Man Saved After Months in Snowed-in Car

A 45 year Old man was found alive after being locked up inside his snowed in car for nearly two months. This had to be the worst experience ever, I’m a private investigator and my days consist of sitting in a vehicle for up to 12 hours at a time. This sitting can be a complete pain in the rear, literally, and I can only imagine what this man went through. The middle aged man was found on Friday in his vehicle parked on a forest track near the town of Umea, according to a report in the local Västerbottens-Kuriren (VK) daily.

It’s unbelievable that this man was found alive, he went missing sometime after Christmas but no body reported him missing. According to the paramedics that found him, it’s actually incredible that he managed to survive that long without any food. No one knows how this man managed to be undiscovered for such a long period of time or how he managed to get stranded.

When he was found, the man had severe problems with his muscles and was having a very difficult time speaking. He was found by a pair of snowmobilers, they accidentally stumbled upon – what appeared to be – an abandoned vehicle. When they started to clear the snow from the windows, they saw that a person was inside the vehicle moving around.

The pair immediately called the emergency services and the police arrived to the scene, the man was rescued and taken to the hospital. The medical staff estimated that the man had been in the vehicle for about two months, which just happens to be the amount of time a human can survive without food. The only reason he managed to stay alive is thanks to his plentiful supply of snow around his vehicle.

The hospital staff still has their doubts, and they should. Doctors say a man can live without oxygen for 3 minutes, water for 3 days, or food for 3 weeks, anything above that is extremely unlikely. Even the people that go out on hunger strikes give in after the 3 week mark. This man managed to survive 2 straight months without a single grain of food, a little unlikely, but the police are closing the case since they don’t have any type of crime.

I know what you’re thinking, what happened when nature called? And really, I’m not sure he had anything for nature to call to. Also, I wonder why he never called for help? Regardless, the man is now healing from his ordeal at the ICU of Umea University Hospital.

Unicycle With Training Wheels – Isn’t This a Tricycle?

Last time I checked a bicycle with three wheels is called a Tricycle. But apparently, these guys re-designed the tricycle and called it a Cycocycle. This is basically a unicycle with training wheels on it and they are trying to sell it off as the next big thing. The only difference is that unlike a tricycle with handlebars, you turn by twisting your body – just like on a unicycle. When you feel you are ready to ride a real unicycle without the training wheels, you simply move forward and balance yourself in the large wheel at the front.

This is supposed to be a whole lot easier than just hoping onto a unicycle and busting your ass before you even get the chance to make it to the circus. I’ve seen people ride unicycles across college before but I’ve never had the drive to ride across campus on a wheel. I don’t see why people prefer to ride a single wheel cycle when you could very easily ride a two wheeled bike; they are safer, faster, and easier to ride in different terrains.

The commercial video above shows people doing “tricks” which really consist of ridding around and spinning in the front wheel. Unlike a regular bicycle, a unicycle doesn’t have that many tricks available. You can probably hop around, ride backwards, or if you work at a circus, ride a tight rope? But that’s about as exciting as it’s going to get.

Not even the “feature” video entices people to want to go out and buy one. Look, I’m not saying that riding a unicycle isn’t cool, but unless you’re a special kind of hipster, I’ve never seen girls hanging over the rails trying to ride unicycle riders – much less a tricycle without handlebars. Check out this video and turn off the sound, does it really look that exiting once you take out the sound?

At least if you want to get your own Cycocycle, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg. With an $82 price tag, you can ride around in this adult tricycle and not feel bad when you store it away in your attic a day later  [Cycocycle via TechCrunch]

The WiRC Controller Lets You Operate Any RC Toy Using Your iPhone

Toy Fair 2012 was pretty bad ass this year, they had a whole bunch of new gadgets and toys that made us wish we were kids again. But one of the toys that really called out to me was more of a gadget than anything else. The Dension’s new WiRC controller allows you to control any RC vehicle using your iPhone.

The controller unit can easily be integrated into the RC vehicle, this can be a race car, boat, plane, robot, or any other device that can be remote controlled. The device uses a Wi-Fi Signal – enhancing the name Wi-RC- which lets you connect at a longer distance, additionally, the kit allows you to control up to 8 different servos at the same time – which can come in handy when flying RC planes. You do need to take into consideration the fact that unlike radio signals, Wi-Fi signals don’t connect instantly. If your plane goes out of range, and somehow manages to float towards your signal again, you may have trouble saving it from a crash.

The kit also allows you to tweak, the controls and sensitivity levels for the touch screen joysticks. If you’re using an iPhone, you can use the gyro motion sensors to control your RC vehicles.  The best thing about the kit is that it comes with a webcam to allow you to see where you are driving, sailing, or flying to straight onto your iPhone’s screen.

If you’re an RC aficionado, then this gadget is definitely for you, with a $179 price tag, it certainly isn’t a cheap upgrade to your Toys R Us RC car. But, if you live and breathe RC, then this is an awesome addition to your hobby. Check out the image gallery at the bottom: – via Hobby Media

The Magneto Lamp Uses Magnets to Direct Light at Any Angle

I’m not that much into lamp designs, but the Magneto is actually pretty cool, it kind of looks like an over the top flash light. The Magneto Lamp was designed by Giulio Iacchetti, which means it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but the lamp was designed to be an incredibly flexible table and floor lamp fixture. Unlike current lamps that have stiff necks or multiple pivot points, the Magento lamp uses a single cable to provide energy to the lamp, and a magnetic ball allows the light fixture to move and pivot freely into any direction.

In this video, Lacchetti, explains how the lamp is superior to other pivot lamps. Magneto’s steel ball serves as a limitless pivot joint. The lamp’s post has several dimples along the edge that allows the ball to move up and down depending on where you want to move the light too. The cable also extends and retracts into the lamp post depending on how much slack you need to go around.

The lamp is still in the design phase, which means the price is still not available, but once they have it finished and it goes on sale, you’ll be able to get your Magneto lamp from Foscarini.  Again, expect to pay designer prices for this over the top flash light! [Giulio Iacchetti via MoCo Loco]

How Much Vomit Would A Person Need To Fly?

Gizmodo had an interesting article today, they had a video from, Minute Physics explaining exactly how much milk someone needs to vomit in order for them to fly. The question came up after a video posted by Freddie Wong’s video, when he introduced the adventures of Milk Man, a super hero that vomits on his enemies.

Unfortunately, if you want to fly like he does, you’re going to need way more milk than what you can afford. The physics video in the tab above estimated that you need to be spewing out over five gallons of milk per second in order for you to even get off the ground, picture the water jet packs. If you wan’t to experience the Milk Man, check out this video …  And now …  let’s resume today’s wonderful Valentine’s day… I wish I was in Japan.

In Japan, Women Buy The Chocolate on Valentines Day

Well, looks like Valentine’s day came a little earlier this year and really caught a lot of us by surprise, the chocolate is mostly gone, and finding the right chocolate is imperative for a successful V-Day. But Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day a little different. They have two days of celebration: On February 14, the females present gifts to their significant other. On March 14th, the men return by favor on White Day, that way both sexes get the full “we’re out of most chocolate” taste.

According to St Valentine’s Day.Org, White day is believed to have started as a marketing tool by a Marshmallow Chocolate Company in the 1960 since over half of the chocolate sold in a year, is sold on Valentine’s Day they wanted to increase the sales and created a new holiday to make people buy extra chocolate.

On Valentine’s Day, if you’re a male, you can expect to get a whole bunch of giri-choco which means “Obligation Chocolate” women have to give out these types of chocolate to their bosses, colleagues, and other male friends. Since this is an obligatory chocolate, people don’t view it as romantic. You buy these on the corner store, gas station, or Wal-Mart.

Hon-Mei chocolate however, is the chocolate the means “I love you!” this chocolate is made by the women from scratch. I don’t think anything like this is ever going to catch on in the US unless we just suddenly switched roles, which can be quite funny to watch. At least that’s how it was in previous years.

On an interesting note, Koreans have a couple of extra holidays. For example, April 14th is the day where single people that didn’t get the “love” chocolate go out to drink and meet other single people. They actually go out and eat noodles with black bean sauce; sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day.

Then the month after that, on May 14th, they have The Rose Day where you give out roses to the people you fell in love with on April 14th. Really, from the looks of it, it looks like advertisement companies run the country left and right. Don’t quote me on this one, but it looks like every month on the 14th, you can expect to find some sort of sale.

In 2005 A Fortune Cookie Company Got the Lottery Numbers Right, Resulting in 110 Winners and an Investigation

I love fortune cookies, they never offer any actual good advice, but the advice is awesome when you add “in bed” at the end of the cookies – yes it’s a little immature but that’s what they’re good for. They do have lottery numbers in the back, but really how many people actually play them?

According to Wikipedia, enough people to kill the winnings. On March 30, 2005 a fortune cookie company printed out the right numbers fot a Multi-State Lottery Association Lottery Drawing. The drawing produced 110 second prize winners. 89 of the winners received $100,000 each while the other 21 received $500,000 based on the power play ball selections.

At the time, the officials thought because of the large number of winners, fraud was involved. An investigation later revealed that the winners used the numbers they got from a Fortune cookie, the numbers “22,28,32,33,39,40” were printed out by Wonton Food and sent out to thousands of cookie eaters. The only number that didn’t match the combination was the #40, the Powerball number, which was #42, this is the reason 21 people received the $500,000 while the rest only received $100,000.

After the investigation, the lottery company paid off the people since the ticket holders won by coincidence rather than foul play.

Not bad, even though the chances of winning are 1 in 195+ million. I guess fortune cookies aren’t all that bad. What’s even more interesting is that the employees that printed out the cookies didn’t play the lottery. And I don’t blame them, they’ve been printing out cookies for decades every single day of the week… and finally they printed out a lucky one… depending on how you look at it since everyone and their mother won the price.

Master Thieves Evaded State of the Art Security Systems and Steal $500k in Jewels

Almost like something out of an Ocean’s Eleven movie, in Chicago Illinois, a group of thieves were able to steal $500,000 worth of jewelry. They drilled their way from a sushi restaurant next door to the store, evaded a state of the art TL-30 “theft proof” safe, and managed to evade the best detective work in Chicago. The safe derives the name from the amount of time it takes a master lock pick to open the safe – 30 minutes. But why pick it when you can simply drill trough it?

The burglars basically drilled off the bottom back of the safe making the bottom shelves available to them, and then they crushed small containers that held the gems so they could fit through the hole, once they were pulled out, they left without a trace.

The heist happened on Tuesday, and the theft left the owner a little suspicious that it was an inside job. According to him, only an employee would know how the security was installed on their safe and building, yet, no arrests have been made and no one has been marked as a suspect.

The owner was fully insured and claimed that it’s just part of being in the business. The thieves first broke into the sushi restaurant, drilled through the wall, and then broke into the Jewelry store where they drilled through the back of the safe. All this time they were drilling from underneath the manager’s desk, which allowed them to stay hidden from security cameras and motion detectors.

I’m not sure how high this “state of the art” system worked, but from the news channel’s video, the office where the safe was kept looks messier than my home office, and that safe… I think I have a similar safe where I keep my guns. Still, master theft or not, this is an extremely large amount of money to get away with. [via Fark]