How to Deal With Internet Trolls

It never fails. You get online to post a video, a picture, an audio clip, or even a story, and you’ll instantly meet a person who’s most insightful and elaborate comment is something taken straight out of a 5th grade recess shouting match. When you try to correct this person, you get a comeback from the 90’s to the effect of – oh yea, well, your mom is an alien! Before long, you realize that you are trapped with a troll.

Trolls are hard to avoid, the only way to completely avoid trolls is to not do anything online. The same way that you would avoid criticism– say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing. Which is not a healthy way of living in my opinion.

These people lurk over forums and video sites waiting for the opportunity to criticize the content provider. They have one goal in mind when they get online – humiliate all the things! Shortly after logging on, they flip their switch to attack mode.

Oscar Wilde once said “ A Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” The same holds true when it comes to commenting on websites under anonymous user names. When you’re far away from a person and the conversation is not happening in real time, you are more prone to make an offensive statement towards someone – after all, there are hundreds of John Does in the world. Additionally, they can simply walk away from the keyboard – it’s easier for someone to throw out their opinion and then leave.

The study took anonymous user names like – XYZTroller – and compared it to John Doe on Facebook, it found that having a name next to your comment had little to no effect. People continued to say mean things and did not apologize for their statements. However, when people are outed – having their mask taken off – they instantly change their ways and attitudes. An excellent example happened in 2012 when Anonymous exposed Kylie Kylem’s trolls, shortly after they were revealed, they walked away with their tails between their legs crying for mercy.

Not all trolls are created equal though, in the infographic listed below, you can clearly see some instances where people who normally do not troll get sucked into a mob mentality and began to attack and insult a person for no apparent cause. They compared cases where people threatened to commit suicide by jumping from buildings, and found out that people in mobs actually encourage the victim to jump – but if the crowd is small, they try to talk them out of jumping.

The infographic is presented by, it offers ways to beat internet trolls at their game and even offers ways to frustrate trolls to help you have a more enjoyable experience online.


The Infinite Jukebox: This Website Will Extend Your Favorite Song Indefinitely

The Music Hack Day event in Boston wasn’t a complete waste this year. It yielded The Infinite Jukebox — a website that creates infinitely long versions of uploaded tracks without making them “suck”. You have a couple of options, upload your own MP3 or play from a selected list.

The Infinite Jukebox was created by Paul Lamere, the director for music intelligence company Echo Nest. The app uses a music service that breaks the entire MP3 into separate beats and segments, then using a “smart” algorithm, it puts it back together after it matches them against other beats in the song that sound the same.

The song then plays the beats and jumps around to different areas depending on what it feels is the “best” place to make it suck less. You see the image at the top? the way it has the arches spanning from one side of the ring to the next? well, these arches determine where the song is going to jump to next. The really cool part, is that it doesn’t jump to that same area all of the time, instead, it randomly selects weather it wants to jump there or not. This randomization keeps the song interesting and new.

The app is designed to work with any song, but it works best if the song has repetition loops. The higher the number of loops, the longer the song is. You can listen to “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillas for over 30 minutes. I love the way this works, I can’t wait to see this in a cellphone app so I can listen to the same – different – song while I travel across the state!

Check Out This Tree Top RC Plane Helicopter Rescue!

I tried to get into the whole RC Plane and toy helicopter craze when it first came out a about 10 years ago, but money got in the way, parents didn’t want to get involved, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life – right behind dropping a jelly covered sandwich face down on my laptop.

Regardless of horrible my parents were at not spoiling me like everyone else, this never made me stop loving helicopters and RC Planes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at getting a helicopter license. Sure, they are complicated, slow, and once you’re going down, you’re practically SOL – you can either die with the chopper, or jump out and hope that the blades don’t rip you a new one. They do have one advantage though, they can hold still, which comes in handy if an expensive R/C P-51 Mustang gets stuck above a tree. Which is exactly what happened in the video posted above. I’m not sure how “legal” this is, or if they have to ask for permission to land in the middle of a back yard, but the pilot and his instructor decided to go down and rescue the plane from the tree tops.

The face and excitement on the people’s faces is amazing, the pilots get a little too exited though and start to throw out some cusswords, but that’s to be expected when you literally flew a helicopter and semi-landed it above some trees to rescue a small toy plane. This could have gone two ways, I’m glad it went the “awesome a helicopter rescued my RC Plane!” and not the “WTF was that pilot thinking landing above the trees to rescue an RC Plane worth a couple hundred bucks!?” Via: Reddit

The Rise of the Cheater

From the student who copies classmates’ homework to the person who lies about their taxes, cheating happens every day and by people of all ages. But before children discover how to cheat, they learn the art of lying. It is estimated that the average child begins to tell lies between the ages of two and three. By age six, children average one lie every hour and a half, and it only gets worse as we grow up. Adult men lie about six times a day and women lie an average of three times a day.

Lying and cheating go hand in hand. When you don’t get caught, you can gain an advantage over others. Children learn this at a young age and begin to cheat as early as elementary school. Cheating has always been an issue in middle school, high school, and college, but thanks to today’s technology it has become an increasingly difficult problem to stop. Sophisticated technology has allowed students to gather and share information in clever ways that are hard for teachers to detect. Smart phones have further fueled this problem, especially in the classroom. Students can cheat by text messaging answers to one another and taking photos of exams.

Cheating doesn’t only take place in schools; it also happens in the workplace. Cheating affects people in every industry, especially fields that are heavily motivated by money, such as sales, retail, marketing, real estate, and consulting. Fierce competition, declining profits, and a bad economy cause many companies and their employees to use dishonest tactics to get your business. Business owners can cheat customers out of money through false advertising, overcharging, withholding information, displacing blame, and many other deceitful business practices. Business owners have been known to cheat their own workers out of wages and benefits, and employees often cheat their employers out of money through embezzlement and fraud. The following graphic by Online Colleges explains the evolution of cheating and how deceit affects our day to day relationships.

Rise of the Cheater Infographic

The Death of Television

Television’s out; the Internet is in. In the past few years, the population of folks getting their television from the Internet has drastically increased. More than one-third of U.S. Internet users are watching videos online every day. And the top sites are exactly what you’d think: Netflix users average over 10 hours per month of video watching time, with YouTube and Hulu coming in at almost three hours a piece. The average Internet video viewer watches 239 videos per month, with an average length of almost six minutes per video. That’s about 28 hours per month — a lot of time away from the TV.

Educational shows are popular on the Internet, but nothing can top good old entertainment. Students are three times more likely to watch content on their laptops than they are on basic cable. It’s easier, probably cheaper, and more convenient. In fact, 83% of 18-29 year olds claim to watch some, most, or all of their favorite television shows online. Not even one-third of this same population feels that they need to own a television set in order to entertain themselves with their favorite shows.

In June of 2012, Netflix viewers streamed one billion hours of content in a single month, for the first time in Internet history. Every Netflix subscriber watches an average of 80 minutes on the site per day, more than 35 hours per month. While television took 80 years to reach an average of 290 million Americans, online streaming video has achieved and audience of about 125 million Americans in less than a decade. Gone are the days of the boob tube; now, it’s the days of YouTube.

The Death of TV


Violent video games actually make gamers more hygienic

As a society, we really have moved past the basic right to personal privacy. Anything you do out in public is more than likely being monitored, whether or not we like it. How we shop, drive, eat, pay for things, or even interact with strangers has become the intense study of corporations, the government, and even other individuals. By and large, this large scale motorization on the smallest details is all in the name of what some larger corporations call “consumer studies.” Target even claims that they know their customers so well that they can identify when a woman is pregnant and exactly how far along she is.

Although there are hundreds of studies done on targeted groups each year, one group in particular continually stands out: gamers. Gamers make up a huge social demographic and companies and researchers alike are increasingly eager to find out and catalog as many details about them and their habits as humanly possible. Especially the level of violence within a game and how it effects said gamer.

Recently, studies are showing that when very inexperienced newbie gamers play increasingly violent video or computer games, their hygiene gets better and they buy more soap.

Seems a little odd, right? Well, popular psychology tells us otherwise with a theory called the Macbeth Effect. Essentially what the theory states is that when a person is initially confronted with general violence and violence against humans, they try to cleanse and purify themselves physically to help deal with the moral and mental distress. Hence the Macbeth reference (Lady Macbeth: “Out damn spot! Out!”).

Although this is more than interesting, and a very far cry from the usual accusation that violence in games brings out the violence in gamers, it should be noted that only 76 newbs participants were followed after playing video games in 15 minute intervals. Dvice Image Credit to: Wallpaper Webs

Businessman buys Texas town, renames it ‘Bikinis’

Guys this one’s for you. Yep. A whole guy centered article featuring most of your favorite things ever in one place: Beers, Bars, Steaks, and Women in Bikinis!

A guy named Doug Guller, who, interestingly, has dubbed himself a “breastaurateur,” and is the owner of the Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill franchise, has recently made the news for his purchase of a Texas ghost town. He made this purchase on Craig’s List and has a whole rebranding scheme for the small town to reflect and expand on his sports bar. No, you did not read that wrong, and yes, we did double check our facts on that one. This guy will indeed essentially be creating a whole town dedicated to bikini clad women.

“Bikinis, TX will be a world class destination and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership,” Guller said in a statement on his website.

Interestingly enough, the town formerly known as Banker-Smith is located just six miles from Luckenbach, another unincorporated community popularized in a 1977 song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. The announcement was made in conjunction with Guller’s declaration that Tuesday was “National Bikinis Day.”

So if your thing is being served burgers and beer by scantily dressed women in bikinis and high heels, then you not only now have the option of tracking down a Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill near you, you can high-tail it to state with all your exes and bask in the awesomeness that is Bikini, Texas.

Bikinis, Texas – Yahoo News

The Amazing Cenote Angelita – The Underwater River in Mexico

In another addition to Tek-Bull’s new segment featuring the earth’s hidden treasures, we’d like to show y’all a river. Yep, just a river in Mexico called the Cenote Anjelita. One that’s already submerged within another river that is.

What we’re talking about is a mini “river” within a river in a submerged cave, known academically as a cenote, in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and flows calmly near the bottom of the cave.

The scientific explanation for this beautiful enigma is really that due to a series of climate and geological changes over many thousands of years, the water is now a briny mix of salt water and hydrogen sulfate, and since this chemical combination is much denser than the regular salt water surrounding it, it sinks to the bottom of the cave and forms its own body of water that acts and flows like a river. Adding to its ambiance and curiosity is the fact that the area has its own flora and fauna, making it even easier to see it as its own river, rather than a denser body of water within another body of water more than 100 feet underwater.

While this otherworldly view is not unheard of (Mexico frequently boasts about their unique and beautiful caverns) it is at least completely stunning when you experience it up close. IMG Credit: Crystal Kiss