Scientists Say We Need to Search the Moon for Alien Traces

Remember when the Moon was kind of a big deal? Since the whole “we need to be the first country on the moon” phase died out, we’ve been locked up our planet.

The video above from Carl Sagan talks about what the space missions were all about. According to him, we really lost “the passion” to go back and search for new things. We didn’t find anything that was of real monetary value, and while we did learn about space, we didn’t find much on the moon – and thus, we never went back.

Professor Paul Davis from Arizona State University and Robert Wagner from Research Technician at the School of Earth & Exploration think the moon has more secrets than we think it does. They published a scientific paper calling for the Search of Alien Artifacts on the Moon.

In their paper they state that while the search for ET has a very low probably of being successful, the mere fact of finding evidence or proof that they exist may re-spark our current search for intelligent life. They argue that while we are doing great advancements on radio technology, we need to be doing more than just looking for radio messages and signals.

Here is what they think happened in the past:

• Alien civilizations may have sent probes to our region of the galaxy.
• Any mission to the solar system would probably have occurred a very long time ago. The lunar environment could preserve artifacts for millions of years.
• Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter provides a photographic database to search for artifacts.
• Searching the LRO database would make an excellent educational project.

They want to start by using photographs from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to search for alien structures – machinery, buildings, and artifacts. The paper states that the cost is very low since the LRO has over 300,000 pictures, and even if they don’t find any signs of alien life, they would learn about the moon in the process.

The researchers believe that if there is something on the moon, it would be in perfect condition since the lunar surface has very little activity now days. They believe that if aliens were on the moon, at one time or another, they probably left signs of – we were here. Davis and Wagner believe that we need to look into the lava caves because it is a possibility that the alien explorers may have installed their bases in these caves millions or thousands of years ago.

In my opinion this would be great, and they are right, we just barely realized that there are small moons circling the Earth, I highly doubt we could detect a probe in our solar system.  While we are making great advancements in our radio signal technology, our scientist should focus on other ways to detect or at least find signs of  life in other planets, or in this case our Moon. Via: The Guardian

Scientists found Pristine Big Bang Gas

The Big Bang theory states that only the lightest elements, like hydrogen, helium, lithium and the hydrogen variant deuterium were formed minutes after the universe’s creation, but no such samples had ever been found, but US scientist found two interstellar clouds that contain the original gas that started it all. The gas only contains original elements created moments after the universe’s creation.  This gas is the equivalent of our stem cells; we could technically forge it into anything that we would want. According to previous research, all of the elements of the earth were forged in the cores of stars. So theoretically, all we would need is a couple of hundred pounds of this gas and forge it into gold, or any other metal we would need.

Unlike anything else in the universe, this “pure” gas has never mixed in with any other element in the galaxy. The existence of this gas, formed minutes after the Universe was created over 13 billion years ago, had been predicted by scientist, but never before observed.

The clouds are located about 12 billion light years away from the Earth inside the Ursa Major and Leo constellations. According to Jason Prochaska from the University of California’s Lick Observatory, they were analyzing the light coming from quasars, when they noticed that the light was passing through a gas that contained nothing but hydrogen and deuterium elements. He said “In some respect we were searching for this, but we had been doing so for years and had been unsuccessful so the discovery was a very welcome surprise,”

I guess is great that we finally have virgin gas, but at 12 billion light years away, This means the gas is probably gone and not even there anymore! You can read the full article in this week’s Science.

World’s Cryptozoologists ComeTogether in Russia to Hunt for Bigfoot

He is known by many names, in Russia he’s the Siberian SnowMan, but to us, he’s known as the Yeti, Sasquatch, or the famous Big Foot. There is a saying that I heard once in a Tv Show that said, Thousands of people can not be seeing something that doesn’t exist, and it’s true. Even though no one has ever confirmed it exists, no one has confirmed it doesn’t exist.

This mythical figure, which many people describe as a large man with long hair and tick fur that walks like a human, has been the topic of discussion amongst many cryptozoologist. Now, they have come together to go and hunt this creature.

This week cryptozoologist, the people that study if creatures exist, are meeting together in Russia so they can take a trip to kemerovo, about 3,000 miles east of Moscow, they will then begin to hunt for the Big Foot. This area of the world has had an increase of big foot sightings and the sightings continue to grow. Several Scientist at the Moscow’s Darwin Museum think that there may be a group of Big Feet living in the area.

Even though there are pictures, and videos of big foot, the video is always obtained with some old camera. It’s 2010 and the only person that sees big foot is either an amateur video photographer, or some hunter with a cellphone, I was getting video of nature and really wanted to capture nature at it’s purest using a grainy filter when suddenly, Bigfoot appeared, I grabbed my 1900’s camera and took  a photo…

Lets see what they can find, and let’s hope to god that they have good HD cameras with them. The main belief is that for some reason a group of Neanderthals actually survived and they are now living in a small community. I know it sounds retarded, but when has science not sounded retarded? Good luck to them!

BBC News

Scientist can now record your dreams and turn them into a video.

This is perhaps the coolest thing that has come through my computer screen in a long while. This is also as awesome as neuroscience gets. The image above may not look to fantastic, the one of the left was shown to a test subject. He was told to think about the image, the image to the right is what a computer attached to his head recreated from his bare thoughts. So yes, it looks like a worn out picture of the Mona Lisa but regardless this technology is amazing.

The video at the bottom shows us some everyday clips, and – thanks to some super-advanced brain imaging and computer simulations – how those clips are seen inside our brains. The people responsible for this amazing breakthrough are the researchers at UC Berkeley. They used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and some seriously complex computational models to figure out what images our minds create when presented with movie and TV clips. This is a great start, very soon we’ll be able to have our very own DVD recorders that record our thoughts.  Read more about this story at: the Berkeley website, and I09

Our Universe may Have Crashed Agaisnt Other Universes

According to a couple of researchers, our universe has crashed against four other universes in the past.  The theory states that just outside our very universe, other universes are constantly appearing and disappearing. Each one of them have their own bubble of space and time. For the most part, these universes are so far away from our own universe, that they don’t crash against us or even bother our existence, but sometimes, one of them springs up right next to ours and it crashes onto our universe. Another good thing that we have going for us, is our size, from the looks of it, our universe is bigger than the other universes.

According to a group of cosmologist from the University College London, when our universe get’s smacked by another universe, the crash tends to leave a mark. The mark resembles a disk like pattern made out of microwave radiation, these marks stay with the universe for billions of years, and the Scientists have found a total of 4 marks in our universe. Meaning it’s crashed “at minimum” four times.

Even though they found what they believe is a multi-universe collision, they said that they still need a whole bunch of data to really conclude the existence of other universes. Thanks to our microwave satellites, sometime in 2013 we’ll be able to know if there are other universes out there. And if there are… well… I think it’s just going to be sad and depressing. Knowing that there are other universes out there… even half the size of our universe is just to much to comprehend, what’s the point of travel at that time? we can’t even land a human on Mars yet, and were supposed to go outside of our universe and onto another one? bummer… at least this is good news for the possible existence of other life forms.

Via Science Blog

WISE Finds the Very First Earth Trojan

There is an old saying that says “Everything has it’s shadows,” and planet Earth has a “shadow” per-say. In reality it’s an asteroid that more or less shares an orbit with the Earth.  The asteroid is about 300 meters wide, and it’s the very first Earth Trojan Asteroid. Up till now, these little boogers were only a theory, but thanks to NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer or (WISE) that theory has become a reality.

The asteroid is called the Tk7 and is trailing behind the  Earth about 50 million miles away, it’s actually pretty surprising we see it at all from that distance! because of the location of the asteroid, we can only see it during the day light. But thanks to WISE, we are able to see the asteroid in Infrared.

Okay, so I’m guessing the Asteroid would be inside the Habitable zone right?since it’s on the same orbit as the Earth, but still, scientist think that the rock is around the freezing point of water. Which makes me wonder… what really is the habitable zone?

According to the scientist, if you have a large body like the Sun, and then you have a small “good size” object like the Earth, then there are some points in the orbit where if you place something, it’ll stay there without any problem. ONLY if it is placed on one of the 5 Lagrangian Points. Two of the 5 points have a pretty good stable field, meaning that if you put up a small object it’ll sit there even when you have something pushing it around a little. The way Discovery described it like a small dip in flat table. Put a marble there and it’ll stay put, even if you push it a little. It’ll fall back into place in the center of the dip. But, pushing stronger than the dip, will make it roll out of control. That dip is located at the L4 and the L5 points.

The other three points are stable as long as nothing perturbs it, using the same example as before, it would be like placing a marble on a flat surface, if you barely touch it, it will roll off the table.

So this Trojan asteroid is always at about the same distance, as the earth, and I thought “why not send humans to explore that rock and learn about it since it’s always there” but the only problem is that the asteroid is moving in a sideways “S” pattern, so every time they check the orbit, the asteroid is way to high above the Earth’s orbit, or way to low the earth’s orbit. This pattern makes putting a satellite on the asteroid extremely difficult. Landing a human, is even harder.

How the US Inspired the Creation of the Godzilla Movies

The Godzilla movies were amazing, at the time they were possibly one of the best films in “history.” This was perhaps one of the first movies that had City Destroying Monsters as the main Character, but where did it come from?

As a child, these movies scared the life out of me, animals already look and act mean enough, now imagine a Snake, or a Lizard, or even an Ant, the size of a sky scraper. As an adult, the movies look more like a child’s play in pre-school. But where did the whole idea of creating a radio active monster come from? well, against popular belief, Godzilla was not kicked out of the NFL and got mad at the world then started stumping away at Japan. you’ll be shocked to know that the US had a HUGE influence on the monster’s creation.

It all started on March 1, 1954 when Daigo Fukuryu Maru or Lucky Dragon 5, a Japanese tuna fish was contaminated from nuclear fallout from the United States Castle Bravo thermonuclear device test on Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands that were used by USA to run nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s.

During this “trial period” the United States gave Japan a map with circles labeled the “Danger Zone” meaning that boats inside the zone would get nuclear fall out and to keep any boats outside of the Nuclear Fallout zone at all times.

So, on March 1, 1954, the Daigo Fukuryo Maru went out on their fishing expeditions. The boat departed their station in Yaizu Japan, 23 fisher men were given the task to catch Tuna near the Marshall Islands where the USA was performing nuclear tests.

When the test was held on that day, the  Daigo Fukuryu Maru was catching fish well outside the danger zone. However, the test was over twice as wide the danger zone. Additionally, the wind was blowing towards the direction of the fishermen and it blew nuclear fallout in shape of ash made from calcined coral that had absorbed highly radioactive fission products.

The fishermen began to scoop up the ash with their bare hands and dumping it over the sea, but the ash kept on raining over their heads and it stuck to everything it touched. The Daigo Fukuryu Maru returned to shore and delivered it’s cargo to be sold into the fish market. Several days later the Fishermen began to die from radiation sickness, after the symptoms, the fisher men called nuclear fall out, “shi no hai” or death ash.

Of course, the US denied the whole thing and blamed it on the Russians, additionally the US did not want to tell the Doctors what kind of Composition the ash was made off, Uranium – 237, because they felt that it could reveal how the bomb was made. Instead the us paid  the family of the affected $2,000.

The news eventually hit the Japanese community, and speculation began to spread like wild fire. Uncertainty about what the fallout could do to humans and how it could mutate cells brought up many questions. What happened to the fish that were sold in the market? who ate those fish? and what if… out in the Marshall lands, animals were exposed to the Nuclear Fallout, how did the fallout affect their bodies? and thus… Godzilla came to existence.  At that time, the United States felt that Godzilla could turn into an Anti-American movement so the United States and Japan quickly negotiated an agreement for $2 million dollars to keep the incident under wraps.

The movie Gojira (Godzilla) sold over 9 million tickets when it was released in Japan, it quickly became the Icon, and many more movies followed after. Including Godzilla v/s King Kong and MechaGodzilla etc. Other movies jumped into the trend of giant monsters mutated by nuclear fallout or toxic spills, movies like Ants, Deadly Mantis, Black Scorpion, and many more. Made millions of dollars in the “giant bug” bubble. Via: Wikipedia

This machine ‘grows gadgets’ atom by atom

So there is a machine that is called the MBE, it’s named after a process that it uses to create everything from LED’s to laser components straight out of what seems, thin air. The engineers in the UK are actually using this machine to figure out how they can create gadgets and regular every day objects like high end electronics etc.

So just in case you are wondering what MBE Stands for it means Molecular Beam Epitaxy, which really can be translated into tiny crystalline structures that are layered together to form 3D objects. The same way the 3D printer prints the objects, except this uses Atoms.

Pretty much if this keeps on going the way it is, very soon we’ll be able to buy one of these machines, and quite literally install one in our homes, then, just like a printer at home, we’ll be able to shop online for a gadget, and have it automatically materialized in our homes. Check out the video of the day and enjoy what these scientist are making now days.