Business In America Can Be Daunting At Times, Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Ask For

Being in the customer service business, sometimes I will agree, the instructions that I receive from the customer don’t make sense. This happens way to often in business, and sadly if you don’t find a way to mitigate and translate what the customer wants, the business relation between customer and company can suffer greatly. Large corporations, like Wal Mart, find a way to translate what the customer wants and keep things on their budget. But other companies have a tough time understanding what the client needs, and instead they try to deliver what they believe the client wants.

Imagine if every time you went to a restaurant the chef gave you food that he thought is what you wanted instead of what you really needed? The image at the bottom will paint you a clear picture of what I mean with business, at the end, the companies are all trying to make as much money as possible out of a customer who in reality just wanted a simple solution.

Frozen Mortal Kombat Stop Sign Want’s to Trick You!

All the way from the land of the maple syrup, the country north of the US – Canadia, this stop sign want’s to end your life. If you’ve played the Mortal Kombat series, then you know what happens when you touch the sign – its game over.

DON’T TOUCH THE SIGN! If you ever see an ice sculpture in front of anything that resembles the sculpture… you walk away from that sculpture! [Reddit]

What Computer System Does God Use? – Floating Error Message Sign

Have you ever seen the large LED display advertisements found on the side of the road? they’re supposed to be better because they are cheaper, easier to control, and can display more than one ad at the same time.  Odessa, Ukraine has a couple of them near on their highways and one of them crashed in the middle of a foggy night. The floating digital board displayed an error message all night long.

The messages have a small camera in the front of the signs to keep up with what kind of advertisement is being displayed, when there is an error, the ad company should get the notification on their computer and they should be able to fix it – that is unless the computer with the camera crashes down.

For what ever reason the Ad Company didn’t get the notification, and for the citizens of Odessa, Ukraine, heaven’s computer crashed, maybe Steve should introduce them to Apple?! … to early for that joke? [via BoingBoing]

The Longest Stair Case in the World

I have enough trouble going up the stairs to my apartment on the second floor, not because of age – because I’m only a quarter of a century old, but because it’s a pain in the rear to carry all of our furniture on your back – that and I’m lazy as hell. So I can only imagine how much of a drain it would be to climb this set of stairs.

This staircase has 699 steps it’s located on the island of St. Helena and it was built back in 1829 as a way to carry manure out of the city grounds. Nowadays it’s climbed by tourists since this is one of the top attractions on the island. Just so you can get an idea of how big the stair case is, the Empire State Building’s stair case is 1,576 long. This is almost 1/3rd the height of the ESB.  The workers at the city climbed this on the regular basis, I can only imagine how fit these people were – I wonder if they ever figured out how to use the pulley system? and while I’m on this thought, they should install the world largest slide! Via: Today I Learned

Dating Advice from the 1930’s – Things Sure Have Changed

Dating has changed over the decades, its gone way beyond the clothes people wear on first dates. Now days, people have to “dress to impress” but once you’re on a date, it’s all about being yourself.

Back in the 30’s things were a lot different than they are now. For starters, people were more concerned with how the guy was treated over how the female was treated. It seems like we males were on top of the world.

The images at the bottom have some advice for women when they are going out on dates. From the advice, it makes us seem as if we are a different species – “Men do not like when you ignore them, men like attention” – See what I mean? It’s as if were some sort of cave men. Via-Reddit

The Ultimate Geek Test: Name the 425 Game Characters

So do you consider yourself to be a geek? Maybe you even think that you are the pinnacle of the word geek, and you flaunt your geekiness by calling yourself the ultimate uber geek. Well, before you go around making a fool out of yourself in front of someone more geeky then you, I suggest you take the necessary precautions and put your geekiness to the test. It’s not such a big deal after all, is it?

A Lego Version of Qin Shi Huang’s Army is Being Chalked Up in Saratosa Florida

I love art, specially street art. Whether it be people drawing ON the side walk, or people drawing IN the sidewalk. A while back I had the opportunity to visit San Antonio, TX, a place full of sidewalk art drawers and performers. The guy was making planets out of spray can bottles, you know, the typical stuff. But out in Saratosa Florida, a group of artist based out of the Netherlands are actually making Lego Armies on the street. The image to the left shows you how the whole project is looking right now, and that’s not half bad. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done, the image at the bottom shows you how it’s going to look once it’s finished.

The drawing is part of Planet Street painting, the group of street artist came together to bring you amazing historic images using Lego pieces. Leon Keer, an art director in charge of the drawings is trying to bring the Terracotta Army to life, it’s going to be depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. If you don’t know who that guy is, the image at the bottom will instantly remind you of what I’m talking about.  If you’re in the Florida area, you need to stop by the Sidewalk Chalk Festival and check out what they have in the works! Via: Chalk Festival


The $500 Dollar Toilet Seat Made From Circuit Boards

I thought I had seen it all, everything from golden toilets, to toilets with MP3 players, but this one beats all of them. “The Royal Data Throne!” Just look at the fan that comes on this thing! it’s pure awesome sauce! The toilet costs about $500, but keep in mind you will not be able to use the toilet at all. It’s a sculpture and it’s purpose is to look cool and not be used like the other toilets in the world. Eh, for that price, I think I could just go by Kinkos and enlarge the toilet picture then put it up as a poster.

Via Geekosystem