Apple Introduces The New iPad!

The highly anticipated Apple media event set for today March 7th has come and gone and it did not disappoint for the most part, but then again no one is ever really satisfied . The event held in San Francisco was headed by Apple CEO Tim Cook. We first were treated to Apple’s seemingly obligatory rants about their amazing sales on their three post-PC devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) then it got straight to the good stuff.

First thing announced was a new iOS update 5.1 which finally brings Apples patented voice assistant to Japan among a few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Then the first big news of the day was a revamped Apple TV which will be available March 16th and will feature a beautiful new user interface and will now support FULL 1080P HD streaming! Pretty exciting news there and as part of the new UI it will now support third party apps and all of your iCloud content, such as Photo stream and your iTunes library.

The last new feature on the third generation Apple Tv is ability to stop watching on one iOS device and pick right back up where you left off on another device which is pretty sweet. The price point has remained the same as the last generation and will come in at the same low price of 99$

Now on to the big enchilada! The “New” iPad!! Before it was introduced Apple boasted about the sales figures and the future potential of the device and how it has become a favorite among users for email and books, and with over 200,000 apps tailor made for the iPad, I whole heartedly agree that the sales numbers reflect the quality and amazingness of this device which is still just under two years old.

The “New” iPad 3rd Generation features a beautiful retina display with a resolution of 2048X1536, which features over 3.1 million total pixels! Approximately 1 million more than HD TV itself. The elegant 9.7 inch screen boasts 44% saturation from its earlier version and features a quad-core A5X graphics chip, which will boost multimedia performance and allow for smooth operation of the iPad’s higher resolution. The 3rd generation iPad also contains an upgraded iSight camera coming in at 5mp backside illuminated and having the same optics as the camera in the iPhone 4s. Siri was one of the biggest features anticipated for the new iPad and when the inclusion of a microphone was shown many including myself were shocked not to see siri technology included, instead voice dictation will be the primary use for this new microphone. Which leaves siri integration something to look forward to in iOS 6.

The best news of all with all of these inclusions is that the starting price points will remain the same and so will the battery life! the new iPad will be capable of operating on 4G LTE and is 3G world ready which makes the 10 hour battery life that much more amazing. pricing is as follows

Wi-Fi only models 499$ 16GB, 599$ 32GB, 699$ 64GB

Wi-Fi & 4G LTE 629$ 16GB, 729$ 32GB, and 829$ 64GB and these are available for pre-order on Apple’s website and will be released March 16th in North America and March 23rd Worldwide.

Redheads Have A Higher Pain Tolerance Than Non Redheads

Well, it turns out that the color of your hair really does make you special. A study revealed that red headed people have a higher pain threshold than people with other hair colors. Not only that, but they can eat spicier foods than the rest of the population – I guess they do have it better than us.

According to Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers in the study, they found that red heads’ skin is less sensitive to stinging pain. The researchers tested their skin by placing capsicum, the ingredient that makes peppers hot, under their skin. Nielsen said that it took higher levels of capsicum for the redheads to feel the same pain as a normal person.

There you go, Gingers really are better than us. They either have a special gene that makes us better, or they have gotten so much pain in the past that their bodies learned to tolerate the pain. [Science Nordic]

The Hutlzer Banana Slicer – How to Chop Bananas For Dummies

If you’re a mom, a cook, or just a person in hurry, any utensil in the kitchen that saves you time – regardless of how insignificant the savings may be – can really make your life better.

At our home, we’re always in a hurry, sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough seconds in a minute. When we get up were usually trying to make breakfast and get out the door before 7:00 am, and sometimes something as easy as splitting a banana, or splitting an apple, can really screw up our routine.

How hard can it be right? You peel off half of the banana, you grab a butter knife, and then you start to cut the banana in small segments. It takes 60 seconds, max. Then you put the chunks in your cereal and have your cereal while you read the newspaper.

But if you feel like the 60 seconds can be the difference between having a healthy cereal or just getting cereal bar on the way out the door, the Hutzler Banana Slicer can really speed up your cereal making process. Simply peel, place on board, and cut. You’re looking at 10 seconds max to get the banana on your plate. Combine this with the Quirky container and you’re set – with seconds to spare.

Trust me, those extra seconds begin to add up. As human beings, we’re always looking for ways to simplify our life. That’s why people who find solutions to everyday annoyances find a plethora of customers lining up waiting to get the new “faster” thing to hit the market.

These products don’t make us lazier, I think they actually make us better and help us achieve more things in a day. This tool can also help you find ways to bring fun into the kitchen for your children. If you’re a parent and your children want to help you cook, you can always hand them a tool that’s safe and easy to use, they wont get hurt with blades or knifes, and at the same time you can rest assure that the job will get done the way it needs to.

Police Accidentally Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites

According to torrent freak, an alleged “human error” carried out by the police resulted in thousands of websites being completely blocked at the DNS level in Denmark.Over 8,000 websites that included everything from Google, to Facebook, went offline after informing the visitors that the websites offered child pornography.

The message that was displayed read “The National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police [NITEC], who assist in investigations into crime on the internet, has informed Siminn Denmark A/S, that the internet page which your browser has tried to get in contact with may contain material which could be regarded as child pornography.”

The team is in charge of keeping up with a list of websites the Danish government feels are not suitable for it’s citizens. Everyday, the ISP companies collect the list aggregated by the NITEC team and they apply DNS blockades to their infrastructure. According to Johnny Lundberg, the chief of NThe country’s High Tech Crime Unit team didn’t pick up on the error for several hours. ITEC, an employee was moving computers to a colleagues computer in order to work on a list of legitimate “illegal” sites. Because the employee was not familiar with colleagues PC, he accidentally placed the websites in the wrong folder. When the ISP’s came in to collect the folder, the police didn’t pick up on the error until it was to late.

Immediately after realizing the problem, the NITEC corrected the error and notified the ISPs but it took at least 3 hours for customers of the ISPs to regain access to the sites in question.

Lundberg said that his organization was sorry for the mistake and has now adopted a new system whereby blocked sites have to now be approved by two employees instead of one.

Aliens Could Detect Life On Earth By Looking At the Moon

It seems that every month or so we find another planet with the “possibility” to hold life. We find super earths, or giant planets in the “habitable” zone and we instantly believe that we can live in this new planet OR we believe that there is possible life. But what if we could find planets that actually had some sort of life in them? A new trick discovered by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory allows them to discovery life on planets by simply looking at the light emitted off the planet. In their experiment, they were able to detect life on earth by simply looking at the light reflected from our moon.

The problem with our current methods of discovery of life is the fact that we can’t really look at a planet and see the ant size people or animals walking in the surface. Imagine looking at an ant hill from the top of the empire state building, even with binoculars you can’t really see the bugs walking around. Likewise, if you look at the earth from something as close as orbiting satellites, it’s not possible to detect us. But if you look at the earth and study the chemical signals, you can see exactly what kind of elements you can find on it’s surface. For example, earth has far more oxygen and methane than a planet without some sort of life in the surface.

This new technique is called Spectroscopy, we can now detect gases that scientists call biosignatures. The system involves breaking up the light signals that reflect off a planet and then reconstructing the colors to determine which elements are present in the planet. Think, burning copper on the fire and creating the color green, every element creates a specific color signature, the astronomers will be looking for Oxygen and other elements required for life.

While this can be hard for planets that are extremely far and circling stars that drown the actual planet’s light, it can still be studied effectively by exploiting the light reflected from the planet. The reflected light is polarized, while the light emitted from the star is not. When the light passes through the planet’s atmosphere, it is polarized in two ways. When it is reflected by the oceans and vegetation, and when the particles in the air change the color of the light. By looking at the polarized light, we can pinpoint exactly what is going on in the planet with great detail.

Michael F. Sterzik, Stefano Bagnulo, and Eric Palle revealed in an ESO statement that they have tried out this method of light reflection by studying the light reflected of our moon. They used the Very Large Telescope in Chile to measure the linear polarization spectra of earth shine… which just means the light that bounced from the earth onto the moon, then bounced from the moon back to space. In their research they discovered that the earth has clouds, it has vegetation, and it had oceans. This new technique works so well that they can actually tell cloud coverage at different times of the day, and even detect vegetation as small as 10 percent. Image credit to NASA

Judge Orders Man To Apologize On Facebook Or Go To Jail

Wow, this is drama that appears to be taken straight out of a high school movie where people complain to the principal over something really stupid. In a remarkable take on Freedom of Speech, an Ohio judge threatened a man with 60 days in jail if he didn’t apologize to his ex-wife for a rant he posted to his Facebook page. But it couldn’t be just a regular apology, the judge actually wrote the apology in paper and gave it to the men to post it.

According to Forbes, Mark Byron was upset about a protective order that ordered him to stay away from his wife and affected custody of his son. So he posted what’s described as a “rant” about the situation on his Facebook page.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, having a judge tell you that you have to write out a status where you apologize to your ex-wife, or being the judge and actually having to tell the husband to apologize – then having to write it out. In my opinion, if I’m mad at a person or if a person finds my status offensive, I can say what ever I want thanks to my “Freedom of Speech” and if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be able to go to to the court and force an apology out of me. Especially if you don’t deserve it.

Here is what the husband said on his status before he had to remove it and update it with an apology:

…if you are an evil, vindictive woman who wants to ruin your husbands life and take your son’s father away from him completely – all you need to do is say that you’re scared of your husband or domestic partner…

Elizabeth Byron, the ex-wife, somehow learned about the post she had been blocked from seeing. She said that it violates Byron’s protective order that keeps him from doing anything that will cause her “physical or mental abuse, harassment, annoyance, or bodily injury.” So she went to the court, which just proves her husband’s status even more. She is a vindictive woman.

Byron was ordered to post a court-written apology on this Facebook page as well as pay his wife’s court costs related to the incident – or go to jail for 60 days. And really, the way the judge wrote the protective order is so vague that anything that he does that causes “annoyance” to his ex-wife will mean he’s going to end up in court.

Over 850,000 New Android Phones Are Activated Each Day

The Android system has really been picking up lately, according to Google, every day there are 850,000 new devices being activated across the world. You could argue that this trend will end soon, but at the same time I’ve activated 5 Android phones in the past 4 years. And with the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) coming up, Google is really trying to push out and boost their mobile system even higher than it already is.

According to them, right now there are over 300 Million android devices across the entire world, and they have been growing at about 250 percent each year.  There are a couple of reason as to why they have been growing so fast. For starters, there is a wider selection of phones that can run the android system – over 800 different phones. Another reason is the number of applications.

Last year at the MWC, Google announced that there were more than 150,000 apps in Android Market. That number tripled to more than 450,000 apps today, with over one billion app downloads happening every month. And not just silly apps that let your phone make cat noises, some apps like the Android Beam, lets you share content like web pages, videos, directions, and apps—just by touching two Android phones back to back.

While Android still has a lot to do before it can catch up to the iOS, it’s not doing to bad.

People in China Pay $1 a Month to Have Their e-mails Read “Sent From My iPhone”

Have you ever received an e-mail from a person and at the very bottom of the e-mail it reads ‘sent from my iPhone’? Well, apparently there is a market for this. People who want to have this signature at the bottom of their e-mails can pay a company $12 a year and they can add the signature line at the bottom.

Apparently, the demand is so high that people are actually falling for this. They don’t want to pay the $800 it costs to buy an iPhone so I guess they think, $1 a month is pretty awesome, I’ll make people believe I have an iPhone for basically free!

A Chinese sales site called Taobao say “The iPhone is too expensive. If you don’t want to spend that money, then fake it!” After you sign up for the service you are prompted to give them your password and they will set you up with an awesome signature line to make people believe you have one.

Of course you wouldn’t fall for this silly and ridiculous offer. The offer is trying to target users of China’s QQ Messaging service which is used by younger people who are not really familiar with their technologies yet. So here, I’ll spare you a $1 and teach you how it’s done.


1. Pull up your Settings!
2. Click on General in the top right hand corner
3. Go to the “signature line”
4. Type your signature, “sent from my iPhone”
5. Click “Save Changes”
6. You’re done.


1. Pull up your Yahoo! Mail account
2. Click “Options” in the top right hand corner
3. Click “Mail Options”
4. Click “Signature” – the link is on the left of the page
5. Type your signature, after choosing “Show a signature on all outgoing messages”
6. Click “Save Changes at the top of the page”
7. You’re done.

OR you can simply search Google, I’ve taken the liberty to Google it for you, click here and see how it’s done. Via Gizmodo