SpaceX Test Drove Their Latest Rocket Engine

SpaceX is supposed to be the rocket company that’s going to take us to the next space frontier, at least that’s the plan. Just recently they tested their new rocket engine, the SuperDraco, which is supposed to allow space capsules land back on earth without the use of parachutes.

The new engine is going to be used in SpaceX’s emergency Launch Abort System, which is going to launch off and away from the main rocket and help it land safely on the ground. The capsule is going to use eight SuperDraco engines to stabilise the capsule as it lands back on earth. Normally speaking, a parachute would work better. Since the capsule uses eight engines, if one of the engines fails this could cause the capsule lose control.

The reason the Draco engine is so special, is because of a new type of technology that allows it to turn on and off in less than 1/10th of a second. This ability gives it the best control when it comes to making adjustments on the fly. The Engine on the video above puts out over 15,000 pounds of thrust, enough to keep the privately funded company growing with investors after they see how well it performed. Via Wired Autopia

What Computer System Does God Use? – Floating Error Message Sign

Have you ever seen the large LED display advertisements found on the side of the road? they’re supposed to be better because they are cheaper, easier to control, and can display more than one ad at the same time.  Odessa, Ukraine has a couple of them near on their highways and one of them crashed in the middle of a foggy night. The floating digital board displayed an error message all night long.

The messages have a small camera in the front of the signs to keep up with what kind of advertisement is being displayed, when there is an error, the ad company should get the notification on their computer and they should be able to fix it – that is unless the computer with the camera crashes down.

For what ever reason the Ad Company didn’t get the notification, and for the citizens of Odessa, Ukraine, heaven’s computer crashed, maybe Steve should introduce them to Apple?! … to early for that joke? [via BoingBoing]

Grapefruit-Sized “Goal Balls” Aim to Clear Indonesian Train Roofs

I’m sure you’ve seen the images on magazines and TV where people in Indonesia climb on the side of trains and hitch a ride for free. This act is both costly, and dangerous. To prevent people from riding on the roofs and sides of the trains, the Indonesian state railway began to add “goal like” arches to the side of tracks.

The poles have small hanging concrete balls to sweep off the people from the trains. The PT Kereta Api Indonesia said that they will be installing barricades called the Goal Bola-Bolas – Goal Balls – along the tracks to literally knock people off the carts. The main “goal” is to make people want to purchase train tickets rather than ride on the roofs.

To prevent people from really getting injured, they are adding the balls at the entrances and exits of train stations so the people will be pushed off, while the train is still moving at a reasonable speed. The last thing you want is a 50 mph concrete ball to the face.

According to a spokesman for the railway, the balls are being installed because throwing riders off by hand proved both time-consuming and ineffective. [The Jakarta Post]

Anonymous Takes Revenge After the Megaupload Takedown: DoJ, RIAA, MPAA, US Copyright and UM are All Offline

In an Anonymous documentary, a quote that was read by one of the members said: “Do you want to see what Anonymous is really capable of, try to shut down the message, try to censor the internet, then you’ll know what Anonymous is all about.” And guess who tried to shut down that message? The US Government shut down Megaupload earlier today and arrested all the executive officers.

Anonymous decided that it was time to call revenge and an Anonymous-Affiliated Twitter account sent out the classic line that they always use when they take down a website – Tango Down. Anonymous has been sitting in the sidelines for a couple of weeks, but they’re back up and they took a lot of major websites down with their awakening.

The RIAA is Down, this was one of the first ones to go down, the Universal Music Group fell off the cliff shortly after, followed by the and even the US Copyright Office joined them in the dark abyss. reported that all the departments are officially nuked. This was a very bad time for the government to take down one of the largest File sharing sites in the world.

January 18th, the internet went on Strike, anonymous and 7 million online users filed petitions to stop SOPA and PIPA. Taking down Megaupload only proved one thing to the internets public, the Government doesn’t need SOPA in order to take down websites…  And anonymous just proved to the government one thing – “You don’t want to piss off all of us at one time”

Woman Pays $50,000 To Clone Her Dog

How much do you love your pet? Do you love him enough to pay $50,000 to clone it? Well, Danielle from the TLC Special, “I cloned my Pet,” paid $50,000 dollars to clone her dog, Trouble – so now she now has Trouble the Second a.k.a. “Double Trouble.”

She apparently loved her dog so much that she couldn’t let him go after his death. I’ve always been curious as to why people would like to clone their dogs or pets. It’s not like they are going to have the same personality, and really it’s not even the same pet. She may look identical but it’s not going to be the same – that’s just my opinion.

I wonder if the people actually cloned it? I could see a fraudulent company that claims to clone your pet for $50,000, spends $2,000 finding a pet that looks identical to your pet, and sells it to you for a profit.

If you saw the video above, she has a whole bunch of “Trouble” things, a Trouble wall mural, a Trouble bedspread. It’s ridiculous.

The science is amazing though, I’ll give you that. I can’t wait to have instant pet cloning facilities at Wal-Mart. But, if you don’t want to wait 100+ years before we have the machines at Wal-Mart, you can go to South Korea to get it done – since that’s the only place that currently has commercial dog cloning -Via: Andersoon Cooper

Bad Science – Caused by Bad Scientist?

We read and hear about scientific studies on a daily basis. News outlets and editorials always seem to be reporting on some sort of new finding, and most people don’t question them. Why should we? A scientist wouldn’t lie, right? Unfortunately, new studies have revealed that a shocking number of researchers and scientists aren’t always being 100% honest.

The graphic below reveals that 1 out of 3 scientists admit to using questionable research practices, and 1 in 50 outright admit to fabricating data. Furthermore, 81% stated that they would have no problems fabricating results in order to win a grant and/or get published. Check out the full graphic below to learn more about this disturbing trend.

Bad Science
Created by: Clinical Psychology

These Humanoid Robots Fighting and Playing Soccer is Strangely Amusing

You may not see sparks flying out of these robots after every hit, and the robots may not have elaborate weapons like their bigger and faster counterparts – Battlebots, but these are actually pretty interesting to watch fight.

The event took place in Japan on Christmas day at the Buddhist Hall in Tsukiji, Tokyo in a Robot Pro Wrestling Event. The two robots on the video above are the Nagare Gold and the Thunderbolt. The robot in the background is the referee. The video was uploaded by Robots-Dreams and is one of the many videos they have on their youtube channel. They have everything from running, to soccer playing robots – the video at the bottom is an embed of their soccer match.

Okay so the fight is a bit slow, there were no swords flying around, and the robots weren’t as cool as transformers, but one of the bots did have a secret weapon – a canon that KO’d the other bot out cold.

I love how the referee gets don on one knee and gives the count down when the robot when down. Here is a hint, if you’re rooting for the gold guy, you may want to wait till the 5:50 mark in the video to see Thunderbolt pull out his cannon. I’m not exactly sure where he shot it from, but I’m guessing it was from one of his eye balls. Regardless, he totally owned Nagare Gold!

Then in the video below we had a classic soccer match final, it was just as amusing as the fight. In this match, they paired up in teams of 3 and went head to head. The 3:3 robot soccer competition came down to the US vs. Japan in the match to determine who would go home with the gold medal. At the end, the Japanese dominated the game with their superior leg splitting robots. There were a few intense moments in the match though – the US even had the crowd going for a while but the other team played with pride and took the Medal.

Did the Military Try To Smuggle a UFO Through Kansas In Plain Sight?

UFO’s are kept inside secret laboratories in Area 51, but according to Cowley County Kansas residents, the military was carrying a UFO on top of a large military truck four days ago travelling down US 77.

The residents thought the cargo was a UFO wrapped in a giant plastic bag. The video shown above talks about this super-secret cargo, they even have some images of the said UFO.

Well, according to Defense Tech, the UFO was actually an X-47B unmanned Combat Air System, judging from the video alone, no wonder they confused it with a UFO, this drone’s size and shape is massive and weird. The drone came from Northrop Grumman and is currently being shipped over to the Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. Once it arrives to the site, they are going to conduct a series of tests to figure out whether or not this drone can pass “inspection” and can actually take off from a moving air craft carrier. I hope this drone has the GPS security hack flaw fixed; it would be a shame to see this drone brought down by Iran.