Water Damaged Apple iPhone: What To Do?

Nowadays there are phones that are not afraid of water at all (Sony’s super-resistant Xperia phones, Motorola’s Defy and some of Nokia’s old feature phones come to my mind at once). But unfortunately, water can kill cool expensive smartphones like the Apple iPhones in minutes. On the other hand, you can try to save and revive a water-damaged phone, even if it’s an iPhone, and if you follow the steps below and don’t waste much time, you’ll be able to make it work again.

1. Turn your wet iPhone off (if it’s not off already). It’s very important, since it will raise your phone’s chance to stay “alive” after water contact. Remember that you’ll be able to switch it on only after 72 hours.

2. No, don’t take it to the warranty center – they won’t help you, since water damage is not a warranty case.

3. Remove the SIM card.

4. Shake the phone and try to remove as much water as possible. If it doesn’t have much water inside, that’s great.

5. Dry the iPhone with a towel.

6. Don’t try to dry your iPhone in a microwave or stove. And don’t use any hairdryers or other things like that on it – they’ll kill your favorite phone in minutes.

7. Put your iPhone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice and leave it there for at least 72 hours. Rice will absorb the moisture well and dry your phone safely.

8. Patiently wait for 72 hours.

9. Take your phone from the rice bag or bowl and if it’s completely dry, switch it on.

Is everything OK with it? If yes, congratulations! You did well! If no… Well, at least you know you did everything you could.

Source – TeqnoLogical

Top 5 iPod Touch Music Apps

It’s hard to believe that the first iPod Touch was released back in 2007. Since the first generation of everyone’s favourite media playing device, the Touch has improved dramatically, and in one area in particular – apps! There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPod Touch from games to educational apps; however, since the roots of the iPod are firmly established in music, it is only fair to keep it about the music. Therefore, it has been decided to seek out the best iPod Touch music apps and place them in a top 10 list for your reading (and then downloading) pleasure.

Don’t worry iPhone owners, the iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone, they’re even confused really often, so all apps featured in the list are fully compatible with your device.

1) Pandora Radio

One of the most popular apps on iOS, Pandora Radio brings internet radio direct to your ears. It is easy to use and compiles music playlists based on your preferred genres. The free app gives you 40 hours’ worth of free music per month and if that’s not enough you can upgrade to unlimited usage for just $0.99!

2) Spotify

Spotify is quite simply the best music streaming app there is. Having this app will mean having access to just about every song under the sun and you can even listen to playlists offline. Some music artists might not like Spotify, but we certainly do!

3) Shazam

We have all been in the position where we have heard a song on television or radio and not known, or worse, couldn’t remember who sings it. Well this is where Shazam comes in. The app provides musical identification, giving you the title of a song and name of an artist after hearing just ten seconds of a song!

4) Band of the Day

If you like your new music, Band of the Day is a great app. Install this app on your iPod or iPhone and it will provide you with songs from a new band every day. As well as the songs by a certain new artist, you will see a nice little information package telling you about their music.

5) GarageBand

Ok, so we’ve talked about listening to music but what about making it? Welcome to GarageBand. This app is the ultimate song sketching solution, providing a range of Touch and Smart instruments, guitar amps, stompboxes and an eight-track sequencer – a must-have app for making music on the move.

Image Credit to :M-S-Y

Eye-Tracking Software Capable of Reading Minds

The eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, and they can tell a lot about a person. Many people consider someone who speaks while looking the other person in the eye trustworthy and confident. Someone who avoids eye contact is either considered shy, or they have something to hide. They are many more aspects that can be told about a person from their eye activity than trustworthiness. Now, marketers are looking to use this to their advantage to find out exactly what people are thinking.

Slate’s John Villasenor had this to say about it:

Did our eyes linger for a few seconds on an advertisement that, in the end, we decided not to click on? How do our eyes move as they take in the contents of a page? Are there certain words, phrases, or topics that we appear to prefer or avoid? In the future, will we be served online ads based not only on what we’ve shopped for, but also on the thoughts reflected in our eye movements?

Apple has already applied for a patent to create an eye-tracking device for iPhones and iPads that will understand what each blink a person makes represents, and to pay attention to whether eyes focus on a certain word or image. The European company Senseye is already preparing to install eye-tracking software into smartphones sometime next year.

This is just one more way of turning the consumers into a product. These companies will use the information they gather and sell it to many different marketing companies. These front-facing cameras will not only pay attention to what the user is reading online, but it will assess how that information is read. This will give marketers an idea about what types of adds to send that person’s way.

At the moment the technology has not been fully developed to be this nosey, but it is only a matter of time before someone has worked it out. Most companies that are considering this technology are hoping to have it available by 2015.

It really does seem that more and more companies are considering their customers’ privacy to be of little importance. If it has really come to the point where a phone cannot be owned without the manufacturer being able to assess every thought that the owner thinks about a product, they might have finally gone too far.

iTether Is Back, And Apple Can’t Do Anything About It!

Let’s cut to the chase, Apple is a great company, but they hate sharing anything with anyone else. Remember when they started to sue everyone over stupid things – they went as far as to sue the German Mom and Pop cafe when Apple found out they were using an apple on their logo – not Apple’s apple, but just a simple apple. So it wasn’t a surprise that when iTether came out the first time, Apple instantly shut it down because it successfully bypassed the iPhone’s hotspot limitations. A limitation that forced users to purchase or install an overpriced application.

But now iTether is back, but this time Apple can’t do anything about it. In the past, the iTether application needed to be running in the actual phone, but now, it runs as an HTML5 code. Which means, we don’t have to install anything into the phone – but most importantly, we don’t have to jailbreak our phones to get it working. If you watch the video above, you download the drivers to your computer, and then connect your iPhone to the computer via an ad hoc connection. Then simply go to on your phone and you’re done.

Companies usually sell us expensive packages to include the “tethering” applications. The packages range anywhere between $20 – $30 a month, and sometimes even more. But there are small companies out there that still make a killing and bring in profits by selling you the same capability with less than $3 a month. The iTether is $30 a year, or $15 if you get it in the next week from the iTether site. [via The Verge]

Apple in hot water over E-book price fixing

Tech giant Apple has come under fire again, this time the heat is coming from the U.S. Justice department! The U.S. has accused Apple, and five publishers of banding together to keep e-book prices high.

Pretty much the pricing of e-book’s since Apple became involved has been sky high. An e-book should never cost more than five or ten dollars, and people who argue that “the value of the book” or “the value of the author” justifies these high costs which in many cases are more expensive than the actual paperback, are just plain delusional. The consumer is not paying for binding, shipping, packaging these are digital! And somehow Apple’s iBooks service manages to get away with charging almost double of what Amazon offers (which normally run at $9.99USD). Before the “iBooks” service was launched, Apple CEO Steve Jobs went to the major publishers he offered them a new model, the “agency” model which meant publishers could set their own selling prices and take 70% of the profits and Apple taking the other 30%. It was this new model that enticed the major publishers due to the fact that their previous way of doing this type of business was working under the “wholesale” model,in which an e-book seller such as Amazon pays roughly half the recommended cover price, and then sets its own pricing.

Justifiably the agency model became more popular after Apple entered the e-book business and they also reportedly stipulated that publishers who used the agency model couldn’t sell their books for cheaper elsewhere. What us the consumers will most likely get out of all of this is cheaper prices for our e-books after the justice department lays down some hefty fines on Apple and the book publishers. Cheaper e-book’s hurray!!!! No one likes paying higher prices for something if they dont have to and this will keep the playing field competitive between companies to further prevent another “iTunes” which has a firm grasp on the music industry.

Apple Introduces The New iPad!

The highly anticipated Apple media event set for today March 7th has come and gone and it did not disappoint for the most part, but then again no one is ever really satisfied . The event held in San Francisco was headed by Apple CEO Tim Cook. We first were treated to Apple’s seemingly obligatory rants about their amazing sales on their three post-PC devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) then it got straight to the good stuff.

First thing announced was a new iOS update 5.1 which finally brings Apples patented voice assistant to Japan among a few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Then the first big news of the day was a revamped Apple TV which will be available March 16th and will feature a beautiful new user interface and will now support FULL 1080P HD streaming! Pretty exciting news there and as part of the new UI it will now support third party apps and all of your iCloud content, such as Photo stream and your iTunes library.

The last new feature on the third generation Apple Tv is ability to stop watching on one iOS device and pick right back up where you left off on another device which is pretty sweet. The price point has remained the same as the last generation and will come in at the same low price of 99$

Now on to the big enchilada! The “New” iPad!! Before it was introduced Apple boasted about the sales figures and the future potential of the device and how it has become a favorite among users for email and books, and with over 200,000 apps tailor made for the iPad, I whole heartedly agree that the sales numbers reflect the quality and amazingness of this device which is still just under two years old.

The “New” iPad 3rd Generation features a beautiful retina display with a resolution of 2048X1536, which features over 3.1 million total pixels! Approximately 1 million more than HD TV itself. The elegant 9.7 inch screen boasts 44% saturation from its earlier version and features a quad-core A5X graphics chip, which will boost multimedia performance and allow for smooth operation of the iPad’s higher resolution. The 3rd generation iPad also contains an upgraded iSight camera coming in at 5mp backside illuminated and having the same optics as the camera in the iPhone 4s. Siri was one of the biggest features anticipated for the new iPad and when the inclusion of a microphone was shown many including myself were shocked not to see siri technology included, instead voice dictation will be the primary use for this new microphone. Which leaves siri integration something to look forward to in iOS 6.

The best news of all with all of these inclusions is that the starting price points will remain the same and so will the battery life! the new iPad will be capable of operating on 4G LTE and is 3G world ready which makes the 10 hour battery life that much more amazing. pricing is as follows

Wi-Fi only models 499$ 16GB, 599$ 32GB, 699$ 64GB

Wi-Fi & 4G LTE 629$ 16GB, 729$ 32GB, and 829$ 64GB and these are available for pre-order on Apple’s website and will be released March 16th in North America and March 23rd Worldwide.

Wireless in Starbucks is More Dangerous than Cloud

With Apple launching iCloud product there has a been a blaze of news reports discussing the security issues that we will have to face with such new technologies. Other concerns include such fears as what happens if the provider cannot supply their service. Will we all be left without our information? Do you believe that cloud computing places us at any more risk than we are at now? Here is a look at some of the issues. Sure, there will be changes in the way we store our information, but is it really any different to the way we live now? In a world dominated by online transactions and social media marketing, it is a little late to get worried about security in the ‘cloud’.

  • Current Norms. Let’s take a look at how most of us use the internet today. Our banking is online, we purchase much more than we ever did online. We use our cards and eftpos where ever we go. We go to the airport without a paper ticket in our hand. Email is the main way we communicate. We store our social and work lives on websites like Facebook. Our CV is on LinkedIn. We use the internet, everyday, in a million ways. Even when we think we are not using it, the internet is providing us with data and the ability to make transactions. How else would there be ATMs?
  • What is the Difference? With cloud computing, all of your information will be stored online. You will not have files on your computer, they will exist in the cloud. Well, actually, that is a little wrong. You will always download the latest version of every file that is stored in your part of the cloud on each device as you use it. When you change a file, you will change it on the cloud. When you go to the next device, you will download that latest version. So while, you will actually have the files on your devices, the nexus of those files, will be stored on the cloud somewhere.
  • The Fears. The fear is security. Will all of your information be available for someone to steal? What happens if those service providers go down? Will you lose all of your information? Is that not the same as the situation today? Everytime you get online, your computer could be hacked. Everytime you use wireless in a coffee shop, you are transmitting sensitive data over a short space that is very insecure. In reality, there is no security difference. Your email provider, like Google, has supplied you with email for many years without a fail in service. It is just the same. When was the last time your bank’s website was not accessible. I would be more worried about keeping a good password private, and making sure I could connect to the interent.
  • Cloud is Big Business. While there have been companies like DropBox who have been providing cloud services for years, Apple’s release of iCloud is the first time a company of that size has released a product to that many people. Microsoft and a host of others are all vying for you to use their cloud. Online marketing will hit fever pitch in the coming months as every provider tries to convince you, they are the one to use. Why? Because you will only use one provider for everything. They will be the master of the clouds.

Magician Uses iPad to Play a Cool Halloween Horror Show

Halloween is happening tonight, and for the next couple of hours people will be storming the streets asking for candy. This is to be expected, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood, but in case you’re stuck at home watching boring TV shows waiting for little children to rush at your door, this magician from Germany whipped out his iPad and put up a really cool magic show using an awesome illusion that uses simple effects that come pre installed with the iPad. He actually has a really cool sense of humor, and while his “German accent might already scare you to hell” wait until you see the story he’s about to tell. It may not be the most creative story ever, but it’s worth the watch.

Before you run away thinking this is a ridiculous show, rest assure, this show is actually really cool.  Simon Pierro is a professional magician, and while his iPad act may not be one of the greatest, it still leaves you wondering how he did it. I hope you enjoy the show, and hope you have a great and a happy Halloween!

Via Mashable