The Infinite Jukebox: This Website Will Extend Your Favorite Song Indefinitely

The Music Hack Day event in Boston wasn’t a complete waste this year. It yielded The Infinite Jukebox — a website that creates infinitely long versions of uploaded tracks without making them “suck”. You have a couple of options, upload your own MP3 or play from a selected list.

The Infinite Jukebox was created by Paul Lamere, the director for music intelligence company Echo Nest. The app uses a music service that breaks the entire MP3 into separate beats and segments, then using a “smart” algorithm, it puts it back together after it matches them against other beats in the song that sound the same.

The song then plays the beats and jumps around to different areas depending on what it feels is the “best” place to make it suck less. You see the image at the top? the way it has the arches spanning from one side of the ring to the next? well, these arches determine where the song is going to jump to next. The really cool part, is that it doesn’t jump to that same area all of the time, instead, it randomly selects weather it wants to jump there or not. This randomization keeps the song interesting and new.

The app is designed to work with any song, but it works best if the song has repetition loops. The higher the number of loops, the longer the song is. You can listen to “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillas for over 30 minutes. I love the way this works, I can’t wait to see this in a cellphone app so I can listen to the same – different – song while I travel across the state!

The Funnel Wall – Can This Intricate Creation Make The Sound Of My People When It Rains?

Sometimes you have to sit and wonder who comes up with such an intricate design for something that sounds… like rain. I’ve always hated the straight up and down water drains on the side of large buildings, so aesthetically, this design is pretty cool. But, it’s not very useful, I’m the sure the guy who made it was expecting something else, and then it rained, and nothing really happened.

This building is actually known as The Funnel Wall, it’s found in Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany, and it claims to play “music” when it rains. But after watching the video posted above, it doesn’t sound much like music if you ask me.

The iHome iP4 Boombox for iPhone or iPod

IPhone docks are amazing, you simply put your iPhone or iPad in the dock and you can start blasting your songs for everyone to hear. Earlier today I talked about companies making a killing out of gadgets that turn your iPhone into something that is not. The Snap! Camera turns your iPhone into a fake digital camera. This Boombox, turns your iPhone … into a cassette?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen dock stations or devices that are inspired by retro things from the past, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last time I see one either. The iHome Boombox adds a special type of classic décor to your home, and it works great.

It packs more than just its looks, the iP4 has a pair of 4″ carbon composite woofers, and two 1″ Ferro fluid cooled tweeters, the speakers are powered by a class D amp. So it has some pretty good sounds, it also has a 5 band graphic equalizer with an LCD display, oh and just to make sure that you have something to listen to when you’re tired of your phone, they packed an FM radio too.

The box comes with a remote control that attaches to the top of the boombox using magnets so you can keep up with it while you’re moving the box around. The boombox can run on electricity from your home, OR if you’re the type that really wants to bring retro back, you can carry this box on your shoulder while it runs on 6 “D” batteries.

The box comes in two colors, grayish black and hot pink, the grayish black looks dull and plain, while the hot pink looks… hot freaking pink. Be warned though, if you buy the pink one you instantly lose all your “thug” credibility. You can pick one of these boxes up at your nearest Urban Outfitters for $199.

Bad Lip Reading is way more awesome than Auto-Tune

Remember when Autotuning the news was awesome? Everyone started doing it, the videos got old and boring after the first few that came out. A new hype has been coming along since the olden days – 4 months ago – which if you know anything about the internet, in 4 months you go though several generations of hypes.

This new thing is called “Bad Lip Reading” and just recently the online group known as BLR has just released the video above:

“We’ve been out of brownies, rice and we miss pork chops in summer. And that’s why Beefaroni, garlic, peanut butter, ice cream, purple flowers, the hope would smash my windows.”  the “leader of the free world” was this week’s victim in a hilarious parody video clip titled “Trick the Bridesmaid” just recently they had Rick Perry:

“what’s good is getting these goats for our computer industry.” He also dives into rambling sentences about food, including Doritos, tamales, and ice cream.

The amazing part about this group is how accurate they make songs to fit perfectly with what the “victim” is saying. Check them out, but here is a fair warning, most of the videos are a little foul mouthed so be careful when you watch them.

MySpace 3.0 is Getting Revamped Into A Music Site

Have you ever heard the  story about the little engine that can? well, MySpace fits that story very well. For some reason MySpace does not want to stay out of the Social media realm and the once dead social giant is getting rebooted.

MySpace’s new senior VP of global marketing Al Dejewski said that he’s working on a new focus for the site that will rely heavily on the music hub and create a site that will compete against iTunes, Spotify, and Vevo.

“No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs.”“We have over 70 million active users globally on a monthly basis, and in the U.S. it’s in the 30 [million] to 40 million range right now,” Mr. Dejewski said. “It’s no small database by any means. While we may have lost some traction to people like Facebook, things like LinkedIn are a very different proposition in my mind. We have a very broad reach and footprint today and one we can capitalize upon, no question about it.”

So it looks like were going to have yet another music streaming website available for us. The only good thing about this possible future MySpace revamp is that it will open up a new service for all the bands that are barely starting up into the music world. Sure, iTunes and Spotify have hundreds of songs to chose from, but most of the songs are from professional artists and bands. But what happens to all the little local bands? If it wasn’t for MySpace most of them go unnoticed.

We already know that MySpace has lost the fight of the social networks, but I think it still has a very strong chance at doing something with it’s music section of the site. Let’s hope that Specific Media has a very ingenious plan up it’s sleeve to give MySpace a second breath.

Via AdAge

Throught the Fire and Flames Lego Edition

Lego’s are awesome, but you don’t always need to make a 3D model to make something cool out of them. In this case used a flat Lego board to re-create the guitar frets of guitar hero and play through the fire and flames. This stop motion animation is superb and down extremely accurate to the sound. You’ll really enjoy it, make sure you check out Fuzzletop’s channel for other videos similar to this one.

The World’s Fastest Guitar Player

John Taylor is perhaps the fastest guitar player in the world, not only is he playing one of the toughest songs, “Flight of the Bumblebee”  (pick wise) but he’s playing it extremely fast at 600 BPM, effectively putting John Taylor at the top of the world record list.

But the last time I checked, I think he may have gotten beat by even a faster guy but his record was “denied” Regardless of how fast this guy is, hes one hell of a guitar player. Wait until the 4:00 Minute mark to really enjoy what the heck this guy can do with the guitar!

Video Of The Day: Mega Bass 2000 Watts

We all love to have an amazing sound system in our cars or homes for our entertainment purposes. Like everyone else, we tend to want something that is louder than our neighbors or our friends etc. This guy probably has no competition in the neighborhood, he made a desk speaker so powerful that it blows everything out of his desk.

It was uploaded onto youtube by And its reached over 900k views. It starts of pretty lame, but since the video is only 20 seconds long, the lame part is only like 7 seconds max. Check out the video below and see what it’s all about, trust me, I wasn’t expecting that at all lol.