refined searches that are likely catered to your own search needs.

Socl will let you follow friends, post status updates, or even search for updates, posts, notes on the fed, and watch youtube videos. You will not have as much privacy as Google+ but this is something that some people are willing to overcome.

With the addition of Socl, do you think that the networks are getting over crowded? I still have problems trying to keep up with my social accounts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupo, Etc. and now Socl… that’s going to be a little to much, I still have no idea as to how people keep up with all of their accounts on line.

Via The Verge

Kenyan Air Force Tweets Somalis: Were Going To Bomb You!

Normally speaking when you’re about to bomb another country you have to go through some sort of medium. You have to go to the UN and tell them, “hey, you see those guys over there? we’re going to bomb them” but the Kenyan military is a little different, they actually sent out a tweet saying: “BAIDOA, BAADHEERE, BAYDHABO, DINSUR, AFGOOYE, BWALE, BARAWE, JILIB, KISMAYO and AFMADHOW will be under attack continuously,” Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, a Kenyan military spokes person,Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. They didn’t even put the # tag! Come on!!! The Kenyan military said that they know that most people in the towns listed in the tweet have internet access, and they want to send out the message to the neighboring towns.

They hope that the tweet is going to help people spread the news about the oncoming attacks the next couple of days. The Kenyan air force really needs to send out more of these tweets, or a whole bunch of innocent people are going to get hurt. The Kenyan air force is not that great, they are full of inexperienced pilots, and the planes that they posses are F-5 jets made in the 1970’s. Also the weapons that they have on board are mostly unguided bombs. The lack of pilot training and the horrible accuracy of the weapons can be the perfect combination for disaster. I wish people that don’t have twitter accounts good luck in the whole ordeal.

Has Heello Come to an End?

Well, it seems as if Heello just showed up to cause a huge stir and then quietly leave the social world. As of now, their “What’s Happening Tab” is still under construction, and that live feed was really one of the most appealing things that Heello had to offer. Outside of the live stream, Heello was just another Twitter with less users dying to claim famous account names.

About 8 or 9 days ago, the “What’s Happening Now – Live Stream – Tab” began to display the following message:

This feature is temporarily disabled.

Heello is growing at an astounding rate, and our servers need a little breathing room. We hope to have this stream back online very soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

But nine days later, the message is still being displayed.  It looks as if Heello, like most other start-up companies, never expected their website to go viral. And honestly, this could be the nail in Heello’s coffin, especially when many blogs have started to bring attention to a website that is trying to clone and compete against Twitter, a multi-million-user service.

One of the main downfalls of cloning a website is the fact that while you may think you have cloned everything correctly, certain aspects of the site cannot be cloned because you don’t know exactly how the underlying code is written. Imperfections in your code arising from this fact could mean overloading a server, even crashing a website, or much worse, annoying your users with features that don’t work right.

Twitter has the “timeline” where you instantly receive status updates from the people you are following. Heello had a live feed. Right from the start, every user started to complain about how difficult it was to keep up with the feed.

The “live feed”, to me, was an awesome addition that made Heello’s service unique. The stream reminded me of an old chatroom. The only problem is that the live feed was taking information from several different sources at the same time, meaning that half of the time, no one was actually keeping up with the conversation. Additionally, most of the people writing the statuses were just out to get a laugh or worse yet, spam everyone’s links and websites.

The one update that went viral on Heello was “Listen to me for a chance to win a free iPad”. After the initial rush of people following the person who posted the status, everyone began to update their status with the same quote. Then you started to see an entire wall of nothing but the word “Testing” over and over when people were trying out different things. And finally, the falsification of real accounts; CNN alone has 3 or 4 different official channels full of ridiculous stories and claims.

Overall, I think that Heello came too fast out of the bull cages and was ill-prepared for the plethora of problems that Twitter ironed out early on. Heello could have started the service by opening a Beta version first, or even an invitation-only service so they could work out the kinks before the masses show up. A little bit of planning could have gone a long way.

Now, I’m not saying that Heello is dead, but it’s at a stand-still. Nine days ago, people started to complain about the feed, and as of nine days ago most of the listeners that we have updated statuses like “has anyone returned yet?” or “is anyone still here?” or the classic “Hello… Heello?… are you there?”

What is Heello? it’s a New Twitter and a New Social Site

And just when you thought that everything has already been thought off, out of the clouds comes Heello a new social media site that looks identical to twitter but it’s not a twitter. In Heello pronounced “He-Low” you have the ability to share your updates with your Facebook and your Twitter accounts at the same time. The “tweet” is called a “Ping” and instead of followers you have listeners, also instead of you going out and re-tweeting your statuses, you get to “echo” your words.

Overall, Heello is not that bad. But what started this whole twitter clone? well, a couple of days ago Twitter announced that it was going to start a new type of photo sharing app. When it was installed, the new app, competed against TwitPic, and the founder of TwitPic retaliated against the whole deal by cloning Twitter. Almost 100% and they actually made it a bit better by giving you the ability to share your photos, via your statuses and above all, giving you the ability to share your statuses via Twitter, Heello and Facebeook all at the same time.

Now, Heello does have an instant feed right now where you can see everyone’s status updates, the only problem is that it flows non stop, so you cant get the chance to click on the feed to reply or echo or anything of that nature. You see the status update, and less than 3 seconds later you have 20 new statuses going through the feed. Another thing is that since the service is fairly new, there are hundreds of fake accounts from Fox News, CNN, Tumblr, Mark Zuckerberg etc. I think Evan Williams and Noah Everett weren’t anticipating the large loads of traffic to come into their site, and right now they are working over time to take control of their network.

Everett plans on installing Video, SMS Integration, Mobile apps, channels, and check ins. We’ll see how this turns out, at the end. A main problem that most new social sites have is that they are not innovative at all, most copy their competitors. So Heello is going to have a tough time fighting against Twitter and their 200 Million users so We’ll see how this turns out. Good Luck none of the less and please come and join us at

How to Automatically Re-Post Old Twitter Updates

We all know that Twitter is an amazing tool to get your message across to a large audience, we also know that most people are on twitter for a brief moment, this means that if your tweet doesn’t go out at the perfect time, no one will be able to see it.

Unfortunately, while we try to post all of our updates as soon as they come out, we have other things to do and our tweets get unnoticed. Another problem is that when we update a status, we tend to forget about the status for the rest of it’s existence.

That is where “Tweet Old Posts” comes into the picture, tweet old post actually takes your previous twitter updates and re-tweets the tweets for you.  The only problem is that this doesn’t really work for all sites, for example, if you are using this for a “news” blog, you really can’t re-post a news story since that becomes a thing of the past.

But if you have a blog about tips, and tutorials, then you can actually find this tool very helpful. So make sure that you have the right kind of Blog if you are going to use this tool, it can potentially become a double edge sword. Your readers could become annoyed with your re posting of stories, specially if they have already read them once or twice.