Check Out This Tree Top RC Plane Helicopter Rescue!

I tried to get into the whole RC Plane and toy helicopter craze when it first came out a about 10 years ago, but money got in the way, parents didn’t want to get involved, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life – right behind dropping a jelly covered sandwich face down on my laptop.

Regardless of horrible my parents were at not spoiling me like everyone else, this never made me stop loving helicopters and RC Planes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at getting a helicopter license. Sure, they are complicated, slow, and once you’re going down, you’re practically SOL – you can either die with the chopper, or jump out and hope that the blades don’t rip you a new one. They do have one advantage though, they can hold still, which comes in handy if an expensive R/C P-51 Mustang gets stuck above a tree. Which is exactly what happened in the video posted above. I’m not sure how “legal” this is, or if they have to ask for permission to land in the middle of a back yard, but the pilot and his instructor decided to go down and rescue the plane from the tree tops.

The face and excitement on the people’s faces is amazing, the pilots get a little too exited though and start to throw out some cusswords, but that’s to be expected when you literally flew a helicopter and semi-landed it above some trees to rescue a small toy plane. This could have gone two ways, I’m glad it went the “awesome a helicopter rescued my RC Plane!” and not the “WTF was that pilot thinking landing above the trees to rescue an RC Plane worth a couple hundred bucks!?” Via: Reddit

The Funnel Wall – Can This Intricate Creation Make The Sound Of My People When It Rains?

Sometimes you have to sit and wonder who comes up with such an intricate design for something that sounds… like rain. I’ve always hated the straight up and down water drains on the side of large buildings, so aesthetically, this design is pretty cool. But, it’s not very useful, I’m the sure the guy who made it was expecting something else, and then it rained, and nothing really happened.

This building is actually known as The Funnel Wall, it’s found in Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany, and it claims to play “music” when it rains. But after watching the video posted above, it doesn’t sound much like music if you ask me.

Awesome Quadrotor Flying Machine Gun!

I’m not sure how Russian this guy is, but he definitely is Russian enough to not be messed with. The FPS Russian people made an awesome video of a Quadrotor prototype that is equipped with a machine gun as its main striking power, and enough explosive devices to destroy a full vehicle. I’m sure you’ve seen videos online of quadrotor-copters doing some pretty awesome things, but this is the first of its kind. The drone wasn’t developed by some high tech company, but it still gets the job done fairly well. In a few years, I can see the US military taking on a quadrotor copter rigging it up with some awesome weapons – if they don’t already have that.

The FPS Russian actually takes the small drone around shooting some “unwelcomed strangers” which are buster like dummies with C4 explosives inside them to make them detonate – you know to add to the awesomeness.

Aside from the machine gun that it uses as its main weapons, the drone has enough dynamite to explode and take out a good size vehicle when it receives the detonation signal. Maybe the US Air Force should incorporate this into their designs, especially after the Iranians reverse engineered a drone and now have the instructions on how to rebuild it.

Video Footage of a T Cell Attacking a Cancer Cell

Every day, our body’s T-Cells hunt down Cancerous cells and destroy them before they get big enough to turn into a real problem. It’s estimated that at least 3 times a day, our bodies get flushed out of cancer cells. The video above is comes from Cambridge University’s Under the Microscope series shows a white blood cell and a cancer cell. The T cell (green), first identifies then engulfs its victim in order to destroy it. The process is extremely slow, the video was sped up 92 times in order for it to be of any actual educational value. But it’s very cool.


Cells of the immune system protect the body against pathogens. If cells in our bodies are infected by viruses, or become cancerous, then killer cells of the immune system identify and destroy the affected cells. Cytotoxic T cells are very precise and efficient killers. They are able to destroy infected or cancerous cells, without destroying healthy cells surrounding them. The Wellcome Trust funded laboratory of Professor Gillian Griffiths, at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, investigates just how this is accomplished. By understanding how this works, we can develop ways to control killer cells. This will allow us to find ways to improve cancer therapies, and ameliorate autoimmune diseases caused when killer cells run amok and attack healthy cells in our bodies.


Man in a Wingsuit Crashes Against a Mountain at 120 MPH

Jeb Corliss is probably the luckiest men alive. In case you’re not familiar with him, he is one of the world’s foremost and best-known BASE-jumpers and wingsuit pilots. And even thought this video and accident looks like it could have been his last. He’s a professional and from the video, he clearly kept his head in the game and manage to have a safe landing.

After jumping off Table Mountain, in South Africa, he started to glide at 120 MPH and started to get closer to the ground each passing second. His goal was to hit a black balloon tied to the ground and pass a photographer who was going to take a picture of him at the closest point of the ground.

They got the picture, he hit the balloon, but he got closer to the hill then he had expected. As he swooped in, his foot clipped a rock. The impact caused him to lose control, and this is what I mean about being a professional: Even though he lost control in the accident, he managed to regain control, steady his flight course, and then pull the parachute. Had he freaked out, like many of us would of done, he would of pulled the chute to early while he was tumbling and probably get tangled in the chutes’ chords.

His helmet camera and the camera of a second Wingsuit diver caught the whole impact on video. It’s freaking terrifying and scary to watch. I give him credit for trying to pull a stunt like this off, he obviously has more guts than many of us, but jumping off a cliff with a fake pair of wings is not really the greatest idea ever.

You can see the video here, or click the video tab at the top, but it’s a little disturbing so this is your warning. Lucky for him, he was able to pull the parachute immediately after making impact with the rock, which Is probably the only reason he survived the accident.

The Flip Side: What if Girls & Guys Traded Places at the Club

Males and females are completely different when it comes to the way they behave in a club – and just about any other place. For the most part, when a girl says “hey nice shirt!” they usually mean it, when a guy says “hey nice shirt!” it usually means you need to button up because they’re not looking at the shirt.

It’s not a secret, men and women are not alike. An experiment conducted last year asked men and women if they could “just be friends”. It was learned that most girls DO believe that men and women can be friends, Men in the other hand; over %95 of them said it was impossible.

Now before you watch the video, I’m sure you’ve heard this question before:  What if for one night the gender roles were reversed in the world? What if this actually happened and we actually traded places just for a night, what then? I’m sure it has a lot to do with exactly what trades over, if it’s just a physical body they that may be fun, but if it’s the mindset that comes along with the transformation, that may be shitty.

The video listed above is a short movie directed by Jay Diaz called “The Flip Side” takes us to this interesting alternate universe where men were like women, and women were like men. A lot of the things are true on the video, I will admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been out to the club scene, but it’s just as I remember it. Plus, the video is funny as shit.

F-16 Dodging 6 Iraqi SAM launches [Video]

It’s not often that hear about US Fighter Jets shot down during battle, most of the time it’s going to be a helicopter because of their horrible maneuverability, or enemy jets that get shot down as they are entering friendly territories, but this doesn’t mean it never happens. In 1990, a group of F-16C’s were heading out on a mission to destroy Iraqi refineries. On the way to the refinery, the group was detected by SAM Sites (Surface to Air Missile sites) and several missiles were shot towards their direction. Some missiles had tracking capabilities, others were direct shoot missiles, and even thought a couple of planes were shot down, the mission continued to be a success.

The video above comes from the cockpit of ET -one of the planes that managed to avoid getting hit by six SAM Missiles. According to the “Lucky Devils“ –  this incident took place on the third day of the mission, you can read the full statement there but here is what happened:

As the Group of F-16’s were flying towards the refinery, Multiple SAMs were launched at the package (the group of F-16’s), some ballistic and unguided and some tracking with a full system lock-on. In spite of this, some members of the package refused to jettison their bombs until clear of the city to avoid possible damage to civilian non-combatants.

ET The pilot in the video above, became separated from the package because of his missile defensive break turns. As he defeats the missiles coming off the target, additional missiles are fired, this time, from either side of the rear quadrants of his aircraft. Training for SAM launches up to this point had been more or less book learning, recommending a pull to an orthogonal flight path 4 seconds prior to missile impact to overshoot the missile and create sufficient miss distance to negate the effects of the detonating warhead. Well, it works. The hard part though, is to see the missile early enough to make all the mental calculations.

The energy required to execute these missile break turns forced Maj. Tullia’s jet to descend to 10,000ft (3,050ml, which put him in the heart of the AAA envelope. The only answer in this case was to select afterburner in order to increase airspeed and climb. However, being extremely low on fuel, and 700 nautical miles from home, afterburner must be used very judiciously. Before sufficient airspeed is increased, however, ET is faced with another multiple missile launch. In this case two separate SA-6 missile sites launch at his jet while he is climbing out of the AAA envelope. By continuing to unload his aircraft, ET watches the missiles as they close on his aircraft. The unloading and accelerating causes his aircraft to change its flight path, and a change in the missile flight path can be observed as well.

As the timed break turns are accomplished, one missile flies so close that ET can hear the roar of the rocket as it passes where, just a fraction of a second earlier, the right wing was. Two missiles are launched towards him from the front of his aircraft and can be easily seen on his HUD film. Finally, as he reaches the outskirts of the city an optically guided missile of unknown type is fired. There is no radar warning of the launch, but the track of the missile can easily be observed to be guiding towards his aircraft. A defensive turn overshoots the missile, and Maj. Tullia proceeds on his way, now searching for the rest of his Flight.


How to Report the News Like a Professional

Charlie Brooker from Newswipe, a funny BBC show, describes how the news are reported. He actually did a very good job, he walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

The basic parts of the news  reported are: Introduction, walking to the camera, slow walking, stand still black and white people, fact stating, fat people, people in kitchens, more facts with graphs, and concussion with an image of a building sign.