Water Damaged Apple iPhone: What To Do?

Nowadays there are phones that are not afraid of water at all (Sony’s super-resistant Xperia phones, Motorola’s Defy and some of Nokia’s old feature phones come to my mind at once). But unfortunately, water can kill cool expensive smartphones like the Apple iPhones in minutes. On the other hand, you can try to save and revive a water-damaged phone, even if it’s an iPhone, and if you follow the steps below and don’t waste much time, you’ll be able to make it work again.

1. Turn your wet iPhone off (if it’s not off already). It’s very important, since it will raise your phone’s chance to stay “alive” after water contact. Remember that you’ll be able to switch it on only after 72 hours.

2. No, don’t take it to the warranty center – they won’t help you, since water damage is not a warranty case.

3. Remove the SIM card.

4. Shake the phone and try to remove as much water as possible. If it doesn’t have much water inside, that’s great.

5. Dry the iPhone with a towel.

6. Don’t try to dry your iPhone in a microwave or stove. And don’t use any hairdryers or other things like that on it – they’ll kill your favorite phone in minutes.

7. Put your iPhone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice and leave it there for at least 72 hours. Rice will absorb the moisture well and dry your phone safely.

8. Patiently wait for 72 hours.

9. Take your phone from the rice bag or bowl and if it’s completely dry, switch it on.

Is everything OK with it? If yes, congratulations! You did well! If no… Well, at least you know you did everything you could.

Source – TeqnoLogical

iTether Is Back, And Apple Can’t Do Anything About It!

Let’s cut to the chase, Apple is a great company, but they hate sharing anything with anyone else. Remember when they started to sue everyone over stupid things – they went as far as to sue the German Mom and Pop cafe when Apple found out they were using an apple on their logo – not Apple’s apple, but just a simple apple. So it wasn’t a surprise that when iTether came out the first time, Apple instantly shut it down because it successfully bypassed the iPhone’s hotspot limitations. A limitation that forced users to purchase or install an overpriced application.

But now iTether is back, but this time Apple can’t do anything about it. In the past, the iTether application needed to be running in the actual phone, but now, it runs as an HTML5 code. Which means, we don’t have to install anything into the phone – but most importantly, we don’t have to jailbreak our phones to get it working. If you watch the video above, you download the drivers to your computer, and then connect your iPhone to the computer via an ad hoc connection. Then simply go to on your phone and you’re done.

Companies usually sell us expensive packages to include the “tethering” applications. The packages range anywhere between $20 – $30 a month, and sometimes even more. But there are small companies out there that still make a killing and bring in profits by selling you the same capability with less than $3 a month. The iTether is $30 a year, or $15 if you get it in the next week from the iTether site. [via The Verge]

iPhone App Lets You See What’s in front of You While You Text

How many times have you been walking and texting down your street and you hit your chin against the tow hitch of a truck? I’ve done that once, and ever since I’ve learned to at least look up after every word. Every time  I text, and walk I’m thinking to my self how much I wish my phone was see through so I could see what’s behind it.

I’ve seen a couple of prototypes made out of glass, but they are expensive and years before they are complete, but luckily, there is an app available for the iPhone on iTunes that costs .99 cents! The app uses your phone’s camera to display what’s behind the phone. The images at the bottom give you a demonstration of how this works. Now you can see exactly where you’re walking while you’re typing.

The only problem with the app is that it has to be manually launched every time you want to send a text, which can be a hassle if you’re only going to send one text to a person. If you’re going to be sending multiple text messages to people, this app can really come in handy. Keep in mind that this app is for texting while walking and not texting while driving, I’ve seen several people who text while driving by having the phone above the steering wheel, and while this app may make that a bit safer, it doesn’t mean you should try it.

LomoKino Adapter Lets Your Phone Capture 35mm Movies Without an App

Lomography makes awesome still cameras, but they also make an awesome gadget called the LomoKino which is basically an attachment for your iPhone that lets you capture 35mm video with the whole scratchy, grainy, old video of the past. The cool part about the LomoKino is that it doesn’t use an app what so ever, instead it uses a small handle/crank that you have to crank in order to get the retro fix you desperately need.

If you want to get the small adapter you’ll need to go and check out the Lomography website and throw out about $25, You’ll also need to spend about $100 for the LomoKino camera and LomoKinoscope viewer. So this is an expensive set up for a regular hobbiest like me, but if you’re serious about your films, this is a really cool gadget! The video above shows you exactly how to use it and what you can do with it.

Overall, if you really want to take video with a 1950’s feel, this is probably the cheapest way to do it, you could add a 1950’s after effects, but this is a bit more “natural” since your camera will be moving up and down as you crank the wheel. [via The Verge]

Frog Playing With iPhone – Not as Cute as the Dragon but Still Funny

Every once in a while there are these crazes that rush through the internet like wild fire, remember planking, owling, coning, and that other craze that failed where people pretended to be decapitated? Well, there is a new one that was started off by a video of a bearded dragon playing Ant crusher.

This is not very different than the dragon, except that this smart mass was playing with an African bull frog. Unlike the dragon that used nothing but it’s tongue, this bull frog used his face against the screen. We, humans, find it funny, the frog… not so much.  This poor frog fails so many times that he finally has enough and tries to eat a guy’s finger.

African bull frogs are aggressive and are known to eat small rodents or even birds, but I doubt it has enough power in its jaws to cut off a finger, none of the less, still funny to watch – especially when you don’t see it coming.

How to Make Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Glow – Mod

One of the coolest things that Apple laptops have is the glowing Apple in the back of the monitor, the iPhone has a similar Apple logo in the rear of the phone, but sadly it doesn’t light up – until now.

Making your iPhone’s apple glow takes about 10 minutes, all you need is a pair of screw drivers, some tape, and a light up screen purchased from K.O Store. The DIY Luminescent logo for the iPhone is only going to be sold for about 30 more hours, so you need to get one before they can’t sell it anymore. Since the mod is an “unofficial” mod, Apple is probably going to get it off the market as soon as they find out about it.

The kit costs $43 dollars, and if you have the guts to open up the phone and void your warranty, you’ll have an awesome modified phone that everyone is going to envy. The cool thing about the mod is that it doesn’t change the operation of the iPhone, it also doesn’t change the dimensions of the phone in any way, so this means that the phone is still going to work with your protective case.

The apple logo light is only lit while your screen is turned on, and it stays illuminated for about 15 seconds after the screen goes off so the impact on your battery life is not even noticeable. I don’t see why Apple hasn’t released a phone with a light up apple yet, but this looks pretty awesome, even though it’s an amateur hack, it looks like it belongs there  – Via M.I.C Gadget

The Siri Protocol has been Cracked, Soon Siri Will Come to the Android

Siri is one of those apps that everyone want’s in their cellphone but only the iPhone 4s is capable of running it. Apple claims it’s because of the technology that the iPhone 4s has, computing power and the like. But a group of mobile developers claim that they successfully cracked the Siri protocol, figured out what made it tick, and learned how to use the recognition engine on any device.

The developers at Applidium had this to say about their  project.

“As soon as we could put our hands on the new iPhone 4S, we decided to have a sneak peek at how it really works. Today, we managed to crack open Siri’s protocol. As a result, we are able to use Siri’s recognition engine from any device. Yes, that means anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri! Or use Siri on an iPad! And we’re goign to share this know-how with you.”

With that in mind, you can quickly see that apple is going to shut them down fairly quickly. According to Applidium, the iPhone 4S sends identifiers to the networks, these identifiers have two purposes, to identify who owns the iPhone, and to identify what the device is “asking.” So technically apple could just shut down their identifying service or black list the android Identifiers and effectively shut down their service.

If you want to get on board with this project before apple shuts down their ID servers, you can check out Applidium and learn how to use their program. You will need some advance coding knowledge though, so be prepared for that.

Applidium, via Slashdot

Amazing Sixth-Grader Creates iOS Apps and Starts Programming Club

Do you remember what you did during your freetime as a sixth-grader?  I for one spent my days running around outside playing tag… maybe I played catch with my friends or threw around a football in a light-hearted game of two-hand touch.  The last thing on Earth that I would have been caught doing during my early double-digit years of all times, is programming applications on a computer.  That is exactly what this awesome pre-teen named Thomas Suarez has been doing in his free time, and he’s pretty darn good at it too!  He has created two best-selling iOS apps named Earth Fortune and Bustin Jeiber (a whack-a-mole game?).  Not only has he been spending his time learning a very important and innovative trade but it turns out his creations are phenomenal and have been receiving recognition from some of the power players in the App creation market. He was recently seen giving a speech at a TEDx ‘Transforming Learning’ convention, and it turned out extremely well, his soft-spoken and yet super innovative ways puts him on the same level as Steve Jobs when it comes to giving a good speech.

Onto his creations, Earth Fortune is an interesting yet simple app that has a ‘mood-ring’ feel to it.  It gives you a (possibly random) selection of a colored earth and then explains what that specific color means.  It essentially gives you a fortune in a new and interesting way.  The creator describes it as “Earth Fortune is not like any fortune teller you have ever seen. It shows different color Earths, randomly, color coded depending on if your day will be peaceful, etc. Also, you can share your fortunes with your friends and family!”  Cool idea, and being completely free to download and try out I can’t see why anyone would bash this app!  Next up is his best-selling application, appropriately named Bustin Jeiber.  In essence this is a take-off of whack-a-mole and you gain points by taking the floating JB heads that come across the screen at varying speeds depending on the level you have reached.  This app retails at 99 cents which seems to be the app store average for a cute game in the ‘time-waster’ genre.

Another interesting way that Thomas is involved with Apple and App creation is through one of Apple’s own pilot programs based around learning and putting iPads into school environments for the purpose of learning.  Essentially Apple gives a certain allotment of iPads to a school that demonstrates some need, and then they are asked to show how they have integrated the devices into their everyday classrooms to see just how much of a difference some added technology can make.  It turns out the young Mr. Suarez actually helped start this program up at his school, and is running the new App/Programming club.  Having this type of experience and well thought out plans for future inventions means that this kid is someone to watch for in the coming years, and as for his parents, can you say scholarship?