Top 5 iPod Touch Music Apps

It’s hard to believe that the first iPod Touch was released back in 2007. Since the first generation of everyone’s favourite media playing device, the Touch has improved dramatically, and in one area in particular – apps! There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPod Touch from games to educational apps; however, since the roots of the iPod are firmly established in music, it is only fair to keep it about the music. Therefore, it has been decided to seek out the best iPod Touch music apps and place them in a top 10 list for your reading (and then downloading) pleasure.

Don’t worry iPhone owners, the iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone, they’re even confused really often, so all apps featured in the list are fully compatible with your device.

1) Pandora Radio

One of the most popular apps on iOS, Pandora Radio brings internet radio direct to your ears. It is easy to use and compiles music playlists based on your preferred genres. The free app gives you 40 hours’ worth of free music per month and if that’s not enough you can upgrade to unlimited usage for just $0.99!

2) Spotify

Spotify is quite simply the best music streaming app there is. Having this app will mean having access to just about every song under the sun and you can even listen to playlists offline. Some music artists might not like Spotify, but we certainly do!

3) Shazam

We have all been in the position where we have heard a song on television or radio and not known, or worse, couldn’t remember who sings it. Well this is where Shazam comes in. The app provides musical identification, giving you the title of a song and name of an artist after hearing just ten seconds of a song!

4) Band of the Day

If you like your new music, Band of the Day is a great app. Install this app on your iPod or iPhone and it will provide you with songs from a new band every day. As well as the songs by a certain new artist, you will see a nice little information package telling you about their music.

5) GarageBand

Ok, so we’ve talked about listening to music but what about making it? Welcome to GarageBand. This app is the ultimate song sketching solution, providing a range of Touch and Smart instruments, guitar amps, stompboxes and an eight-track sequencer – a must-have app for making music on the move.

Image Credit to :M-S-Y

Spider Silk Turned into Violin Strings

As someone who is unnaturally freaked out by spiders, the idea of a musical instrument’s strings being made from spider silk sort of gave me an unnerving feeling; however, the actual process of how this came about was very intriguing.

Dr. Shigeyoshi Osaki of Japan’s Nara Medical University used the dragline silk of 300 female Nephilia maculata, a species of “golden orb-weavers” known for having complex webs, to create actual strings for a violin. Each string required Osaki to twist 3,000 to 5,000 strands of silk into one “bundle” going in the same direction. Then he twisted three of the bundles in the opposite direction to form the actual strings that would be used.

Once the strings were made, Dr. Osaki had to test the strength.  This was important because he wanted to them to uphold like any professional violinist would expect while performing. The strings could withstand more tension than aluminum-coated nylon-core string, but not as much as a more traditional but less frequently used gut string.

An electron microscope revealed that the twisting had changed the “filaments from circular to polygonal,” and this caused no space to exist between the strings. According to Dr. Osaki this particular feature is what not only gives the strings their strength but “unique tone.”

He stated, “The violin strings are a novel practical use for spider silk as a kind of high value-added product, and offer a distinctive type of timbre for both violin players and music lovers worldwide.”

So for the rest of the population that has a creepy crawling sensation when thinking of spider webs, there may actually be something very appealing starting here that can change the outlook of spiders.

New App Has the Potential to Change the Way Live Music Is Seen.

If someone says that they do not like music, they are undoubtedly compulsive liars or something to that extent. Everyone has at least one type of music that they have to listen to. Many people own an iPod or some other form of mp3 player to keep their music handy, and many also have turned their phones into an active radio.

So, the new app  ThrillCall is right down everyone’s path. It works the same way as the name’s actual website to locate musical performances. The main difference is that having the application handy on a phone at all times will make it so that people can be out and about and just decide to go hear some music. The app works to let people find whoever is playing at that time in their vicinity. They can then purchase tickets right off of their phone.

The app works for the moment to help find local upcoming shows and to find any special offers. It also lets the individual update their social status and let the world know what show they will be attending.

A special feature called “flash” lets individuals find tickets that are for the exact minute or that night. This feature is currently on running for those living in San Francisco at the moment, but hopefully that will change in the future. This app is also only currently available in the Apple App Store, but Android users should be able to start using it in the near future.

With the app’s up to date data and reporting of favorite band events, this app can significantly impact the way that people buy tickets. If the “flash” feature is expanded it will seriously change the way people go see shows because people that are out and just looking for something to do for the night can easily access great music. This has the potential to let more people see a larger amount of live shows.

New P2P Sharing to End TV

Bram Cohen, the author of peer to peer sharing protocol, announced his newest creation yesterday at SF Music Tech Summit.  This would be BitTorrent Live, and it lets anyone with content they would like to publish do so at very little cost and to millions of people.

This new peer sharing network is being destined to become the future of viewing video and make television the way we know it obsolete.  Users can put anything that they wish on BitTorrent Live including:  news, events, TV shows, movies, sports, and anything else that can be recorded.

Cohen told Tech Crunch at the event, “My goal is to kill off television.”  He realizes that TV the way it is, is headed for an out anyway.  People want to watch the content, but they want it available online.  Above all they want it to be affordable.

This level of P2P will allow anyone with content they want to broadcast to be able to do so and be very affordable to do so in the process.  Even those that already stream such as Netflix and Hulu will be able to reduce their prices with this type of technology.  It will start to diminish the greedy entertainment industry that has greatly been showing its colors as of late.

This idea works a lot like normal torrent downloads in that an individual is capable of finding other individuals to stream the video from and not from a central source.  Those that upload videos and do not want to profit will be able to use BitTorrent Live at no cost.  Those who do want to profit will be charged a small fee.  This is still largely different than the millions that are devoted to advertisement now.

“It fits the DNA of what BitTorrent is about because it is open and free,” said Cohen.

The main problem with this technology at the moment is cost.  To stream the way television does requires the bandwidth that cable companies have already paid to have, not to mention satellites to provide better streaming.  In the meantime the beta is available for people to try out, and the only requirement is a one time download.  It will run straight out of the user’s browser after that.

Bad Lip Reading is way more awesome than Auto-Tune

Remember when Autotuning the news was awesome? Everyone started doing it, the videos got old and boring after the first few that came out. A new hype has been coming along since the olden days – 4 months ago – which if you know anything about the internet, in 4 months you go though several generations of hypes.

This new thing is called “Bad Lip Reading” and just recently the online group known as BLR has just released the video above:

“We’ve been out of brownies, rice and we miss pork chops in summer. And that’s why Beefaroni, garlic, peanut butter, ice cream, purple flowers, the hope would smash my windows.”  the “leader of the free world” was this week’s victim in a hilarious parody video clip titled “Trick the Bridesmaid” just recently they had Rick Perry:

“what’s good is getting these goats for our computer industry.” He also dives into rambling sentences about food, including Doritos, tamales, and ice cream.

The amazing part about this group is how accurate they make songs to fit perfectly with what the “victim” is saying. Check them out, but here is a fair warning, most of the videos are a little foul mouthed so be careful when you watch them.

Incredible First-Person Office Escape

This is an awesome video of a guy who was ready for a fight. The producers of Biting Elbows created a live-action film of a man’s daring escape through an office building. I don’t know what he was stealing, but it looked important. I love short action films made on a low budget.

Something to really pick up on though, the soundtrack that went with the movie really added some cool effect. Had it been a different kind of song, I don’t think the movie would of been as cool. Check out other awesome videos at: Biting Elbows

MySpace 3.0 is Getting Revamped Into A Music Site

Have you ever heard the  story about the little engine that can? well, MySpace fits that story very well. For some reason MySpace does not want to stay out of the Social media realm and the once dead social giant is getting rebooted.

MySpace’s new senior VP of global marketing Al Dejewski said that he’s working on a new focus for the site that will rely heavily on the music hub and create a site that will compete against iTunes, Spotify, and Vevo.

“No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs.”“We have over 70 million active users globally on a monthly basis, and in the U.S. it’s in the 30 [million] to 40 million range right now,” Mr. Dejewski said. “It’s no small database by any means. While we may have lost some traction to people like Facebook, things like LinkedIn are a very different proposition in my mind. We have a very broad reach and footprint today and one we can capitalize upon, no question about it.”

So it looks like were going to have yet another music streaming website available for us. The only good thing about this possible future MySpace revamp is that it will open up a new service for all the bands that are barely starting up into the music world. Sure, iTunes and Spotify have hundreds of songs to chose from, but most of the songs are from professional artists and bands. But what happens to all the little local bands? If it wasn’t for MySpace most of them go unnoticed.

We already know that MySpace has lost the fight of the social networks, but I think it still has a very strong chance at doing something with it’s music section of the site. Let’s hope that Specific Media has a very ingenious plan up it’s sleeve to give MySpace a second breath.

Via AdAge

Throught the Fire and Flames Lego Edition

Lego’s are awesome, but you don’t always need to make a 3D model to make something cool out of them. In this case used a flat Lego board to re-create the guitar frets of guitar hero and play through the fire and flames. This stop motion animation is superb and down extremely accurate to the sound. You’ll really enjoy it, make sure you check out Fuzzletop’s channel for other videos similar to this one.