Will Ferrell Can Now Speak Spanish – Not Bad

Being from a Spanish decent, I thought “truly, Will cannot get away with making a Spanish comedy – Mexican idioms are going to be way off!” but somehow he managed to pull it off. The video above a trailer for his most recent Movie: Casa De Mi Padre

The comedy may not do to great with real 100% Hispanics, Americanized Hispanics may find this comedy pretty funny.

Ferrell says he worked with a translator for a month before filming to nail down the correct delivery of his Spanish dialogue.  Once shooting began, he would drive with the translator to the set every morning to go over that day’s work.  This meant that Ferrell, who’s well known for improvising and coming up with new lines and jokes on the spot, had to stick with what was in the script.  Director Matt Piedmont compared Ferrell acting in another language to a boxer fighting with one hand tied behind his back.  Piedmont said, “The thought of him speaking Spanish is insane but if you know Will, you know somehow it will become completely legitimate and logical and a blast.”

Ferrell joked that he’s not done expanding his cinematic world.  He said, “I have 17 projects in development, mostly in Spanish, some in Korean and one in German. It’s an exciting time.”

If he actually does pull of a Korean and a German film… well be damn that’s going to be flipping awesome! Via: Yahoo Movies

How to Make Your Own Doritos – Superbowl Ad Entry

Doritos has a deal going on right now where people can submit videos for the 2012 Superbowl ad. It’s called the “Crash the Super Bowl 2012.” This is one of the videos that did not make the cut – allegedly.

If the video really didn’t make the cut, I’m disappointed, this is an awesome video.

The winner was a commercial of a girl with Doritos scattered all around her while hey boyfriend has this “whoa” dude Doritos are better than football face – Hey look, a girl that’s almost naked laying in a bed with Doritos all over the place – this will definitely increase their sales. Here is the link if you wan’t to see it – It’s boring and dull.

An Honest Swedish Army Commercial – What if All Commercials Were this Honest? [video]

The military is full of awesome commercials and posters, I’ve seen awesome – satellites about to get hit by other satellites and an entire team of military specialist from the air force are working together to avoid the impact. I’ve also seen the one where the US Navy Seals are out on the desert and they are about to get hit by snipers, but a drone with super awesome technology tells where the snipers are – the seals use a HUD to display their locations.

But at the end of it all, it’s just a commercial. People that actually enter the military hoping to play with these awesome toys never even get the chance to see them, much less use them.

What the military will do for you, is train you to be a better person, it will prepare you for a life that normally you wouldn’t be prepared for. That’s the real military – but at the age of 18 who want’s to hear about getting prepared for life, right?

Well, the Swedish Army has a commercial that talks about getting you ready for life, and while this commercial may not intrigue the high adrenaline rush 18 year old kids, it doesn’t lie to them. This commercial is very well put together, it’s aimed towards people that want to get something out of life through the military. The video posted above has all the bells and whistles of an American made commercial, with an awesome ending.

This Man is a Legend – Courageous Wheelchair Man Stops Robber [video]

While this man, that is incapacitated in his wheelchair, was sitting in line of a convenience store, another man decided that he was going to take his chances at stealing something from the back counter. As he tries to steal -what ever the object was – the wheel chair man roll over to where the perpetrator was and grabs the man on a choke hold and takes him down to the ground. Other people quickly came over to assist him.

One of them even grabs the “slippery when wet” sign and hits the robber on his back … but this handicapped man stole the show by not letting go until the robber was effectively brought down by three other people. This man is a legend, he didn’t let his wheel chair stop him from doing the right thing – we need more people like him.

The Trailer for Lilyhammer the First Netflix Original Series Is Actually Really Good

Finally, the video posted above is the trailer for Netflix’s first original series, Lilyhammer. Netflix had a horrible year in 2011, it got his rear handed to him left and right. But I think this first series is going to bring up some of its ratings – that is unless the show fails.

From the looks of the video, this may be a good show. I can’t really know for sure until the show comes out but the trailer is pretty entertaining. The description on Netflix could not have been written any better either:

After he testifies against a Mafia boss, ex-gangster Frank Tagliano enters the witness protection program and asks to be sent to Norway. Despite the peaceful surroundings, it’s not long before Frank strays from the straight and narrow.

Lilyhammer is a gripping fish-out-of-water story set in Norway, starring “The Sopranos” mainstay and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt. This new Original Series premiers on Netflix on Feb. 6, 2012 in the USA, Canada and Latin America.

100 Historic Events in 10 Minutes [Video]

2011 has come and gone, we’re quickly moving into the 21st century and things are rapidly changing. In the past 25 years of my life very important things have happened. In my own life, I have seen the destruction of the Twin Towers, wars, and the birth of a new social culture.

The last 100 years have changed the world as we know it, and the video uploaded to youtube by derDon1234  features the most historic events from each year for a hundred years. The video is both inspiring and moving, so for the next 10 minutes, sit back, relax, and see how much has changed in the last century. Hopefully later on he will produce a video displaying the events of 2011. This past year alone has had an extremely huge impact in our society, and the world. Via: Bit Rebels

Painting in Water is Just as Cool as it Sounds

I can’t paint worth of crap; I can’t even doodle on a piece of paper without it looking like it was drawn by a kinder-gardener. I can hold my own at drawing stick figures, but that’s about as elaborate as I can get. I can see this kind of art style getting popular with the side street artists, like the ones that make elaborate paintings using spray paints.

Trust me, when you watch the video, you’ll quickly see how awesome this style really is. I couldn’t figure out how it was all going to work out, but the video covers every step of the way. He even transfers the painting onto a piece of paper for you to frame. The only problem with this kind of art form, like spray paintings, it only has one type of theme – water, lakes, and ponds.

Crack Head In His Underwear Steals Police SUV

I have seen my fair share of police videos throughout the years, but this is the first time I see a video of a crack head who steals a police vehicle in his underwear and speeds through the highway.

On Tuesday, Blackman-Leoni Township police released a video of a stolen police SUV that let officers on a wild one-of-a-kind police chase through three Michigan counties. Driving the vehicle was a gentleman named Ryan Ellion Cunningham, a 34 year old white male that escaped custody on Friday after he was placed under arrest for having a sawed off shotgun, and several components to make methamphetamine. He was placed in the rear of the vehicle but somehow managed to get to the front of the SUV and stole the Chevy Tahoe.

He figured out how to turn on the lights and sirens and sped through the interstate for about 75 miles. Police officers chased him in speeds exceeding 100 mph. He eventually crashed against vehicles that were stopped in a traffic jammed from what appears to be a road block by a police officer. He now has seven felony charges that include fleeing an officer, auto theft, three firearm charges, and two methamphetamine charges.