Sony’s PSN is back online, and along with it, a new security flaw.

After being down for nearly a month, the PSN was finally brought back online. In April, Sony said it would not restore the service until the proper security measures were in place. When PSN came back online everything seemed to be working properly until Today. Sony was forced to take down and websites for “maintenace”

While this may not be a “security flaw” it still worries many players, the new network allows you to change your password to the PSN Network by visiting a “password reset” page. The page asks for your PSN e-mail address, and a person’s date of birth… and since the last attack stole personal information from it’s users, the hackers have access to that information already so they can easily change your password before the legitimate user can.

While PSN is not down for PS3 and PSP owners, it has many users still worried about the security of Sony’s new network. If they missed a simple security flaw like that, what else did they miss? Sony was just set back yet again, not a large hiccup but enough of a hiccup when Playstation is trying to regain the trust and loyalty of many PSN users.


US Navy wants gamers to help stop the pirates

OK, so it’s not exactly what I was thinking when I heard the Navy was opening a game so gamers could help them defeat the pirates. At first I thought they were trying to make small submarines that could be operated by gamers around the world or some Sci-Fi thing like that. But still the Navy needs your help, they want you to join in on their online gaming effort to figure out what to do about the pirates.

This Monday the Navy will launch one of the least battle games ever… it even beats battle ship. MMOWGLI short for Massive Multiplayer Online Ware Game Leveraging the Internet, has been under development since early 2009. So how does MMOWGLI work? It’s actually not that hard, you post your “Idea” on the site and other gamers get to vote on your idea or discuss ways to improve the idea and make it better. In reality This is more of a let’s see if this works “experiment” the Navy feels that they can get a crowd of citizens to provide them with good information. I don’t know about the Navy but I sure as heck have zero knowledge about the ideas period. And if the game is played by little kids they need to expect to see several if not… many of the answers to talk about underground robotic sharks with lasers on their heads that jump out from under the sea and destroy their boats…
On Monday, when you visit their game website and sign up for the game, you’ll instantly see a pirate problem pop up onto your screen. The scenario will have some “Dangerous Situation with pirates” it will have a small story behind the scenario and then you will have two boxes, one will be labeled “innovate” and asks: “What new resources could turn the tide in the Somali pirate situation?” The second reads “Defend” and asks: “What new risks could arise that would transform the Somali pirate situation?” Beneath either are two boxes to import and record your brief answer with the classic Tweeter number of 140 characters.
So not only do you have to be concise you have to get down and to the point using as few letters as possible.
After you make your suggestions other gamers will vote your idea up or down, or suggest re-innovate and add onto your idea. After a week of playing the players are weeded out based on how people voted, and a second round starts. Hopefully by the end of the three rounds the Navy will find one of two things…
1) an amazing Idea and just what they have been searching for.
2) that they spent years of development and thousands of dollars on a game that tells them “you need a shark with lasers, all of my fourth grade friends think this will work”
Now this is just speculation since I have not played the game, I don’t know what to expect so I could be wrong and the game is more planned out that I’m making it out to be. But as of right now, the game looks like an ugly school “research paper title” group meeting.
Via: Wired