Pink Goop Beef Is Not Good For Fast Food: USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds to Feed Kids

A while back McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and just about any other major fast food chain that used the Pink Goop said they were going to stop using the Goop after everyone started to express concerns about the safety – blah blah blah – and their Nutritional facts – blah blah blah – and something along the lines of – It’s not real meat. But while the goop is not good enough for the General public, the USDA in the other hand thinks it’s still healthy. As a matter of fact, they think it’s so healthy that they are going to feed it to the children.

The Pink Goop, which not even dogs enjoy on the regular basis, is actually made of of “beef trimmings” which are the undesirable, leftover crap of cows that no one want’s to eat. They take those trimmings and then grind them together to make “meat looking patties” after they are soaked in Ammonia Hydroxide to kill off bacteria and infections etc.

The USDA is basically taking these trimmings and giving them to the schools – Since the schools already have low budgets, this may sound like a good idea. But this crap is so gross that not even McDonald’s thinks it’s good enough for their 99cent burgers! When McDonald’s starts to have better food than our schools, you know we’re in some deep trouble. I love the radio/video segment above, it’s goes into a lot of detail of what’s going on in this issue.

Carl Custer, a 35-year veteran of Food Safety Inspection Service, told The Daily:

“We originally called it soylent pink. We looked at the product and we objected to it because it used connective tissues instead of muscle. It was simply not nutritionally equivalent [to ground beef]. My main objection was that it was not meat.”

But even after all that started to circulate the news, the USDA is still buying 7 million pounds of the goop to put out in the schools:  The Daily,


McDonald’s to Stop Using Pink Goop Beef in Its Burgers

By now I’m sure you have seen the image to the left on facebook, twitter, or around the internet. The “Pink Goop” as it has been referred to in the past, is McDonald’s secret beef recipe for making burgers. When the image came out on a news site, the image went viral over night – Chef Jamie Oliver just called it quits and said the the ammonium hydroxide soaked pink beef is no longer going to be used in their patties.  McDonald’s has finally received enough pressure and will ditch the use of the pink goop beef in all it’s burgers, a process that took several years.

If you’re wondering what in the world this pink goop is made out of, the answer is pretty simple – it’s actually made of of “beef trimmings” which are the undesirable, leftover crap of a cow. These leftovers are good … if you’re a dog … but not for humans. The beef trimmings are then processed and soaked in ammonium hydroxide which gives it the pink color, and then they are churned into ground beef.

It’s taken a while but McDonald’s has finally decided to step up its standards in the US and will no longer use the pink BPI meat in the USA. They will continue to use the goo in other countries since they haven’t figured out what is in their McPatties yet. If you’ve eaten a burger from McDonald’s in the past – we all have – you may have noticed that it tasted fine, but pink goop meat is so bad that US Department of Agriculture microbiologist Geral Zirnstein doesn’t even consider “the stuff to be ground beef” and considers “allowing it in ground beef to be a form of fraudulent labeling.”

Other restaurants were doing the same thing, but McDonald’s was the only one that got the heat, after McDonald’s said they were going to discontinue the use of the Goop, Burger King and Taco Bell also came out saying they will no longer use the ammonium hydroxide soaked beef and beef trimmings – finally, I can eat more human food and less dog food when I’m getting my dollar burger. Expect the price of the dollar menu to go up though, this was a way to keep costs down and now that they can’t use the goop, they’ll be forced to buy better meat products… and we’re going to be stuck with the bill. [CBS NewsDaily Mail]

You Can Get Free Wendy’s Frostys for the Rest of 2012

I love Frosty’s. I think I love Free Frosty’s even more, especially if they are good. Wendy’s just started an awesome deal in which they are going to give out free Frostys for the rest of the year. They are giving them out for a good cause too, it’s not a publicity stunt, nor is it a get rich quick scam from Wendy’s. It’s an actual legitimate “help us help children” cause.

Yes, you read that right, for the rest of 2012 you can get free Wendy’s Frostys. It’s not going to be the big large Frosty, or the medium, or even the small… If you wan’t to pay for it, then you can have one, but if you want it free you’ll have to settle for the Jr. Frosty… but who cares, it’s free plus is not like you can’t go back for more.

All you need to do is purchase a Frosty Key Tag for $1 at a participating Wendy’s restaurant and that’s it – Every Frosty after the purchase of the card will be free. The money from the Keycard will go to the  Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. So while you’re enjoying the fantastic tasting Frosty, you will be helping kids! It really can’t get better than that right? [via FoodBeast]

How to Make Your Own Doritos – Superbowl Ad Entry

Doritos has a deal going on right now where people can submit videos for the 2012 Superbowl ad. It’s called the “Crash the Super Bowl 2012.” This is one of the videos that did not make the cut – allegedly.

If the video really didn’t make the cut, I’m disappointed, this is an awesome video.

The winner was a commercial of a girl with Doritos scattered all around her while hey boyfriend has this “whoa” dude Doritos are better than football face – Hey look, a girl that’s almost naked laying in a bed with Doritos all over the place – this will definitely increase their sales. Here is the link if you wan’t to see it – It’s boring and dull.

The Black Bun Darth Vader Burger is Not That Bad Looking

I remember when Burger King came out with the green ketchup in celebration of the newest Shrek film that was in theaters. Not once did I ever try that ketchup, it looked out of place and gross. This burger in celebration of The Phantom Menace might be the same thing. It belongs to a French fast food chain called Quick. The burger is complete with a black bun – it tastes the same they just added food coloring to the doe .

There is also a white Jedi burger, which is more like regular color buns, but that doesn’t look as cool as the Dark “Vador” burger. The burger is going to be available until March 1st. This is probably the first time I’m very jealous of the French, BK needs to have something like this, I’d buy it.

Via Buzzfeed

McDonald’s Closed all their Stores in Bolivia

This is like something out of a movie, McDonalds closing every store they have down, but even though this seems seems like a very unlikely situation, it just happened – in Bolivia. McDonald’s can now add the country of Bolivia to the list of failed moves, it went into Bolivia 14 years ago hoping that it was going to conquer the food market, but unfortunately it failed.

After the 14 years in the nation, despite hundreds of campaigns and promotions to try and get some “fans,” McDonald’s was forced to close its 8 Bolivian restaurants in the major cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
This past Saturday at midnight, McDonald’s announced that it was going to server their last burger after announcing a global restructuring plan where it closed down restaurants in seven countries because of a poor profit margin – Via: ScallyWag

The Soup That Is Killing the Ocean (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

This is one of the first videos that really made me change my opinion on a topic. Usually when I see the commercials on TV about sponsoring a dog or a cat, I tend to change the channel. Not because I’m a heartless punk, but because I see them so much it usually is a company trying to get donations to not get anything done right.

What you are about to see is probably one of the worst videos that talks about shark fin soup. If you know what that is and have tried it, shame on you!  According to Gizmodo Shark fin soup was once an emperor’s dish. But with the record-breaking increase in wealth in China, the soup—which can fetch up to $200 per bowl—is now available to the rapidly expanding Chinese upper middle class.

This means thousands of people are now eating shark fin soup, if you thought Whale Hunting was bad, think about this numbers instead. Fishermen are killing over 1.5 million sharks per week, up to 70 million sharks per year. Most of them are the hammer head shark, which is an endangered species. The worst part, is that after taken on board, the fishermen cut the fins and tails and then throw them back into the ocean to bleed to death.

Warning: don’t watch this if you cry easily. To learn more Check this link

Turn a Lighter an Altoids Tin into a grill

Okay, so maybe this is more of a show piece than any thing else, at it’s best, you can probably use this as a hot plate to heat up water. This grill took the whole Altoid Grill Fad into a new level, it’s an easy conversion of an Altoids Tin Can, and a lighter into a grill, It’s found over at instructables Altoid Gas Grill and it’s definitely a fun project for the weekend.

Instructables has the Ste-by-Step guide on their site, but just in case you didn’t want to follow the steps using the pictures, check out the video below.

So yea, maybe you wont be able to do this with your ordinary stuff you have at home, you’ll need more than just the lighter and an Altoids to get this done, but the material list is pretty easy to get, you need two cans, some aluminum tape, the lighter, a small coffee tube, and a coat hangar.

Also, this is not a grill that can cook your food “safely” since you are using butane gas there are some health risks behind it, but you could always place a small pot of water (possibly made out of another tin can) or even use this as a survival tool but that’s about it… either way, this is a fun do-able Instructable; Check out the video below.