Nokia Explains How To Save Drowned Phones

Despite of the price we paid for our smartphones, we always do our best to be as careful with them as possible. But unfortunately, no one is immune from accidents — no matter how careful we are, sometimes we drop our phones on the ground or into water, and unless we own one of Motorola’s rugged devices or one of those shock- and water-resistant Raku-Raku phones made in Japan, it’s a real tragedy.

Usually, when we drop our phones into water, we don’t really know what and how to do — we just stand there and panic, wasting the precious moments we could use to save the phones. That’s why Nokia has released a set of instructions explaining what and how to do after dropping a phone (particularly a Lumia 900 and 800 phone, but it will work with any other, I guess) into water. These instructions are simple and easy to remember, and if you keep them in mind and act quickly according to them, the chances are big that you’ll manage to save your phone and make it work again as if nothing had happened.

  1. First of all, don’t leave the phone in the water for a long time, get it out as soon as you can.
  2. Remove the SIM and the battery from it. If anything else can be removed, don’t hesitate, remove everything possible.
  3. Dry the phone using a towel (no hairdryer!).
  4. Leave the phone to dry overnight (or even for 48 hours).
  5. Put the battery and the SIM back and turn the phone on. If you’ve manage to do everything quickly and correctly, the phone will be OK!

Many users report that this method works not only with Nokia phones, but with devices from other manufacturers as well. One of my friends has saved his drowned HTC phone sing this method, so it really works.

The infographic below includes more detailed instructions by Nokia:

Tips to Choose the Best Suited Mobile Device for Your Child

Nowadays cell phones has become the first priority of everyone, even small kids need their own personal mobile phones. Then the matter of concern for parents is what kind of cell phone is apt for their kid. Some parents are against giving a phone to their children before certain age limit, but due to the demands of time it is beneficial also to provide them one. As mobile phones for children is not only a fun thing for them but also a tracking device fro parents to know about the whereabouts of their children. Even in case of any emergency if a child is carrying a mobile phone, then it will convenient for him to contact his parents.

So the big question arises here for parents are that what kind of cell phones is best suited for their child. How they should choose the best phone. There are hundreds of options available in the market which one is right for their children. So let’s discuss some tips which will help you to select the best and the right option for your child.

Select the Cheapest Ones:

In their growing age children are learning how to take care of their belongings. So giving them fancy and high price phone should be big NO. If your child is young then select the low price phone for him, not because you do not want to give good thing to your child but because of other precautionary or sensible reasons.

As it is a common habit of young children to lose their things. So if they drop their low price possession then it is of no big thing. Secondly seeing a high price phone with your child, people with bad intentions of theft can harm your child to take away his phone. So the cheap options are the best one.

Phone with Parental features:

Choose a phone with low features for your kids. As the prime motive of your giving a cell phone to your child is to make and receive call from him. Check the phone with features like parental control, feature with which you can restrict your child’s incoming and outgoing calls.

Select a Durable and Resistant Phone

Kids like fancy things, so try to get phone with bright colors. One can accessorize the cell phone with mobile skins; select the phone which has kid’s themes skins available in it. Select the light in weight options as it will be easy for the child to carry it. It is quite obvious that children will drop their cell phone many times in a day, so select the ones are with high durability and resistance.

After selecting the device, then also select the best option of mobile plans for your kid. In which you can take care of their usage.

These few tips which one should keep on mind when selecting a mobile device for their kids. Image Credit: IAN JONES

School Goes in Lock Down Because of Crappy Autocorrect Functions “Allegedly”

We all know how horrible auto-correct can be, that’s why you can spend hours on websites like DYAC, but this auto correct spelling error went a little to far. Two schools in Georgia went under lock down on Wednesday because an autocorrected text message sent out a possible threat. A student from a nearby technical college was trying to text “Gunna be at West Hall today,” but instead his cellphone changed the text message to “Gunman be at West Hall today.” To make matters worse, he texted the wrong number. The number belonged to a random person in the community who in turn called 911 and then all hell broke lose. Will Schofield, the superintendent of the school, told The Gainesville Times – “Be assured that we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of our boys and girls.”

Maybe this is my investigative side coming out, but if that student was trying to text a question why didn’t he add a question mark? That text message wasn’t a question. It was a statement. Additionally, he sent out the text message to a wrong number in the community – allegedly by accident – but the text message was obviously meant for a friend, other wise he wasn’t going to be asking a random person “hey are you going to be on West Hall today?” Then you have other factors too, like storing people’s phone numbers on their phones. Also, even if it was a phone that was not stored in your contact list, if you ever communicated with this person in the past, your phone keeps a record of what they last said. I think the police should look into who he was trying to text, and then see if the numbers were even remotely close to the person he was sending the text message to.

I’m not saying this couldn’t of been an accident but I think in this day and age those accident’s don’t happen to often. I think this was another one of those stories like the kid in the balloon. This kid found a way to inflict panic in a community and then get away with – oh it was just a simple cellphone error that everyone makes.

Study Finds That There Is No Difference In Usage Between Unlimited Data Plans and Tiered Data Plans

You know when AT&T Started to send out the text messages with the “you’re in the top 5% of the people that use data so we’re going to slow it down” and every American started to get pissed over it? Well, AT&T and other major carriers said it was to save bandwidth usage… a.k.a. charge you an arm and a leg for something that’s completely useless and fake.

A study was conducted by Validas, an analytics firm that analyzed over 50,000 cellphone bills from AT&T and Verizon to see if throttling was actually something that was necessary to save bandwidth. After the study, it turns out that the numbers didn’t really add up. So why do they have the bandwidth caps? According to Validas’s findings, throttling may indeed simply be a ploy to push unlimited users into newer tiered plans – you know, so they can charge you an arm and a leg for the extra bandwidth.

That’s right, if you look at the chart above you can see that regardless of what kind of plan you have, you still use about the same kind of data – or at least you would if AT&T didn’t slow you down.

Subscribers who approach the top 5% of unlimited data users in a single billing period see their data speeds throttled, however, countless users have found that AT&T is now beginning to throttle users after less than 2GB of data usage in a billing period. So yes, you have unlimited data, but they want to literally annoy you into getting the 3GB tiered plan for the same price that you would pay for the unlimited plan – $30 a month. The only difference is that you have unlimited speed all the way to the end… THEN they start to charge you for going over.

It’s like going to Ihop to get unlimited pancakes, sure you may have as many as you want, but we’ll wait 20 minutes between pancakes OR you can get 3 pancakes right away for the same price without a 20 minute wait – if you want more we’ll charge you extra. So the tiered plan is really good for impatient people, but if you can tolerate the speed caps you should be alright.

According to Validas: “When we look at the top 5% of data users, there is virtually no difference in data consumption between those on unlimited and those on tiered plans — and yet the unlimited consumers are the ones at risk of getting their service turned off. So it’s curious that anyone would think the throttling here represents a serious effort at alleviating network bandwidth issues. After all, Sprint does seemingly fine maintaining non-throttled unlimited data for its customers.” Via BGR

Google Wallet Has Been Hacked – Maybe Cellphones and Wallets Aren’t Meant to Be?

Google wallet has been hacked, not once, but twice in two days. Yesterday, the wallet was hacked when people figured out you could exploit a flaw in rooted phones where a user could reset the PIN number for your virtual wallet. Today, another video came out of the wild. The Smartphone Champ, a technology blogger, discovered that you can do the same hack in normal non rooted phones.

Maybe it’s time to realize that phones should be phones and wallets should stay wallets, the Google Wallet is just as secure as a regular wallet. The reason I say that is because the “hack” is not even a hack, it’s more of a “click here to open the wallet” option that is installed on the phone. The video above shows you how simple someone can crack your “wallet.”

The hack from yesterday required you to do a whole bunch of different things before actually pulling the PIN reset trick. This one however, is as simple as going into the applications menu, selecting Google Wallet, and then clearing the data in the app. After the data has been cleared, it forces Google Wallet to reset itself and ask for a new PIN Number. Once you type in a new PIN, you basically have access to the Google Pre-Paid Account and voila – The thief has access to all of your funds.

At first I thought this was a fake story, but Google released a statement regarding the new method and gave out the following tip:

We strongly encourage anyone who loses or wants to sell their phone to call Google Wallet support toll-free at 855-492-5538 to disable the prepaid card. We are currently working on an automated fix as well that will be available soon. We also advise all Wallet users to set up a screen lock as an additional layer of protection for their phone.

Maybe it’s not such a great Idea to keep on putting all of our data into our phones. If you want to prevent people from accessing your information, install an App that allows you to track your phone, or even better a cellphone wiping application to erase all data. You could also keep up with your stuff and not lose the phone to begin with… just saying. [Gizmodo via Electronista]

Kodak is Backing Out of the Digital Camera Business

The company that started it all in the 1970’s is backing out of the Digital Camera business. After Kodak developed the first digital camera, other companies quickly jumped onboard the ship. Kodak stayed the course developing cameras the way it had in the past with the mind set of – if it’s not broken why fix it? While everyone else came in with radical ideas that pushed the company off the ledge.

The digital camera market has been over flooding with new companies and new designs coming out almost every other month; Unfortunately, Kodak was unable to keep up with changing times. Companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canon are developing video and digital cameras that over shadow Kodak’s generic cameras. Kodak “moment’s” are better suited for last minute CVS trips when you’re out of town. Even then, you can quickly drive out to Best Buy and buy an “Okay” camera for $50 bucks, which is going to beat a disposable digital camera’s quality – plus, you can use it more than once.

Another competitor, and giant threat to the digital camera world is the Cellphone industry, they have been adding amazing features to their phones. Not only can you take a picture or video clip on the go, but you can also share the image instantly with whomever you want.

But Kodak is not out of the picture yet, in order to keep the cash flowing, the company says it will focus on licensing its patented technologies out and strengthening its online and retail-based photo printing, desktop inkjet printing and film businesses.  Kodak, via PetaPixel

Report: BlackBerry’s Last Hope BB10 Is May Not be Enough to Keep the Company Afloat

It saddens me associate the video at the top with RIM and the BlackBerry phones, but it’s the truth. The company has been going through some rough couple of months, and they are doing everything in their powers to keep it running smoothly. But just when we thought the company was over, RIM said – we can have one last shot – with BlackBerry 10.

Everything around them is sinking, but there are a couple of people that still have enough loyalty to stand around hoping for the best.

Then out of the blue, comes a secret source. An insider working for RIM reported to the BGR that things are much worse than they are being reported. If he is correct, BlackBerry 10 is already dead and it hasn’t even been released yet. BlackBerry 10 has gone through a hell of a path, they had the legal name change, and then there were delays after delays and then the insider says says: BB10’s firmware has no native e-mail, no BBM, and is worse than the BB 8700. He claims that the “awesome” BB10 “isn’t even as good as an Android 2.0”

According to the source the real reason on why RIM’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones are delayed, has nothing to do with a new LTE chipset that RIM is waiting on. The source said that Mike Lazaridis was lying when he said the company’s new lineup was delayed for that reason. ”RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason, they don’t have a working product yet,” So if this doesn’t scream out – Failure in every single language there is, I don’t know what does.

How to Make Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Glow – Mod

One of the coolest things that Apple laptops have is the glowing Apple in the back of the monitor, the iPhone has a similar Apple logo in the rear of the phone, but sadly it doesn’t light up – until now.

Making your iPhone’s apple glow takes about 10 minutes, all you need is a pair of screw drivers, some tape, and a light up screen purchased from K.O Store. The DIY Luminescent logo for the iPhone is only going to be sold for about 30 more hours, so you need to get one before they can’t sell it anymore. Since the mod is an “unofficial” mod, Apple is probably going to get it off the market as soon as they find out about it.

The kit costs $43 dollars, and if you have the guts to open up the phone and void your warranty, you’ll have an awesome modified phone that everyone is going to envy. The cool thing about the mod is that it doesn’t change the operation of the iPhone, it also doesn’t change the dimensions of the phone in any way, so this means that the phone is still going to work with your protective case.

The apple logo light is only lit while your screen is turned on, and it stays illuminated for about 15 seconds after the screen goes off so the impact on your battery life is not even noticeable. I don’t see why Apple hasn’t released a phone with a light up apple yet, but this looks pretty awesome, even though it’s an amateur hack, it looks like it belongs there  – Via M.I.C Gadget