How We Talk to Computers and How Computers Listen To Us

My Vehicle has a voice recognition system by Sync, a Microsoft computer used on most Ford vehicles. And let me tell you, while the computer is pretty good at understanding what I said, it does have it’s hick-ups. “call Dad Cell”… *Calling Marcel* … “NO!, Cancel!” but it’s usually to late and I’m stuck talking to Marcel for the next two hours. My phone has the same system that is used to search Google or call people by pressing a button.

Another thing that I’ve ran into problem is with the whole navigation system on the vehicle, you have to repeat your self over 20 times before the truck identifies what you are trying to say. I blame it on my accent, while I do have an accent speaking, it’s not as bad as you may think. I let my friend borrow the truck and he said that he had the same problem with the truck and his car.

So it’s not really accents, it’s more of the computer’s program trying to identify words and trying to make sense of what you are trying to say. Unlike humans, computer don’t look at a whole sentence to figure out if you said Chip, Sheep, Cheap, or Ship. It takes a word and says “here is what I think you said” not here is what I think you said because I think you meant it in this context. Check out the infographic below to see how computers hear us, and how we have created computers that are %80 effective at understanding what we have to say to them. Hopefully in the future we’ll have technology that our customer service companies can rely on rather than the current “I want to pay my bill” – *you said you want to cancel your service* … wtf? NO! *okay one moment…. your service has been canceled*

Speech Recognition
Created by: Medical Transcription

Drink Popularity Based on Facebook Fans

Back in 2007, Facebook introduced a new feature called “Fan Pages”, which are user facebook profiles for brands, celebrities, companies, etc. Facebook Pages have additional features than a regular page, such as the ability to quickly send messages to thousands of fans, and keep track of how many people “like” your company page. For the most part, these companies use the pages very well, they have constant interaction with their fans and have very good advertisement campaigns.

After about 3 weeks of messaging people back and forth, we finally got a pretty good list of page fans, and gender. For the most part, the users of these “fan pages” are females, but regardless of the gender this is only accurate to the “facebook” population.

There is still a large number of dark figures, people who like drinks but don’t “like” the drink on facebook. Another thing that is interesting is that Red Bull, Coca Cola, and Starbucks have Millions of users. The reason these companies tower over every other company is because of their advertisement campaigns. Red Bull, Coca Cola and Starbucks combined, spends millions of dollars on their advertisement campaigns, and for good reason: It works.

Maybe Borden’s Dairy should start their campaign, they have a total of 738 Fans, but they have been growing at a steady 3-4 likes per week. Alcohol doesn’t have that many fans, the 12 Million fans are based on a combination of ALL alcohols minus the exception of Wine. Dos Equis Beer alone has over 1.2 million fans followed by Vodka.

Facts from Around the World: Real Statistics?

This is a pretty cool infographic. For the most part, people have different ways of looking at the world. When we don’t know anything about a country, we believe just about anything we hear. Now, add a couple of images, some graphs, and percentages and we’ll believe just about anything we see.

The infographic below is an awesome example of this human belief. A theory that claims that Americans are so Culturally Isolated that we believe we’re the best at just about anything, and that everyone else must be living in below standard levels. Those “levels” are only based on comparisons from our own lives, if we live a fairly good life, then we believe only the statics of people living worse than us. If we hear statistics about people living better than us, then we don’t believe the statistics because … were in America! and that’s just not possible.

Make sure that you read every single fact from around the world before you start making your judgements. I find that you’ll enjoy the images and facts.

The Tech Company’s “Family Tree”

So you really thought that your family tree was all over the place uh? well, this Infographic shows you the family tree of technology companies. It shows you exactly how the big tech giants have influenced other minor companies to spring up into the internet world bringing services that normally would not be available without the assistance of their “parent” companies. Via: Mashable

Is Twitter a Waste of Your Time?

Is Twitter a waste of your time? well, that really depends on what your “time” means. For a company, or a blog, twitter really is a tool to reach a potential 200 million user audience. BUT for social networking with friends, that number is very very low. Facebook has Twitter beat by a LONG run, and now with Google Plus coming into the picture, it might lose it’s ground a little bit more.

For the most part, 1/4 of all Twitter Users have no followers, which is kind of depressing for those 25% of the people, and after a short while they begin to use twitter less and less until they go right back to updating their Facebook status just so they can get a comment, or a like, etc.

For companies and bloggers, twitter has become a tool to grow their connections. When they do get a follower, it’s usually from another blogger or another company rather than an actual user who is waiting to see what they have to say. I’m not saying that twitter has lost it’s importance in the social sphere, because I do know some people who use twitter over Facebook on the regular basis. But, the process of gaining “followers” in twitter is not only a time consuming effort but it’s also a low pay out… generally… it is estimated that every “like” on facebook will translate to $6 dollars, while every “follow” on twitter will translate to $2 dollars.

So, depending on what you are using twitter for, it MAY or MAY NOT be a waste of your time, this info-graphic found on ProBlogger has a couple of numbers so you can make your own decision:  What do you think, is it a waste?

Via: ProBlogger

Infographic OTD: 500-Thousand App Anniversary!

Apple just recently reached their official 500,000 apps mark, and honestly when apple got started with the whole “app store” people thought they were going to reach the 500k by 2010 but It took them a little extra. Either way, that’s still a heck of a lot of apps, and to help us out understand what this all means, 148Apps, Chillingo and Chomp got together to create an infographic that ties everything together.

They called this, the 500,000 Apps infographic. Unlike most other infographics, this graph did a great job at having an Area Chart, Bar Chart, a Time Line, a Pie Chart, and a series of other charts with easy to read numbers.

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Infographic Of The Day: PC People v/s Mac People – where do you fit in?

The ongoing debate of Mac v/s PC doesn’t seem like is going to end anytime soon, a Profile of a Self-Described Mac Person vs. PC Person is an infographic that we found online that pretty much summed the article up for us. It’s based on 388,315 survey people from, the infograph pretty much covers everything from how often they throw parties, to a specific taste in art, down to what kind of car/motorcycle they would drive/ride…

The only flaw in the Infograph is that the people who took the survey were not screened, meaning that for all we know, all of the people that took the survey just randomly happened to be PC users, so while it is a representation of the population, it’s not a 100% accurate statistical data.

The Results are still a very cool and funny “popular” belief of these two worlds.

How Much Money do We Spend on Our Cell Phones?

I love info-graphs, primarily because they give me a visual representation of something that is going on right now. This one really caught my eyes, it puts how much money we spend on our cellphones into perspective. I personally only have a headset, and a screen protector. A couple of “free” apps, and a couple of cellphone chargers. I estimate that at about $120 for all my accessories.

As you are about to see, some people have more pocket change in their pockets than I do, Apps that cost $13,000, or “pimped” out cellphones that cost $8 Million