Police Accidentally Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites

According to torrent freak, an alleged “human error” carried out by the police resulted in thousands of websites being completely blocked at the DNS level in Denmark.Over 8,000 websites that included everything from Google, to Facebook, went offline after informing the visitors that the websites offered child pornography.

The message that was displayed read “The National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police [NITEC], who assist in investigations into crime on the internet, has informed Siminn Denmark A/S, that the internet page which your browser has tried to get in contact with may contain material which could be regarded as child pornography.”

The team is in charge of keeping up with a list of websites the Danish government feels are not suitable for it’s citizens. Everyday, the ISP companies collect the list aggregated by the NITEC team and they apply DNS blockades to their infrastructure. According to Johnny Lundberg, the chief of NThe country’s High Tech Crime Unit team didn’t pick up on the error for several hours. ITEC, an employee was moving computers to a colleagues computer in order to work on a list of legitimate “illegal” sites. Because the employee was not familiar with colleagues PC, he accidentally placed the websites in the wrong folder. When the ISP’s came in to collect the folder, the police didn’t pick up on the error until it was to late.

Immediately after realizing the problem, the NITEC corrected the error and notified the ISPs but it took at least 3 hours for customers of the ISPs to regain access to the sites in question.

Lundberg said that his organization was sorry for the mistake and has now adopted a new system whereby blocked sites have to now be approved by two employees instead of one.

When Nigerian Scammers Get Scammed, WE Go To Jail

Nigerian Scammers are extremely elaborate. They scam people for thousands of dollars every single day, and they never get caught. I have several friends who have fallen victim to different versions of scams, but what happens when you actually see the scam and in return you scam the scammers? well, if you’re in Australia, you end up in jail for scamming people. WTF?

According to the Associated press, Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey allegedly provided her back account to a Nigerian scam artist. The scammer was going to use her account and funnel money to Nigeria; after they receive money obtained from a fraudulent car sale. The e-mail Sarah received instructed her to keep eight percent of the money and then send the rest of it back  to Nigeria- about $35,000 us Dollars.

When Sarah caught on to the scam, she decided to keep the whole $35,000 dollars to her self.  A couple of days later on Thursday, she was in front of a judge facing charges of “unknowingly” stealing more than $30,000 from a Nigerian Scam Artists.

According to the AAP, the car buyers who were ripped off reported the matter to police, who traced the account to Cochrane-Ramsey. Cochrane-Ramsey pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated fraud on Thursday.

Judge Terry Martin described her as having a “dishonest bent” after hearing she had a history of stealing and property offences. I’m sorry, but if a scam artists gives me $30,000, I’d much rather keep it for my self rather and wait for the scam to end. Otherwise, I could be scammed my self when I forward the 92% to them and three days later find out that my account is $28,000 in the negative.

Looks like even if you are smart and try to avoid being scammed, you still end up in jail. I guess she could have returned the money to the owners, the owners she never met, the owners who were from a completely different continent. Imagine getting a wire transfer from a Nigerian scammer saying “I stole this from a guy in China, send me some money and we’ll split it” Even if you want to do the right thing, who would you go to? The police is certainly  not going to call China and figure out who the money belongs to.

In 1951 After His Plane Crashed Into The Ocean, Clint Eastwood Swam 3 Miles to Safety

Eastwood is a hell of an actor, but the only problem that he has in acting is that he can play one role – A Bad Ass. And as if anyone needed more proof that Clint Eastwood was a hell of a beast, this guy cheated death as he swam to shore from a sinking Airplane.

According to Wikipedia,  In 1950, Eastwood began a one-year stint as a lifeguard for the United States Army during the Korean War and was posted to Fort Ord in California. While on leave in 1951 Eastwood was a passenger onboard a Douglas AD bomber that ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean near Point Reyes.  After escaping from the sinking aircraft he and the pilot swam 3 miles to safety. [Wikipedia]

The Dangers of Human Water Walking Balls

You see that ball to the left? It’s supposed to be a very awesome human hamster ball that lets you walk on water. The ball is pretty cool, you blow it up with a blower and you have 15 to 20 minutes of air inside the ball before you have to deflate it and get new fresh air inside it. But does anyone else see the problem with this? Some people definitely did.

Reading the comments below you can tell that the ball could be dangerous, for starters, half of the people from the video I posted above can even get up, even if they do get up, moving across the surface of the water is extremely difficult meaning if you do make it out on the lake you better be attached to a rope so another person can get you out of the lake in case you pass out.

Then you run into the problem of piercing through the plastic, if you accidentally pierce through the ball, you will end up being trapped inside a plastic ball that will only seal you inside like a vacuum. The pressure of the water around you would make it extremely difficult to remove the plastic from your body.

I’m not exactly sure what the ball is made of, but from the description it appears to be a thick plastic film. These are the Amazon images for the ball:

 Looks really cool uh? the guy happily walking into the lake in his $400 hamster ball, but wait till you read the reviews for this awesome ball:

Not so safe if you ask me, I’m not sure if the comments are trolling the seller, but they make the same points that I’m talking about.

Are Tigers, Lions, and Jaguars Able to Purr?

Big cats are very interesting, even though your black cat may resemble a panther, it definitely can’t roar like one. There are obvious factors as to why a 10 pound cat is never going to sound like a 200 pound lion, but putting size to the side there are other biological reason that prevent cat’s from roaring, and lions from purring.

The people from Big Cat Rescue made the video on the tab above where they go into detail as to why large cats can’t purr and small cats can’t roar. It has to do with a bone in their chest area. Large cats have a soft bone that vibrates and makes the “roaring” sound, cats in the other hand have a small solid bone that does not vibrate as strong.

Some people claim that large cats like Lions, Tigers, and Leopards can purr, but only when they exhale – which is not a real purr. According to them, a real purr is a requires continuous inhale and exhale. Even if they could, I think I would confuse the purring with a roar and stay away from them after that…  [Big Cat Rescue via io9]

McDonald’s to Stop Using Pink Goop Beef in Its Burgers

By now I’m sure you have seen the image to the left on facebook, twitter, or around the internet. The “Pink Goop” as it has been referred to in the past, is McDonald’s secret beef recipe for making burgers. When the image came out on a news site, the image went viral over night – Chef Jamie Oliver just called it quits and said the the ammonium hydroxide soaked pink beef is no longer going to be used in their patties.  McDonald’s has finally received enough pressure and will ditch the use of the pink goop beef in all it’s burgers, a process that took several years.

If you’re wondering what in the world this pink goop is made out of, the answer is pretty simple – it’s actually made of of “beef trimmings” which are the undesirable, leftover crap of a cow. These leftovers are good … if you’re a dog … but not for humans. The beef trimmings are then processed and soaked in ammonium hydroxide which gives it the pink color, and then they are churned into ground beef.

It’s taken a while but McDonald’s has finally decided to step up its standards in the US and will no longer use the pink BPI meat in the USA. They will continue to use the goo in other countries since they haven’t figured out what is in their McPatties yet. If you’ve eaten a burger from McDonald’s in the past – we all have – you may have noticed that it tasted fine, but pink goop meat is so bad that US Department of Agriculture microbiologist Geral Zirnstein doesn’t even consider “the stuff to be ground beef” and considers “allowing it in ground beef to be a form of fraudulent labeling.”

Other restaurants were doing the same thing, but McDonald’s was the only one that got the heat, after McDonald’s said they were going to discontinue the use of the Goop, Burger King and Taco Bell also came out saying they will no longer use the ammonium hydroxide soaked beef and beef trimmings – finally, I can eat more human food and less dog food when I’m getting my dollar burger. Expect the price of the dollar menu to go up though, this was a way to keep costs down and now that they can’t use the goop, they’ll be forced to buy better meat products… and we’re going to be stuck with the bill. [CBS NewsDaily Mail]

Global Warming-Proof Sled Doesn’t Need Any Snow

Designer Szymon Hanczar’s perfectly named We Never Give Up! sled has the traditional form factor of a winter wonderland ride, but to accomodate recent global warming trends, it comes with casters so it’s not dependent on snow.

Can anyone else see how this is a horrible Idea? Since the sled uses wheels, you simply find a concrete hill and let it go, the only problem is that when you do crash or fall off of it, the landing is not as soft as if you fell off a snow sled. The sled has no way to turn left or right, nor does it have a way to slow down, so once you let go, you’re on your own.

Here is a list of possible threats:

1) Sidewalks
2) Parked Cars
3) A pot hole
4) A small pebble
5) Cats and other animals
6) Your own stupidity

From a snow sled, you may get up with ice down your back, you jump up and down because of how cold it is, and get back on the sled… in this one however, you fall off the sled and your friends update their statuses and your video goes viral on youtube.

Sperm Can Be Stored In Female Bodies For Years

People say that regardless of how much planning you do you will never be ready for a baby, and maybe that’s true, sometimes babies can come at inopportune times. But imagine getting a call 15 years after having sex with an Ex-Partner and her saying – hey you have have a 4 year old son that wants to meet you.

The Human body can only store sperm for 3-5 days, its not necessarily a “storage” period, its more of a delay on fertilization, but what if females had their own personal storage pocket? What if this pocket was like a sperm bank so she could get pregnant when she felt she was ready?

This isn’t something out of a book, researchers found that many females in the natural world possess the ability to store sperm in periods that range from a few weeks, to over 30 years. So far scientists have found birds, insects, whale sharks, and even some reptiles that can store the sperm for years. The Queen ants can store the sperm for up to 30 years before it begins to fertilize their eggs and start a colony.

Dr. Klaus Reinhardt from the University of Sheffield has a new study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, which found that female crickets are able to store sperm within by slowing the sperm’s aging process to prolong its viability. The scientists found that both the metabolic rate and the level of free radicals of stored sperm were much lower than that of un-stored sperm. By dampening the aging process, females can keep sperm alive almost indefinitely.

I’ve heard some stories in the past about women who get pregnant after their husband dies, or the ones that get pregnant in the middle of her husband’s deployment to a conflict, these women claim that their bodies stored the sperm… maybe there is some truth behind it all… maybe they did not cheat on their husbands and looked for an excuse to not look bad…  Yea who am I kidding, until someone can prove this to me, I’m not going to a Maury Show 30 years after having sex with anyone. Via: PhsyOrg