These Humanoid Robots Fighting and Playing Soccer is Strangely Amusing

You may not see sparks flying out of these robots after every hit, and the robots may not have elaborate weapons like their bigger and faster counterparts – Battlebots, but these are actually pretty interesting to watch fight.

The event took place in Japan on Christmas day at the Buddhist Hall in Tsukiji, Tokyo in a Robot Pro Wrestling Event. The two robots on the video above are the Nagare Gold and the Thunderbolt. The robot in the background is the referee. The video was uploaded by Robots-Dreams and is one of the many videos they have on their youtube channel. They have everything from running, to soccer playing robots – the video at the bottom is an embed of their soccer match.

Okay so the fight is a bit slow, there were no swords flying around, and the robots weren’t as cool as transformers, but one of the bots did have a secret weapon – a canon that KO’d the other bot out cold.

I love how the referee gets don on one knee and gives the count down when the robot when down. Here is a hint, if you’re rooting for the gold guy, you may want to wait till the 5:50 mark in the video to see Thunderbolt pull out his cannon. I’m not exactly sure where he shot it from, but I’m guessing it was from one of his eye balls. Regardless, he totally owned Nagare Gold!

Then in the video below we had a classic soccer match final, it was just as amusing as the fight. In this match, they paired up in teams of 3 and went head to head. The 3:3 robot soccer competition came down to the US vs. Japan in the match to determine who would go home with the gold medal. At the end, the Japanese dominated the game with their superior leg splitting robots. There were a few intense moments in the match though – the US even had the crowd going for a while but the other team played with pride and took the Medal.

The Top Ten Places You are Not Allowed to Visit

There are places on Earth that civilians are not allowed to visit, most are military bases and installations, but some are hidden in plain sight, like the VIP center in Disney Land that has a decade long waiting list.

We already know the reasons as to why we can’t visit Area 51 or other military bases- they hold secrets that we’re not supposed to know about; like the not so super secret alien spaceship, or the next military plane.  I’m just curious as to what’s inside the Disney Land resort O_o what could be so secret that they don’t want us to visit?  The video listed above goes over every one of the places and shows you a satellite view of the location. Here is the list of these secret locations.

10 )  The RAF Menwith Hill in the Ukraine – This base is the worlds largest electronic monitoring site. If a missile is about to launch, or launches anywhere in the world, these is the sight that’s going to detect the launch well before anyone else.

9 ) Club 33 Disneyland in California – An exclusive members only club for VIPs located in the center of Disneyland. The waiting list to access the club has a decades long waiting period.

8 ) Bohemian Grove in California – An innocent looking campsite that only the most powerful people in the world can enter.

7 ) The Vatican Secret Archive in Vatican City – Most of the texts can be ordered up, but the “secret” archive means that the Pope has his own personal set of Texts. While you can order anything you want, no one is allowed to go inside – at least not unless you have connections.

6 ) Laxcaux Caves in France – They are covered in Paleolithic cave art, only a very select few number of scientists can enter the caves.

5 ) Pine Gap in Australia – The only area in Australia that is marked as Prohibited and actually enforces the entrance to any citizen on land or air. Not even planes flying over the area can enter unless they are flying over 18,000 feet above the base.

4 ) Metro 2 in Moscow Russia – This is the secret underground metro system in Russia, built by staling for the Russian secret service.

3 ) Room 39 in  Pyongyang in North Korea – This is allegedly a government controlled front for drug dealing and smuggling.

2 ) Mezghorye in Rusisia – Rumored to be the location of Russia’s dead hand nuclear missile site. At any given time, there are two battalions stationed in the base to keep praying eyes away.

Ofcourse, this list would not be complete without the American Super Secret military installation.

1 ) Area 51 in Nevada USA – This location is so secret that there are hundreds of conspiracies around the military installation.

Many of these places may not hold anything in them, but just because citizens are not allowed to enter the locations makes them the topic of discussion for many conspiracy theorists. Area 51 probably has nothing more than experimental air planes, but when there is doubt, people assume different things:

Observation – No citizen is allowed inside Area 51
Conclusion – They are holding Alien space crafts.

You see ho that makes sense?

This Video Will Cheer you Up Beyond Belief

Every so often, the Hee-Man video comes back into existence – for the sole purpose of making you happy, and at the very cheers you up to the point that it may actually change your life. I really enjoyed Hee-Man as a Kid, I just never thought he would end up like this.

I know this video is pretty old, but it’s still making it’s way around the interwebs, and it’s still funny to watch. I wonder what Hey Hey Hey Means… he can’t be drunk, so I’m guessing he just want’s to be friends?

Don’t Mess with Firefly! How Science Fiction Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech

This video, posted on Youtube by TheFireorg, features an interview with legendary author Neil Gaiman, is a lighthearted look at how the University of Wisconsin–Stout backed down from its censorship of Professor James Miller’s posters, one featuring a quote from the science fiction show Firefly, and the other condemning fascism. Stout stood by its actions until FIRE’s advocacy campaign on Miller’s behalf inspired Gaiman, along with Firefly actors Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin, to take to Twitter to encourage their millions of followers to contact the university with their support of free speech.

There are people you do not want to upset in the world. And big groups of people you don’t want to upset would obviously include the politically disenfranchised who feel they have nothing to lose. And those that feel that the time has come for revolution. Then out on the edges beyond any of those are science fiction and fantasy fans whose favorite show has been cancelled in an untimely way.

Children Using the Abacus to Conduct Huge Calculations

I remember having to use the abacus when I was a child; it was one of the vertical standing ones with different color beads similar to the one on the picture to the left. I never got passed the adding and subtracting number though. Multiplying using an abacus was a little difficult; you needed to count beads, move them over, subtract them again, then count them all over again etc. At the end of it all, a simple 6×8 ended up taking you 5 minutes. So when I see these children use the abacus faster than a calculator I’m blown away at how accurate they can be.

The video above talks about some schools in Tokyo where they teach their children the ancient art of the abacus on the regular basis. By the age of 12, they are so good that they can visualize the abacus by manipulating thin air. The teacher has to be a little strict, like hitting them, and scream at them… but he said “they must be happy because keep on coming back.” This video is supposed to show us that with enough practice, the mind can conduct large calculations extremely fast.

This is how Santa Trains for his Global Flight Around the World

Going around the globe in a single night, means that Santa needs to be flying at well over 2000 times faster than the speed of sound, and that’s not taking into consideration getting out of the sled down the chimney and back out and taking off.

But this video found on Youtube shows you how Santa trains for this epic flying journey. He actually puts in some time in the Universal Motion Simulator in the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research located in Australia’s Deakin University – that makes sense – Sweet, we can believe in Santa again thanks to YouTube

Frog Playing With iPhone – Not as Cute as the Dragon but Still Funny

Every once in a while there are these crazes that rush through the internet like wild fire, remember planking, owling, coning, and that other craze that failed where people pretended to be decapitated? Well, there is a new one that was started off by a video of a bearded dragon playing Ant crusher.

This is not very different than the dragon, except that this smart mass was playing with an African bull frog. Unlike the dragon that used nothing but it’s tongue, this bull frog used his face against the screen. We, humans, find it funny, the frog… not so much.  This poor frog fails so many times that he finally has enough and tries to eat a guy’s finger.

African bull frogs are aggressive and are known to eat small rodents or even birds, but I doubt it has enough power in its jaws to cut off a finger, none of the less, still funny to watch – especially when you don’t see it coming.

Little Kid Pulling a Tooth Using a Toy Nerf Gun

What happens when the wife is away? Well, this father films his son pull a tooth off his mouth using a Nerf gun, this kid ties a string to his tooth, and then attaches the other end of the string to his Nerf Bow Gun. He then loads the gun using his foot and aims away – You have to pay close attention because this happens to fast that you will miss the actual extraction moment.

I don’t think he felt any pain either, he was concerned about it hurting but after shooting he says – “it woiked” – which translates into “I can’t believe this freaking worked!” the same can’t be said for this little girl who can’t deal with the pain. I love how the mother walks her through the whole process – “give it some slack!” if you wait till the 1:56 mark you can hear the most demonic laugh from her mother – “YEEEESSSS MUAH HA HA”