What Channels Influence the Social Consumer?

Most consumers now days rely on the web when they’re in the market to find something new, but where exactly are they looking?

According to this great graphic by M Booth and Beyond, it really depends on what they’re looking to buy. In other words, the products dictate which web sources consumers will choose to get their information from. If you take a closer look at the info-graphic below, you’ll get a better idea of where everyone is looking for new products, and trust me…some of the data will really surprise you.

For example:
– Out of the 12 popular products researched, Foursquare has the largest influence on cookware products.
– Similarly, Facebook has the biggest influence on baby products.
– 66% of consumers researching beauty products, click on an online ad.

Check out the full graphic below to learn more:

Smoking Marijuana Can Make You Sad ONLY if You Have the Wrong Genetics

A group of researches from Behavioral Science Institute of Radboud at Nijmegen Unviersity have been conducting an experiment with over 310 adolescents. For the past 5 years, the adolescents have been answering questions about drug use and depression. Until Now, the link between smoking marijuana and depression has always been a week suspicion: People believed that smoking marijuana causes you to develop depression. But after this new research, it appears the thought will change.

Roy Otten, the researcher in charge of the team, stated that he and his colleges collected the data from all the kids every single year. Each year, they were asked to answer questions about their behavior and mood and drug use.

The researches also tested for a serotonin gene called 5-HTT which is associated wit increased vulnerability to developing depression. Otten published the first definitive association between smoking MJ and depression. Being sad and depressed when smoking marijuana tends to only happen in young people with a specific genetic variant. He published his work in the journal Addiction Biology.

Otten said that he took into consideration other factors like alcohol use, and personality and socio-economic status. He accounted for the possibility that depression came first before the marijuana usage. At the end, he came back to the same conclusion, people with a specific genetic code in their genes will become sad and depressed after using marijuana. [Gizmodo]