The Secret Plot Where Nazis Planned to Assassinate Winston Churchill with Exploding Chocolate

Hitler and the third Reich are well known today for their infamous and horrible exploits during the Second World War. But while the world was trying to stop the maniacal mass killings and tyranny of Hitler, we now know that Hitler was also trying to assassinate key members of the Ally powers like British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Churchill was a power house in his day and well known for his love of a few fancy indulgences. Cigars, rare brandy, and expensive sweets were just a few items that made his list. Taking the well-known mantra “know your enemy” to new heights, Hitler initiated a plot to take Churchill’s love of fine chocolate and make it his downfall through the means of exploding chocolate.

Kind of sounds like a joke, right? Well, it definitely wasn’t. The general plot included bomb makers having to coat very small, but very powerful, explosives in layers of dark chocolate, and then wrapping them up in official, and expensive, looking gold paper. The plan was then to send the murderous chocolate to a dining room known to be used by Churchill.

The small bomb was said to work in the following manner: After the bomb was covered with Chocolate, the Inside would hold a high explosive with a 7 second delay mechanism…When you break off a piece of chocolate at one end in the normal way, instead of it falling away, a piece of canvas is revealed stuck into the middle of the piece which would then begin to tick before exploding, hopefully inside his mouth.

But, thankfully, one of Bond’s own MI5 agents, Lord Victor Rothschild, along with several other British spies, discovered the plot and had an artist, Laurence Fish, draw up posters of the tasty weapon on May 4, 1943 to help people keep an eye out for it. The documents that revealed this plot came to be discovered by Fish’s wife after his death at the age of 89. She found the letters from Rothschild to her husband in his possessions and then gave them to the authorities to be kept with similar war time documents. No wonder they say that chocolate is only as good as it’s last bite. Via: Yahoo

Life in the Fifties Was so Much Simpler Than it is Today

Life in the fifties was much more simpler than it is today, there were fewer regulations and people just didn’t care as much as they do now. Of course, just because it was simpler it didn’t mean that it was safer. Take the image to the left for example, “Burn old flashlight batteries in the fireplace now and then. The burning zinc may help revent scoot formation, and the metals and chemicals make colorful flames.” because we all know that’s a good idea right?

Now days, don’t you ever think about doing something like that – almost everything known to man is known to cause cancer in the state of California.

Still a funny picture though, these people were our parents… the images at the bottom are just a small collection of news paper trimmings from the past that make us wonder just what in the heck were they thinking? Smoking is god for you, tape worms are the new hype, sugar keeps you skinny, no wonder we have the kind of culture we have now.

A “Failed” Future Prediction According To 1956

Every year or so, someone comes up with a set of predictions that are supposed to inspire us, and give us some sort of goals for the future. Like the whole Flying car, we all know what happened with that. But at the time, it inspired the engineers to be the first ones to create this flying contraption. It created some sort of “race” to see which startup company would be offering the first vehicle by the year 2000.

Pushing flying cars to the side, other people give out predictions about the economy, wars, peace times, and accidents that are going to happen. The Image to the left reads:

The Year is 1990, The World Is At Peace War And Crime Have Been Eliminated.

Sadly, the image was supposed to symbolise a time of peace and serenity… and we haven’t seen either one of those times. I guess we can always change the year: The Year is XXXX The World Is At Peace War And Crime Have Been Eliminated : and just keep on changing the year until We no longer exist. As long as Humans are alive, War and Crime are always going to be a problem…farmthis, a Reddit User, couldn’t of have said it any better: The year is 2012. War is an essential economic driver and never-ending. Prisons are privatised and for-profit. “crimes” are handed out like candy at a parade.

Giles Corey Was a Real Badass in History

You probably have no idea as to who this guy is, but in the 1690’s this old man died in a  form of torture where they would place stones above your body until you were “pressed” to death. Giles was a farmer, but in 1692 Ann Putnam, Jr., Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams, accused him of witchcraft.

Ann Putnam claimed that on April 13, the specter of Giles visited her and asked her to write in the Devil’s book. She also claimed that a ghost appeared to her and told her that Corey had murdered him. Really, this was all a scam, the girls would call witchcraft on a farmer, the state would then come in and try to kill the farmer UNLESS they turned over the rights of the land to another person – in this case Giles neighbour.

The court was going to take Giles to trial, find him guilty of witchcraft, kill him, then take his land and give it to the neighbour. At the time, the only way to do this is if a person declares themselves Guilty or Innocent. Since Giles never declared either one of them, on September 17, Sheriff George Corwin led Corey to a pit in the open field beside the jail and in accordance with the law, before the Court and witnesses, stripped Giles of his clothing, laid him on the ground in the pit, and placed boards on his chest. Six men then lifted heavy stones, placing them one by one, on his stomach and chest. Giles Corey did not cry out, let alone make a plea.

After two days, Giles was asked three times to plead innocent or guilty to witchcraft. Each time he replied, “More weight.” More and more rocks were piled on him, and the Sheriff from time to time would stand on the boulders staring down at Corey’s bulging eyes. Robert Calef, who was a witness along with other townsfolk, later said, “In the pressing, Giles Corey’s tongue was pressed out of his mouth; the Sheriff, with his cane, forced it in again.”

Three mouthfuls of bread and water were fed to the old man during his many hours of pain. Finally, Giles Corey cried out “More weight!” and died. Supposedly, just before his death, he cursed Sheriff Corwin and the entire town of Salem. Since Corey refused to plead, he died in full possession of his estate, which would otherwise have been forfeited to the government. It passed on to his two sons-in-law, in accordance to his will.” and THAT’S why Giles Corey was a total Bad Ass in history. Via: Wikipedia

Dating Advice from the 1930’s – Things Sure Have Changed

Dating has changed over the decades, its gone way beyond the clothes people wear on first dates. Now days, people have to “dress to impress” but once you’re on a date, it’s all about being yourself.

Back in the 30’s things were a lot different than they are now. For starters, people were more concerned with how the guy was treated over how the female was treated. It seems like we males were on top of the world.

The images at the bottom have some advice for women when they are going out on dates. From the advice, it makes us seem as if we are a different species – “Men do not like when you ignore them, men like attention” – See what I mean? It’s as if were some sort of cave men. Via-Reddit

Voyager 1 Becomes the Furthest Man Made Object In Space at .001 light years away

Voyager 1 is the furthest object in space, at over 11 Billion miles away from the sun. The video I posted above talks about some of the achievements that voyager has acomplished, and where it’s headed to. This is extremely important for a couple of reasons:

One: 11 billion miles is very very far away. It’s almost 4 times further than Pluto is from the sun. From that distance, the sun looks like any other start.

Two: Even though this 11 billion miles from the sun is the furthest we’ve ever traveled, this distance is only 0.0018 light years away. It has traveled a little more than one day.

The reason Number 2 is so important, is because you need to understand a couple of things out this achievement. NASA is currently finding planets that are 600 light years away, in galactic terms that’s right across the street, but in our time, that’s thousands of years. In 34 years, Voyager 1 has traveled about 2 “light” days. So you see why these planets next door are not as close as they really seam?

Voyager is the first object in the solar system to cross our solar system barrier. If you’re wondering how the researchers figured this out is by using a sensor that measures the charged particles that our sun emits, these same particles are the same ones that create our auroras in the poles. As the satellite continues to travel further away, these particles start to slow down and eventually die off to an unidentifiable signal – Voyager is no longer able to determine where our Sun is by using these particles.

Additionally, Voyager’s instruments began to detect other solar particles that are blowing from the opposite direction, scientist still don’t know where these particles are coming from, what voyager is going to encounter in outer galaxy, and for the first time in our history – everything that Voyager 1 will encounter is going to be completely New and never before seen before.

Voyager still has enough fuel to continue for another 1.5 billion miles, or about 9 more years. At that time, Voyager will continue to send us data but will no longer be pushed out to the galaxy, it will then only be floating away until it gets dragged on to another object’s gravitational force, or it bumps into something. Eventually, Voyager will no longer be able to communicate with our researchers back on Earth. When that happens, voyager will be more of a monument of where we come from, carrying the golden disk to let everyone know – we are here.


7 Reasons to Still Love Recordable CDs

Compact discs have been available to the public since 1982 when they were first commercially released, and in 1988 the Taiyo Yuden CD-R became the first recordable CD to hit the market, thanks to the invention of a special dye that enabled CD-Rs to be compatible with players.

Now that over twenty years have passed, consumers have various optical media to choose from with much larger sizes than the CD’s 720 MB capacity. Here are eight reasons, however, why people still love to use recordable CDs instead of DVD or Blu-ray.

1.    Cost

When compared to other storage media, CDs are the least expensive way to go. A premium Taiyo Yuden CD-R goes for as low as 22 cents and other brands cost even less. While a CD’s storage capacity is not enough for large-scale backup and file sharing purposes, they are great for other needs, such as storing documents and single music albums. CD-ROM drives are also still available in some stores for only $10, though most new computers use DVD drives instead.

2.    Speed

No other optical disc medium can match the write speed of a CD-R. The fastest Blu-ray BD-R writes at 12x, while DVDs write at double this amount. Neither of these compare to the 52x speed of a CD-R, however, making it the best choice for burning a large number of discs quickly.

3.    Compatibility

Since the CD is the oldest kind of optical disc used today, they are extremely compatible with all kinds of hardware. DVD and Blu-ray players, for example, both offer backwards compatibility that enables them to play most CDs. This is especially important when considering using Archival grade discs for long-term storage, as CDs are more likely to be readable 100 years in the future due to the format’s simplicity.

4.    Size

Recordable CDs also come in different sizes that allow them to become much more portable than a DVD or Blu-ray disc. Pocket CDs, for instance, can be inserted into clear plastic the size of a business card, and some job hunters use these as a “digital resume” to hand to prospective employers.

5.    Risk

While disposable technology is not exactly great for the environment, consumers do enjoy the convenience of having a cheap product that can be easily replaced if damaged. Recordable CDs are great for environments where optical discs can become easily destroyed because multiple copies can be made quickly and cheaply.

6.    Cars

Even though many new car stereos offer Smart Phone and USB compatibility, most users still have equipment that can only play CDs because they tend to upgrade these systems less often. Using CD-Rs to burn music mixes for long road trips is a better alternative than listening to radio stations that constantly play the same songs.

7.    Music

Lastly, the music industry still uses CDs instead of DVD or Blu-ray to distribute music because they can be mass-produced with ease. Also, the CD is tailor-made for music artists because a full album is meant to fit on a single disc. Even though producers are slowly changing the way they distribute albums by releasing singles through iTunes and other MP3 sites, artists who want to distribute their music at live shows still choose the CD.

Brandi Tolleson is a media guru living in the Los Angeles area.

The Top 5 Anonymous Attacks To Date

Anonymous has been on the news lately, but just in case you don’t know who or what they are they pretty much are an unorganized “organized” group of hacktivist that are accused by the police for starting “active civil disobedience.” They spread this so called “civil disobedience” via the internet. According to Wikipedia the group is said to have originated back in 2003 on the image board 4chan.

Anonymous is now a digitized global brain of an anarchic group of people and no one knows who they are. Their logo of a business suit without a head is supposed to represent a leaderless organization and anonymity.

Now that you have a basic idea of who they are, here are the top ten attacks by anonymous. And while they are called “attacks” keep in mind that most of these attacks were against large companies and not the users, so while many people claim that they (anonymous) is hurting the user, in reality they are only attacking the large corporations.

–Number One —

The first attack is going to be from 2008, this is perhaps the first time the group gained some serious media attention. The attack was called: Project Chanology – This attack was against the church of Scientology. On January 14, 2008, the church produced a video where they interviewed Tom Cruise, later on the day, the video landed on Youtube. One of the main problems with the Church of Scientology is the fact that Scientology is legally recognized as a taxexempt religion in the United States and other countries. After the release of the video, on January 21, 2008, Anonymous posted the video at the bottom on youtube as a response to the Scientology video.

So what happened?: Well, project Chanology started off with a couple of DDoS Attacks against the Scientology websites, the attack escalated into a more “physical” form by flooding the Scientology centers and churches with black faxes. The group then began to prank call several centers non stop. Anonymous managed to take down several websites effectively forcing to move to Prolexic Technologies, a company that guards websites from DDoS attacks. On January 24, 2008, Anonymous launched a huge attack against the attack had more than 60,000 computers accessing the website at the same time. By January 25, 2008 The church of Scientology’s website was officially taken down by Anonymous. Anonymous protested around the world throughout the year and it brought thousands of protesters to the front of Scientology Churches.

–Number Two–

Operation Didgeridie & Titstorm: Back in September of 2009 Anonymous came back into the picture, this time it was protecting the “civil rights” of the Australian people. The Aussie Gov. began to block several websites from being accessed, they planned for ISP-Level censorship of the internet. This angered several Australians since they were denied the freedom of Information. Finally, on September 9, Anonymous took down the prime minister’s website with a DDoS attack. The attack was less than organized and it only lasted about one hour, but it managed to get the point across. Several month’s later on February 10, 2010 Anonymous uploaded the video to the right as a warning to the Australian Government, but more importantly, it was addressed to Kevin Rudd and Channel Seven News.

So what happened?: At about 8:00 AM, they launched the attack they had warned about in the video, a more sophisticated attack called “Operation Titstorm” they defaced the prime minister’s website by placing pornographic images of small breasted women and images of female ejaculation. Anonymous then took down the Australian Parliament House website for three days straight, Anonymous almost managed to take down the Department of Communications’ website. The only reason they were unable to take down the Website was because the government was expecting the attack. However, these attacks effectively slowed down the censorship, on July 2010, Conroy, the guy in charge of the censorship, delayed implementing the plan pending a 12-month review.

–Number Three–

Operations Payback, and Avenge Assange: in 2010, there was a huge attack against websites that did not follow software take down notices. According to the “film” companies, websites were instructed to take down pirated software, images, and videos. However, after the websites failed to follow the notices, the companies hired Aiplex Software to launch DDoS attacks against those websites. On September 2010 Operation Payback was launched by Anonymous to attack Aiplex Software directly, unfortunately a couple of hours before the attack, Anonymous found out that Aiplex Software was already down by another person, Operation Payback re-targeted their attacks against websites of copyright stringent organizations and law firms. In December 2010, wikileaks came under intense pressure to stop publishing secret information. In response, anonymous re-targeted their attack to support WikiLeaks. And then, on April 2011, Anonymous again changed their attack, to attack the Media Giant Sony named OpSony, while this was considered a different attack, it was still part of Operation Payback. The reason Anonymous took down Sony was because of the legal action against George Hotz (GeoHot) the hacker that Jail Broke his Play Station 3, to give it access to other features that were taken out of the system. Overall, Operation Payback was an attack with three different operations.

So what happened?: On the first attack, Anonymous began to attack anti-piracy websites and organizations effectively taking down several webpages. Including ACS Law, when ACS Law’s website came back online, Anonymous released a 350MB series of documents The documents had e-mails and Some of the emails contained unencrypted Excel spreadsheets, that had the names and addresses of people that ACS law had accused of illegally sharing media. Later that month, VA office of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver law firm – was evacuated by the police after an emailed bomb threat was received

The second attack was a DDoS against Amazon, Paypal, Visa, Master card, and a Swiss Bank Post Finance in retaliation of the companies cancelling services and funding to WikiLeaks members. The operation was called Avenge Assenge, the attacks effectively took down Visa and MaserCard’s websites on December 8. At the same time, Anonymous took down a Swedish Prosecutor’s website after Julian Assange was arrested in London and was refused bail.

The last attack was Operation OpSony, the operation took down the entire playstation network. While many people claim that Anonymous was not involved, they were still blamed for the actions. The network was down for several weeks on end, and even after they returned back online, they were taken down a second time. Out of these three attacks, there was only one video put out by Anonymous, which is the video posted above.

–Number Four–

Attack on HB Garry Federal: On February 5, 2011 Aaron Barr the chief executive of the Security firm HBGary Federal stated that his firm had actually infiltrated the Anonymous group. He stated that instead of handing over the identity and information of the anonymous users, he was going to release their information on a later date in a conference in San Francisco. 

So what happened?: Well, Anonymous got pissed simple as that, In retaliation Anonymous hacked the website of HBGary Federal and replaced the welcome page with a message that said you should not mess with anonymous, and that the website hack was necessary to defend itself. Anonymous used a series of attacks and other types of techniques, they used Social engineering and SQL Injections. After the attack, anonymous took control of the companies e-mail, and dumped over 68,000 e-mails from the system erasing files and even taking down the companies phone system. Among the documents that were hacked was a Power Point presentation that was called “the Wikileaks Threat” that was put together by HBGary and it pointed out important contributors to wikileaks, they even had a strategic plan to attack the website. If that wasn’t enough, anonymous took control of Aaron Barr’s twitter account and posted Mr. Barr’s home address and social security number. After the attacks, they continued to send black faxes to the company and also made phone calls with threat messages.

–Number 5–

The attack against the Westboro Church: We all know how what happened on this one, on February 16, 2011 anonymous sent out an open letter to the church stating to “Cease and desist your protest campaign in the year 2011, close your websites. Should you ignore this warning, the propaganda and testable doctrine that you promote will be eradicated; the damage incurred will be irreversible and neither your institution nor your congregation will ever be able to fully recover.” Well, on February 19, 2011 the church sent them a message back and they told anonymous to “bring it on” and in a matter of hours they did. Anonymous responded by calling them “professional trolls” and the screaming and shouting battle got started, The church called them Nerds, anonymous called them other worse names etc. Eventually instead of attacking the church’s website, anonymous opted against that because they were afraid that the church would gain further publicity. Instead anonymous suggested to send male prostitutes to “rape their a$$es”  That and at the time Anonymous was focusing their efforts in the 2011 Libyan protests.  Anonymous stated that they did not want to attack because “when anonymous says we support free speech, we mean it. We count the church among our anonymous forebears: we disapprove of what you say, but we will defend to the death your right to say it”

So what happened?: Well, WBC kept on attacking Anonymous and one time during an interview with an alleged anonymous user took down the Westboro Website down. You can see the video at the bottom to see it in action.

So what happens next? Well On August 2011, someone created an account on Twitter with the name OP_Facebook and announced the “Operation Facebook“.  The account claims that they will take Facebook down on November 5, 2011. And of course anonymous will continue to grow as websites and companies continue to try and abuse their privileges.