The Infinite Jukebox: This Website Will Extend Your Favorite Song Indefinitely

The Music Hack Day event in Boston wasn’t a complete waste this year. It yielded The Infinite Jukebox — a website that creates infinitely long versions of uploaded tracks without making them “suck”. You have a couple of options, upload your own MP3 or play from a selected list.

The Infinite Jukebox was created by Paul Lamere, the director for music intelligence company Echo Nest. The app uses a music service that breaks the entire MP3 into separate beats and segments, then using a “smart” algorithm, it puts it back together after it matches them against other beats in the song that sound the same.

The song then plays the beats and jumps around to different areas depending on what it feels is the “best” place to make it suck less. You see the image at the top? the way it has the arches spanning from one side of the ring to the next? well, these arches determine where the song is going to jump to next. The really cool part, is that it doesn’t jump to that same area all of the time, instead, it randomly selects weather it wants to jump there or not. This randomization keeps the song interesting and new.

The app is designed to work with any song, but it works best if the song has repetition loops. The higher the number of loops, the longer the song is. You can listen to “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillas for over 30 minutes. I love the way this works, I can’t wait to see this in a cellphone app so I can listen to the same – different – song while I travel across the state!

Check Out This Tree Top RC Plane Helicopter Rescue!

I tried to get into the whole RC Plane and toy helicopter craze when it first came out a about 10 years ago, but money got in the way, parents didn’t want to get involved, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life – right behind dropping a jelly covered sandwich face down on my laptop.

Regardless of horrible my parents were at not spoiling me like everyone else, this never made me stop loving helicopters and RC Planes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at getting a helicopter license. Sure, they are complicated, slow, and once you’re going down, you’re practically SOL – you can either die with the chopper, or jump out and hope that the blades don’t rip you a new one. They do have one advantage though, they can hold still, which comes in handy if an expensive R/C P-51 Mustang gets stuck above a tree. Which is exactly what happened in the video posted above. I’m not sure how “legal” this is, or if they have to ask for permission to land in the middle of a back yard, but the pilot and his instructor decided to go down and rescue the plane from the tree tops.

The face and excitement on the people’s faces is amazing, the pilots get a little too exited though and start to throw out some cusswords, but that’s to be expected when you literally flew a helicopter and semi-landed it above some trees to rescue a small toy plane. This could have gone two ways, I’m glad it went the “awesome a helicopter rescued my RC Plane!” and not the “WTF was that pilot thinking landing above the trees to rescue an RC Plane worth a couple hundred bucks!?” Via: Reddit

Buying And Other Fake Websites – The Easiest Way To Scam People

Typo Squatting and spelling errors on domain names can make your shopping experience at Amazon a living hell. A scammer will typically purchase a domain name that resembles that of a major company and install malware or worse yet, steal hundreds of dollars from your bank account. Because of these scammers, Amazon has taken proactive measures to stop possible scams against their customers, they have purchased multiple variations of their domain name – Aqmazon, maxzon, amzon, and many more.

Now there are other names that you can purchase that no one really thought about, they include switching letters with numbers, or combining letters to form a new letter – the reason no one ever though about it until now, is because they are so far out of the way to type, to be a screw up. For example the letter l and I (L and i ) they both look the same in some browsers. Also combining the letter R and N forms the letter M in some browsers. This new type of squatting may not mean anything to you. Especially when you’re not going to make the mistake of typing in on a website, but think about how many people can e-mail you these links or post them on facebook and direct you to a website that looks identical to the real deal? here is an example looks very similar to, an unsuspecting victim may not see the difference until you look really closely into the domain name.

Other examples are and, or These fake domain names are going out for thousands of dollars each, RNicrosoft is selling for a little over $4,000 dollars, which is nothing for Microsoft to purchase, especially when they can really get taken advantage of by a group of scammers. Just recently Microsoft took down a large BOT Net with the aid of the US Marshals, they usually sent out e-mails with links to less than reputable sites like etc, now imagine getting an email to where the i looks like an L at the end of the address. Now not even looking at the domain name to see if it’s okay is going to work. The only protection you’ll have then is copy and paste the link then paste it into a word document and change the font to something different.  [SEDO via Gizmodo]

Snow Globes Ignite Fire to a Couch by Magnifying the Sun’s Rays

I remember as a child being fascinated by these things – yes, we didn’t have much in my child hood. The small globes were pretty cool, but I always thought it was way better to go out and catch ants on fire using a magnifying glass. That part of my life can to an end when I tried to burn my brother’s hand with a magnifying glass and dad took it away, little did I know that I could have used a small globe to pull off the same effect.

In Milwaukie, Oregon, a man’s home caught fire this weekend after he left a pair of snow globes unsupervised by next to his window – darn Snow Globes always causing $crewing $**t up – He allegedly placed the globes on his window in Christmas and never cared about taking them down, eventually the sun’s angle changed to where the sunlight was hitting the globes at just the right angle that it caused the water and glass shape to act as a magnifying glass.

The light focused to a point on a couch and almost caught the entire house on fire. The only reason it was saved was because of the neighbors that called 911 in time to keep anything from being burned down to the ground. If I came home and my house was burned down and my wife said “it was the freaking snow globes man!” I wouldn’t buy that excuse one bit. [ABC]

Aspirin Does More Than Just Cut Cancer Risk, It Keeps It From Spreading Too

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, that old saying was engraved on every child since the beginning of time to remind them to eat healthier. This came about because apples contain Vitamin C, which aids the immune system, and phenols, which reduce cholesterol. But an even better phrase that works for adults and young would be – an aspirin a day keeps cancer at bay.

Aspirin has become the pill of choice to doctor wannabe mothers, and for good reason too. A while back news broke out that aspirin can reduce the risk of cancer by over 60 percent, which is great, but now researchers at the University of Oxford said that the small pill can also stop the spread of cancer in patients who already suffer from the disease.

According to Peter Rothwell, the lead researcher, the aspirin achieves this by affecting blood platelets to reduce inflammation. In his study, he determined that cancer patients who take daily aspirin prevent their cancer from spreading over %50 of the time in compare to those who don’t take the drug.

Like any other drug and medical treatment, before you start taking aspirin on the daily basis, consult your doctor. Aspirin does have some side effects, if the pill works by preventing inflammation in the blood platelets; this means the blood is thinned out. Meaning you can have internal bleeding.  [The Lancet]

Iron Man Drawing Made Of Pee Wins Top Art Award

When a person tells me “I’m an Artist” the first thing that comes to mind is “how do you eat?” it’s very difficult to make money as an artist – unless you have some weird art form, even then, you better have weird people wanting to purchase your art.

Then you take this art graduate student from Taiwan who claims he found his “art form” while he was peeing one day and found blood in his urine. He started to draw Iron Man and shortly after he had his revelation. He began to drink pigments to give his urine a different color, from Black, to Green. He then began to draw the characters in his toilet bowl and using spit he was able to add extra detail.

In order for him to start the painting process, he needs to find a bowl that has the Iron Man’s helmet shape, then he urinates around the edges of the bowl and allows the… liquid to softly stroll down the side and into the bowl to create the shadows in the helmet.

I’m not sure about you, but I think this man is probably going to be the only one that can pull this off. It’s like Picasso, a 9th grader can do better than that, but since he’s the first one and only one to do it, you can clearly see why people would appreciate this art form… but urine art? That’s pushing it too far.  [Micgadget]

This is How an Eciton Soldier Ant Bite Looks Like Up Close

When you look at the size of the tusks on the Eciton soldiers, the first thing that comes to mind is – damn, they are some serious beasts. Then You see a picture like the one above taken by Alex Wild and the image of having hundreds of these ants piercing your skin with their tusks is enough to deter you from ever messing with their ant pile.

When I e-mailed Alex about the image, he said that the tusks are used to anchor themselves to their victim. Once they are anchored, they start to jam their stingers over and over again injecting venom that will eventually kill or subdue the victim/attacker.

As you can see from the image, the tusks actually pierce the bottom of the skin, once they are anchored; they are pretty difficult to remove from your skin. The size of the tusks however, prevents them to carry anything around, so they stick to fighting and killing off anyone or anything that tries to get close to their hill. For the most part, these ant colonies have hundreds of small larvae that birds like to eat. The primary job of the army ant is to make the attempts of these birds as horrible as possible.

I have no idea what Alex was thinking when he let the ant bite his finger in the name of photography, but he said that the army ant bite is actually not that bad, he compared it to being less painful than a honey bee – still, makes for an awesome picture. Check out his portfolio, it’s definitely worth it!

Pink Goop Beef Is Not Good For Fast Food: USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds to Feed Kids

A while back McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and just about any other major fast food chain that used the Pink Goop said they were going to stop using the Goop after everyone started to express concerns about the safety – blah blah blah – and their Nutritional facts – blah blah blah – and something along the lines of – It’s not real meat. But while the goop is not good enough for the General public, the USDA in the other hand thinks it’s still healthy. As a matter of fact, they think it’s so healthy that they are going to feed it to the children.

The Pink Goop, which not even dogs enjoy on the regular basis, is actually made of of “beef trimmings” which are the undesirable, leftover crap of cows that no one want’s to eat. They take those trimmings and then grind them together to make “meat looking patties” after they are soaked in Ammonia Hydroxide to kill off bacteria and infections etc.

The USDA is basically taking these trimmings and giving them to the schools – Since the schools already have low budgets, this may sound like a good idea. But this crap is so gross that not even McDonald’s thinks it’s good enough for their 99cent burgers! When McDonald’s starts to have better food than our schools, you know we’re in some deep trouble. I love the radio/video segment above, it’s goes into a lot of detail of what’s going on in this issue.

Carl Custer, a 35-year veteran of Food Safety Inspection Service, told The Daily:

“We originally called it soylent pink. We looked at the product and we objected to it because it used connective tissues instead of muscle. It was simply not nutritionally equivalent [to ground beef]. My main objection was that it was not meat.”

But even after all that started to circulate the news, the USDA is still buying 7 million pounds of the goop to put out in the schools:  The Daily,