The Infinite Jukebox: This Website Will Extend Your Favorite Song Indefinitely

The Music Hack Day event in Boston wasn’t a complete waste this year. It yielded The Infinite Jukebox — a website that creates infinitely long versions of uploaded tracks without making them “suck”. You have a couple of options, upload your own MP3 or play from a selected list.

The Infinite Jukebox was created by Paul Lamere, the director for music intelligence company Echo Nest. The app uses a music service that breaks the entire MP3 into separate beats and segments, then using a “smart” algorithm, it puts it back together after it matches them against other beats in the song that sound the same.

The song then plays the beats and jumps around to different areas depending on what it feels is the “best” place to make it suck less. You see the image at the top? the way it has the arches spanning from one side of the ring to the next? well, these arches determine where the song is going to jump to next. The really cool part, is that it doesn’t jump to that same area all of the time, instead, it randomly selects weather it wants to jump there or not. This randomization keeps the song interesting and new.

The app is designed to work with any song, but it works best if the song has repetition loops. The higher the number of loops, the longer the song is. You can listen to “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillas for over 30 minutes. I love the way this works, I can’t wait to see this in a cellphone app so I can listen to the same – different – song while I travel across the state!

Businessman buys Texas town, renames it ‘Bikinis’

Guys this one’s for you. Yep. A whole guy centered article featuring most of your favorite things ever in one place: Beers, Bars, Steaks, and Women in Bikinis!

A guy named Doug Guller, who, interestingly, has dubbed himself a “breastaurateur,” and is the owner of the Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill franchise, has recently made the news for his purchase of a Texas ghost town. He made this purchase on Craig’s List and has a whole rebranding scheme for the small town to reflect and expand on his sports bar. No, you did not read that wrong, and yes, we did double check our facts on that one. This guy will indeed essentially be creating a whole town dedicated to bikini clad women.

“Bikinis, TX will be a world class destination and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership,” Guller said in a statement on his website.

Interestingly enough, the town formerly known as Banker-Smith is located just six miles from Luckenbach, another unincorporated community popularized in a 1977 song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. The announcement was made in conjunction with Guller’s declaration that Tuesday was “National Bikinis Day.”

So if your thing is being served burgers and beer by scantily dressed women in bikinis and high heels, then you not only now have the option of tracking down a Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill near you, you can high-tail it to state with all your exes and bask in the awesomeness that is Bikini, Texas.

Bikinis, Texas – Yahoo News

The Funnel Wall – Can This Intricate Creation Make The Sound Of My People When It Rains?

Sometimes you have to sit and wonder who comes up with such an intricate design for something that sounds… like rain. I’ve always hated the straight up and down water drains on the side of large buildings, so aesthetically, this design is pretty cool. But, it’s not very useful, I’m the sure the guy who made it was expecting something else, and then it rained, and nothing really happened.

This building is actually known as The Funnel Wall, it’s found in Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany, and it claims to play “music” when it rains. But after watching the video posted above, it doesn’t sound much like music if you ask me.

Pilot Confuses Venus With A Plane And Almost Crashes

I have to drive all time for my work, and I’ve been behind the wheel with little to no sleep before, once I confused an airplane with an alien ship, other times I start to doze off and look at the stars and think they are all moving in different directions. This is usually not too bad, but it can be very dangerous, and that’s why you should take breaks between drive times. Yes, it sounds like stupid advice, but it really works.

But being sleepy in a car, is a ride in the park when you compare it to being sleepy inside a 767 plane and you confuse a planet for another plane then send your plane into a nosedive to try and avoid collision.

According to Reuters a “sleepy Air Canada pilot” was staring out the front window of his plane when he caught a glimpse of Venus,  confused it with another plane that was coming straight at his plane, then sent his plane into a nose dive to avoid collision

“Under the effects of significant sleep inertia (when performance and situational awareness are degraded immediately after waking up), the first officer perceived the oncoming aircraft as being on a collision course and began a descent to avoid it,” Canada’s Transportation Safety Board said.

I can see how this is making the news, especially with a title where a pilot confuses a planet with a plane, but the fact of the matter is that this pilot took the necessary actions to avoid a collision. Yes, he might of confused a planet for a plane, but imagine what hell he would be getting for crashing a plane into a plane? The plane descended 400 feet downwards and caused several people to jump out of their seats, 7 of them were taken to the hospital, but they will recover.

None of the less, this is another example of how grueling a pilot’s job can be and how fatigue affects everyone in the fields. OR it’s another example of a pilot thinking quick while almost crashing a plane for doing inappropriate things inside a cockpit. – OMG You just bumped into the lever! Quick, we need an excuse as to why we hurt so many people!… let’s just say we confused a planet with a plane, never heard that before, so it’s going to work.  [Reuters Img Credit: Favim]

Underwear Style Flask Lets You Sneak In The Booze In Your Pants

Oh the things we men will do for alcohol. Not long ago we had an article about the Wine Rack, a bra that allowed women to fill up their bras with wine or beer while at the same time giving them a boost in confidence by making their chest go from A’s to D’s in a matter of seconds. The wine rack was actually pretty cool, plus the small tube that allowed you to release the wine was hidden on the side of the shirt, meaning people didn’t suspect a thing when you were pouring your self another drink. The bladder design however, is taking things to an awkward extreme. You’re bound to get caught by someone who sees you pee into a cup, then sees you drink it again.

The Freedom Flask pretty much turns your crotch into an alcohol dispenser. Just fill the pouch with your favorite drink, strap the belt around your waist, tuck the Freedom Flask inside your pants, and you’re ready to go. The dispenser nozzle lines up with your zipper, so all you have to do is make like you’re using the bathroom straight into your cup. But I can guarantee you that from a distance, you’re not going to look like the sleek guy you think you are, instead you’re going to look like a freak.

But if you don’t mind getting some negative attention and paying $7 a beer at a concert is to much for you, then by all means check out this flask. According to Freedom Flask, you can “pour out half of that soft drink you purchased at the concession stand – just be sure to save that precious ice – then let Freedom Flask top you off with some of Tennessee or Kentucky’s finest. If you think it may be awkward pouring a drink from your fly – it’s not. What’s awkward is being the guy who gets his flask taken by security.” The flask is going to run you $24.95 from their Freedom Flask website. So after just 4 beers, the flask is going to pay for it’s self!

There are a couple of problems with the flask, if you keep a plastic bag in your pants full of alcohol, eventually the alcohol is going to warm up and it’s going to taste pretty sour. Same thing with beer, that’s probably the reason they say “save that precious ice” in their advertisement. You could also puncture the bag, and nothing is more awkward than having a flask full of beer run down your jeans. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do right?

This “Pirated” Looking DVD Is The Real Deal For Girl With Dragon Tattoo Movie

Normally speaking when you see a DVD like the one above you better be careful and question the guy selling you the DVD to try and figure out if you’re being set up on a sting operation by the FBI and the Movie Industry. But the DVD above is the official Sony Pictures DVD for The Girl with the Dragon Tatto.  Yes, it looks like it was burned in our home’s computer but that’s really how it’s going to look.

The DVD artistic “sharpie” pen style title us supposed to fit in with the movie’s theme, that’s what I would say too if I hired a designer who waited till the last minute to come up with the cover. [via BoingBoing]

Snow Globes Ignite Fire to a Couch by Magnifying the Sun’s Rays

I remember as a child being fascinated by these things – yes, we didn’t have much in my child hood. The small globes were pretty cool, but I always thought it was way better to go out and catch ants on fire using a magnifying glass. That part of my life can to an end when I tried to burn my brother’s hand with a magnifying glass and dad took it away, little did I know that I could have used a small globe to pull off the same effect.

In Milwaukie, Oregon, a man’s home caught fire this weekend after he left a pair of snow globes unsupervised by next to his window – darn Snow Globes always causing $crewing $**t up – He allegedly placed the globes on his window in Christmas and never cared about taking them down, eventually the sun’s angle changed to where the sunlight was hitting the globes at just the right angle that it caused the water and glass shape to act as a magnifying glass.

The light focused to a point on a couch and almost caught the entire house on fire. The only reason it was saved was because of the neighbors that called 911 in time to keep anything from being burned down to the ground. If I came home and my house was burned down and my wife said “it was the freaking snow globes man!” I wouldn’t buy that excuse one bit. [ABC]

A Dog’s Personal Heating and Cooling Unit for his Dog House

Dogs are very good at adapting to changing temperatures, they love being outside, and even in a hot day, their bodies stay cool. Yea, the temperature may be 80 degrees outside, but that’s their kind of weather.

I love dogs, and owning an English Bulldog was not easy, you have to shower them, and take extra care of them because of possible “problems” they may get in their older years, but I can’t recall ever having an air conditioner inside his dog house.

Some pet owners go above and beyond when it comes to making their pets as comfortable as possible. These owners go as far as buying them their own personal cooler/heater for their pet homes, but that’s just insane. Take this Climate Right’s dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for dog houses.

For a little under $600 you can buy your dog his own cooling unit, and for that price, I think I would much rather have the dog inside than keep him out there. You simply hook up the appliance onto an electrical socket and you’re done – then you can sit inside watching your dog not care one bit about the air conditioner laying around next to a tree. I’m sure this is different if you have a dog that’s not used to cold climates and it starts to snow outside, but even then, a Wal-Mart $19.99 heater can get the job done.  [Via The Fancy]