iPhone App Lets You See What’s in front of You While You Text

How many times have you been walking and texting down your street and you hit your chin against the tow hitch of a truck? I’ve done that once, and ever since I’ve learned to at least look up after every word. Every time  I text, and walk I’m thinking to my self how much I wish my phone was see through so I could see what’s behind it.

I’ve seen a couple of prototypes made out of glass, but they are expensive and years before they are complete, but luckily, there is an app available for the iPhone on iTunes that costs .99 cents! The app uses your phone’s camera to display what’s behind the phone. The images at the bottom give you a demonstration of how this works. Now you can see exactly where you’re walking while you’re typing.

The only problem with the app is that it has to be manually launched every time you want to send a text, which can be a hassle if you’re only going to send one text to a person. If you’re going to be sending multiple text messages to people, this app can really come in handy. Keep in mind that this app is for texting while walking and not texting while driving, I’ve seen several people who text while driving by having the phone above the steering wheel, and while this app may make that a bit safer, it doesn’t mean you should try it.

In 1951 After His Plane Crashed Into The Ocean, Clint Eastwood Swam 3 Miles to Safety

Eastwood is a hell of an actor, but the only problem that he has in acting is that he can play one role – A Bad Ass. And as if anyone needed more proof that Clint Eastwood was a hell of a beast, this guy cheated death as he swam to shore from a sinking Airplane.

According to Wikipedia,  In 1950, Eastwood began a one-year stint as a lifeguard for the United States Army during the Korean War and was posted to Fort Ord in California. While on leave in 1951 Eastwood was a passenger onboard a Douglas AD bomber that ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean near Point Reyes.  After escaping from the sinking aircraft he and the pilot swam 3 miles to safety. [Wikipedia]

Stay Warm With a Wookiee Hoodie

You know, Chewbacca looked warm when he was running around all the different climates on Star Wars, I’m not sure if it had to do with the fact that he had 200 pounds of hair, but that’s a possibility. Regardless of what it was, if you want to have a Wookie hoodie that’s going to keep you warm through the winter season, then you may want to invest  $70  bucks at Hot Topic.

Since Chewbacca’s are hard to come by, the hoodie was created of the next alternative, 100% polyester. Which will have to do for the time being until we find a big foot and PETA doesn’t get involved in turning them into giant hoodies. Via: Hot Topic and GeekAlerts

Crack Head In His Underwear Steals Police SUV

I have seen my fair share of police videos throughout the years, but this is the first time I see a video of a crack head who steals a police vehicle in his underwear and speeds through the highway.

On Tuesday, Blackman-Leoni Township police released a video of a stolen police SUV that let officers on a wild one-of-a-kind police chase through three Michigan counties. Driving the vehicle was a gentleman named Ryan Ellion Cunningham, a 34 year old white male that escaped custody on Friday after he was placed under arrest for having a sawed off shotgun, and several components to make methamphetamine. He was placed in the rear of the vehicle but somehow managed to get to the front of the SUV and stole the Chevy Tahoe.

He figured out how to turn on the lights and sirens and sped through the interstate for about 75 miles. Police officers chased him in speeds exceeding 100 mph. He eventually crashed against vehicles that were stopped in a traffic jammed from what appears to be a road block by a police officer. He now has seven felony charges that include fleeing an officer, auto theft, three firearm charges, and two methamphetamine charges.

This Video Will Cheer you Up Beyond Belief

Every so often, the Hee-Man video comes back into existence – for the sole purpose of making you happy, and at the very cheers you up to the point that it may actually change your life. I really enjoyed Hee-Man as a Kid, I just never thought he would end up like this.

I know this video is pretty old, but it’s still making it’s way around the interwebs, and it’s still funny to watch. I wonder what Hey Hey Hey Means… he can’t be drunk, so I’m guessing he just want’s to be friends?