Check Out This Tree Top RC Plane Helicopter Rescue!

I tried to get into the whole RC Plane and toy helicopter craze when it first came out a about 10 years ago, but money got in the way, parents didn’t want to get involved, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life – right behind dropping a jelly covered sandwich face down on my laptop.

Regardless of horrible my parents were at not spoiling me like everyone else, this never made me stop loving helicopters and RC Planes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at getting a helicopter license. Sure, they are complicated, slow, and once you’re going down, you’re practically SOL – you can either die with the chopper, or jump out and hope that the blades don’t rip you a new one. They do have one advantage though, they can hold still, which comes in handy if an expensive R/C P-51 Mustang gets stuck above a tree. Which is exactly what happened in the video posted above. I’m not sure how “legal” this is, or if they have to ask for permission to land in the middle of a back yard, but the pilot and his instructor decided to go down and rescue the plane from the tree tops.

The face and excitement on the people’s faces is amazing, the pilots get a little too exited though and start to throw out some cusswords, but that’s to be expected when you literally flew a helicopter and semi-landed it above some trees to rescue a small toy plane. This could have gone two ways, I’m glad it went the “awesome a helicopter rescued my RC Plane!” and not the “WTF was that pilot thinking landing above the trees to rescue an RC Plane worth a couple hundred bucks!?” Via: Reddit

Army Helicopter Drops Hellfire Missile Over Texas Neighborhood

At least this wasn’t as bad as when the US dropped a nuclear bomb over a small town in Georgia, but still pretty bad none of the less. About one hudnred homes were evacuated from Killeen TX near Fort Hood on Tuesday night after an Apache Helicopter was performing a routine flight and accidentally dropped a hellfire missile.

As the helicopter was flying above a neighborhood people saw the object falling from the helicopter around 8 pm, which to me is surprising since it’s kind of hard to see that late at night, and the fact that you live near the military base Apache helicopters would get kind of boring to see after a while. Regardless, after the object dropped from the sky, the neighborhood went into an instant evacuation.

Later on, the Army found the missile sunk into the ground, an official said that the missile did not have any explosives nor did it have a propulsion system. He went on to say that the aircrafts from the military base never fly over civilian areas with live ammunitions. [Washington Post]

Pilot Confuses Venus With A Plane And Almost Crashes

I have to drive all time for my work, and I’ve been behind the wheel with little to no sleep before, once I confused an airplane with an alien ship, other times I start to doze off and look at the stars and think they are all moving in different directions. This is usually not too bad, but it can be very dangerous, and that’s why you should take breaks between drive times. Yes, it sounds like stupid advice, but it really works.

But being sleepy in a car, is a ride in the park when you compare it to being sleepy inside a 767 plane and you confuse a planet for another plane then send your plane into a nosedive to try and avoid collision.

According to Reuters a “sleepy Air Canada pilot” was staring out the front window of his plane when he caught a glimpse of Venus,  confused it with another plane that was coming straight at his plane, then sent his plane into a nose dive to avoid collision

“Under the effects of significant sleep inertia (when performance and situational awareness are degraded immediately after waking up), the first officer perceived the oncoming aircraft as being on a collision course and began a descent to avoid it,” Canada’s Transportation Safety Board said.

I can see how this is making the news, especially with a title where a pilot confuses a planet with a plane, but the fact of the matter is that this pilot took the necessary actions to avoid a collision. Yes, he might of confused a planet for a plane, but imagine what hell he would be getting for crashing a plane into a plane? The plane descended 400 feet downwards and caused several people to jump out of their seats, 7 of them were taken to the hospital, but they will recover.

None of the less, this is another example of how grueling a pilot’s job can be and how fatigue affects everyone in the fields. OR it’s another example of a pilot thinking quick while almost crashing a plane for doing inappropriate things inside a cockpit. – OMG You just bumped into the lever! Quick, we need an excuse as to why we hurt so many people!… let’s just say we confused a planet with a plane, never heard that before, so it’s going to work.  [Reuters Img Credit: Favim]

The Coolest Toy Ever An RC Robot Bird That Atually Flies

Who said robots couldn’t fly by flapping a set of wings? I know this is probably the most inefficient way of making something fly, but it’s definitely something that’s cool and awesome. The reason “bird like” planes are difficult to get off the ground is because of the way the wings move. When a flat wing moves up, it creates pressure to the top of the wing that pushes the object down, when the wing comes down, it makes the pressure on the bottom side of the wing that pushes the object up. So you can see how this would be difficult.

Engineers have long given up on the whole “let’s fly like a bird design” and focused on the more traditional, more effective, more durable designs that we’re used to now days – the ones with the turbine and flat steady wings. This doesn’t mean that other people didn’t keep on trying, but the majority did. Mainly because of the video I posted on the right where this poor man completely destroys his invention in a matter of minutes.

The video from above is actually an original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk! Version 1! It truly is an amazing machine. Its hard to believe when you first see it, but it is the easiest thing to fly and has proven to be quite robust. Robert, the guy flying the bird, found this gem hanging from the roof of one of their local hobby shops and had to pick it up. Surprisingly, the bird flies better than the “much older human size counter part” if you’re interested in buying one go directly to the source – Via: RCUAV

Boeing wants to fight fires with giant airdropped water balloons

Why did we not think about this before? Instead of just spilling a whole bunch of water on a fire with no actual sense of direction or aiming capability, why not throw water balloons. They are more accurate, and best of all, they can be carried by any type of plane. The plane can be at any altitude since the balloons are capable of opening their parachute (a cardboard box lid) at any height. This means that for the first time, fire can be fought at night (by airplanes) and at a safe distance from the fire.

Boeing has been working on what they call a PCADS (Precision Container Aerial Delivery System) for year, but it’s just finally ready for deployment. They just had their test in Arizona where a C-17 dropped 40 PCADS all at once setting a record for 10,000 gallons of water. They plan to break that once more later this year.

Check out the video below and if you want to learn more check these sites out: Boeing, via BoeingDefense

Air Traffic Controllers Working Around a Storm

I’ve always wondered what Air Traffic controllers did, for the most part, I knew that they handled the traffic directions of air planes. But I never really saw how they did their things.

I found the video at the bottom on Youtube of a couple of FedEx air traffic controllers directing planes around a storm. It’s actually really cool, I have a friend who does this for the DFW Airport and he tells me that they get so many planes coming in and out that on a heavy traffic day they have to use several officers per screen to make sure that all the planes are at the right distance from each other. They apparently work one 3 hours at a time and then get a 30 minute break just so they don’t get “hypnotized” by the screen and miss planes coming in.

Future Way of Flying and Airport Take Offs

The main reason we have to pay so much for airplane tickets, it’s because of how much gas the plane wastes on take offs. A 737 uses almost 5,000 pounds of fuel to get up to 30,000 feet. So, Electric Take off is in the process of developing a take off elevator that will lift an airplane to the 30,000 feet mark, and then release it .

So here is the Idea- At about 30,000 feet, there will be an electric plane flying around in circles. Attached to the underbelly of the plane is a super strong cable that is connected to a spinning hub down on the ground. The hub will slowly spin to make sure the cable is straight and sturdy.

When an airplane want’s to take off, they will attach a hook to the top of the plane, the cable will then lift up the airplane upwards towards the flight altitude and then it will be released.

I’m guessing the plane will glide down and hope to get enough speed to take off? Also, I’m guessing the plane that’s above the hub, will need to be extra powerful to pull up a 737. I know how ridiculous this sounds. While this might be a crazy Idea for big jet planes, I think this could help gliders get to a high enough altitude without the need of a takeoff plane thus making glider flight extremely cheap. A glider pilot could travel hundreds of miles relatively cheap.

Electric Take-Off,