Netflix Stocks are Going To $hi7!

Well there goes my Netflix Stock… I don’t know what’s going on within your brains Netflix, but you make it harder for me to love you as much as I have been loving you in the past. I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix movies on my cellphone while i’m at work, now that Netflix has the App for the android. When I’m at  home, I continue to enjoy the movies that come in through my Xbox, and every once in a while, I enjoy a DVD or two that come by the mail.

Then I get online to check out my portfolio… and I notice that my bread maker dropped over 30% in the closing hours. This drastic loss came after Netflix announced that they lost 810,000 subscribers. And really I couldn’t blame them for leaving.

The loss came because of the spike increase that Netflix decided to pull off earlier this year. The price hike angered many people, including me, but not to much since I still enjoyed their movies while I was on the go.

Then they raised the prices again, and announced that they were splitting up the company in two. The DVD portion of the company was going to be called Qwikster. The streaming portion of the company was going to stat as Netflix… bu then they cancelled the split and they decided not to split out up the company due to negative media problems. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix sent out an apology letter because he knew we were all pissed at the change.

The main apology was: We will listen to our members more… it was insinuated in the following line of the letter –

“Qwikster became the symbol of Netflix not listening. We quickly changed course on that, and we’re going to stick with DVDs as part of the Netflix brand.”

The price drop on the stock market for Netflix was huge when you look at the subscriber base. The prices dropped by over %30 for 810,000 subscribers. Netflix has about 21.4 million other members that still use streaming, and 13.9 million DVD subscribers. So there really is no reason for that big of a price drop, so I’m sure things will pick back up… that is unless Netflix screws up again before the next quarter.


Why Netflix is a Great Company: The lazier we get, the worst it looks?

With all the changes that have been happening to social profiles and even physical companies like Netflix, it makes me wonder if we have become too lazy? We’re so lazy that even when people are making things easier for us, we still complain that it’s not good enough.

I’ll use Netflix as a major example, do you remember the days when we used to Drive to Blockbuster and rent a movie for $7 a night with a $4 late fee for every additional night? The days when we had to stand in line waiting for that customer who forgot his card at home and the employee took 30 minutes to find the account holder. We would stand in line for nearly 1 hour buying popcorn packets, drinks, candy, etc. for the 15 minute trip back home.

Those nights were a complete pain in the ass, you were having fun with your friends and they wanted to watch a movie so you had to stop everything while you left to blockbuster. If you remember anything about those trips, a single trip to blockbuster ended up costing us 2 hours of our day, and at the minimum $30 dollars. But like a dog who expects to get a treat every time they do a trick, were not different than a  dog. When we try to teach a new trick to a dog, he complains and gets angry at the fact that he’s not getting the treat as easy as he was before. Now he has to lay, sit, and jump before he gets the treat, when in the past just sitting down would get him the same result. Likewise, we get used to a type of service and when they want to change the service for the better, we instantly grab the pitchforks. The dog doesn’t realize it learned new things, and now he’s smarter, we in the other hand don’t realize our services will improve and more movies will be available.

Netflix, is an amazing company, they took a problem away from society and made it easier for us. Yea, we have to pay a little for their service but that’s a given. When people facilitate something for you, it costs some sort of money. In the past, Netflix has been criticized for their price increase. We completely forget that for a little under $10 dollars a month, we have access to unlimited movies with no late fees. We also don’t have to travel to the nearest rental store and wait for 2 hours before coming back home.

Netflix made it very easy to say “hey lets watch a movie guys!” and in less than 10 minutes you have a movie picked and is streaming through your television at home. Netflix found something that became very popular very quickly, it became so popular that every single company is trying to bring it down. Even the big movie companies are trying to charge them extra for their services. Every time that Netflix renews their contract with a large movie company, the company charges them extra because of how successful Netflix is. This price increase on Netflix means that that Netflix has to charge us extra to make up for their losses.

Before you start complaining about their next move, I think we first have to appreciate what they have done for us, all the little things they have incorporated into their company that really makes their company a good company to rent from. Just a thought…

Netflix Abandons Plan to Rent DVDs on Qwikster

Ah Netflix, you’re bumping all over the place aren’t you? I don’t blame you, when you are a big multi-million dollar company, the smallest change is going to anger a whole lot of people.

Earlier today, Netflix announced that it was going to be abandoning a break-up plan that it had set is eyes on the last month. Netflix was planning on splitting up Netflix into Netflix for online streaming and Qwikster for DVD’s on the mail. But after the company started to get a lot of negative attention, they decided that it was prudent that they abandon the split all together and focus on Netflix only.

The company stated that they had moved to fast to split the company in two. “We underestimated the appeal of the single web site and a single service,” Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, said “We greatly underestimated it.” So it looks like Netflix will be in one shape… at least for the time to come.

Smellit: Lets You Smell the Movies and Video Games

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking!? With this new addition to your consoles, you just might.

A while back they had a thing called the Smell-O-Vision, it was introduced in some movie theaters around the US. The Movie theater would send out smells to match what ever was going on in the scene. Now, thanks to Smellit, you will be able to enjoy the same smells in the comfort of your home.

Smellit works by mixing combinations of fragrances and using small fans to pump them into your room. It uses a computer to time the smell with the game or movie you are watching. I have one question though, who’s the guy that determines how something smells? I’ve bought the little pine tree car smell things at wal-mart before, and trust me, they don’t smell like no pine tree.

The company that’s developing these devices is located in France, it’s being manufactured by Olf Action, and they claim that this is really going to be an awesome addition to your entertainment. Let’s see if they are right, they haven’t released any information on the price so we’ll just have to wait and see how expensive the first version is going to cost.

Behance Network, via Engadget

Steven Spielberg-backed Halo movie back on, hits theaters in 2012

If you are a Halo fan, then you can rejoice…again…for the umpteenth time. The Halo movie is set to be released on theaters in 2012 thanks to Steven Spieldberg’s Dreamworks. The news came with a single release on a fresh site and translated by HBO. If this is actually true, this means that the movie should hit theaters in 2012.

Details about who is going to be directing the movie is still up in the clouds. In the past we had Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp onboard, then they threw the film down the drain. Hopefully, the movie will stay on track and we get to see it on theaters. The video above is a short from 2007 called Halo 3: Landfall which was put together by Neill Blomkamp a couple of years ago. It’s a mix between the three shorts – which is just a 9 minute teaser if you are a fan of the Halo Universe. I’ve seen some great fan made costumes, I can’t wait to see what they come up with! and NeoGAF, via VG247

Incredible First-Person Office Escape

This is an awesome video of a guy who was ready for a fight. The producers of Biting Elbows created a live-action film of a man’s daring escape through an office building. I don’t know what he was stealing, but it looked important. I love short action films made on a low budget.

Something to really pick up on though, the soundtrack that went with the movie really added some cool effect. Had it been a different kind of song, I don’t think the movie would of been as cool. Check out other awesome videos at: Biting Elbows

Netflix Strongest and Newest Competitor – A Netflix Alternative?

Are you tired of what Netflix has been doing for the past couple of months, raising the prices, splitting the service, and raising the prices once more? Well, Blockbuster and Dish Network just partnered up and are ready to take on Netflix… and just when I thought Blockbuster was done with, it still has enough to keep on kicking.

For $10 a month, Dish customers will get DVDs, Blu-rays and video games by mail as well as streaming video to their TV or computer. Also, if you can find an open Blockbuster location around you, you’ll be able to trade the disks at the store for an even faster delivery!

The catch? It’s only available to current Dish customers. So, if you have dish, you may find this alternative a bit better than Netflix’s current plan.

Via Engadget

Netflix Will Lose Starz, it’s Most Valuable Source of Movies

well, it looks like Netflix is about to get a little more dull coming February of 2012. If they did renew their service with Netflix they could of made a whopping $300 million to renew their contract. Unfortunately, the executives said that Stars could lose money if more subscribers went to Netflix instead of ordering the cable channel.

Starz said: “This decision is a result of our strategy to protect the premium nature of our brand by preserving the appropriate pricing and packaging of our exclusive and highly valuable content, with our current studio rights and growing original programming presence, the network is in an excellent position to evaluate new opportunities and expand its overall business.”

In the beginning, people didn’t have the ability to stream movies, when Starz signed up with Netflix in 2008, they actually were making money, but now that almost 25 million people are watching Netflix, Starz is loosing money since more and more people are cancelling their subscription to the Starz Cable Channel to move over to Netflix.

Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey provided the following statement in response to the news:

Starz has been a great content partner since 2008 and we are thankful for their support.

While we regret their decision to let our agreement lapse next February, we are grateful for the early notice of their decision, which will give us time to license other content before Starz expires.

While Starz was a huge part of viewing on Netflix several years ago because it was some of the only mainstream content Netflix offered, over the years Netflix has spent more and more licensing great TV shows from all four broadcast networks and many cable networks, and we have licensed 1st run movies from Relativity, MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate and others. Because we’ve licensed so much other great content,  Starz content is now down to about 8% of domestic Netflix subscribers’ viewing.   As we add even more content in Q4, we expect Starz content to naturally drift down to 5-6% of domestic viewing in Q1. We are confident we can take the money we had earmarked for Starz renewal next year, and spend it with other content providers to maintain or even improve the Netflix experience.

We have tremendous respect for the Starz creative team, and we look forward to someday licensing some of their original or licensed content.]

So, as much as I love Netflix, it looks like now I’ll be paying to much for old TV re-runs and movies that premiered almost 10 years ago. This is a losing deal for Starz though, because I’m still not going to get the Starz Movie Package. I fear that all this will cause is for more and more people to stream illegal movies from Starz over the internet.