The Complete Timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to Present

Oh the classic Dr. Who, this series has been going on and on and on since 1963. The show is not half bad, it’s actually very amusing and helps you pass the time. If you haven’t seen Dr. Who, then you’re not really missing out on “everything” but it’s definitely a show to watch. It’s basically a story of a doctor who travels in time inside of a phone booth. He goes to different years and helps people out, along the way he has to fight a couple of villains, which are these robot looking things called the Daleks, he usually travels with companions. I could sit here for days trying to get you caught up with the show from the very beginning.

The info-graphic at the bottom will help you make sense of the whole show so you don’t have to ask questions when you finally do get around to seeing it. If you’ve seen the show, then you need to check out this complete timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to present, including episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more. Scroll down to follow all the Doctor’s adventures through time. A Fantastic resource for any Doctor Who fan – and Please don’t be a Dalek! share this timeline with all your Whovian Pals!

Doctor Who Timeline Infographic

Minority Report in Real Life?

It’s obvious that technology has come a long way. One interesting example of this can be seen in the the field of criminology. With data-driven policing and new revolutionary forecasting systems, police are already able to predict crimes at certain locations and times. For example, by 2003, the police in Richmond,VA were able to anticipate the time, location, and the nature of incidents in their area. From then, there has been a 47% decrease in random gun fires and an increase of 246% in seized weapons.

While these trends definitely provide an optimistic view of things to come, one can’t help but look at the possible negative effects as well. This graphic by raises a good question: can we punish individuals before they actually commit a crime? The movie “Minority Report” is a great portrayal of this, and while we’re certainly not at that level of crime prediction, I think it’s way too soon to say that it’s entirely impossible…

Check out the rest of the graphic to see the new frontier of criminology and what it might mean for the future of our society:

Minority Report
Created by: Criminology

A Soon to be Released Documentary on Anonymous

A documentary film about the hacker activist collective “Anonymous” is set for release on 2012, according to a new trailer released recently by production firm Luminant Media .

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists ” is a documentary that aims to probe the beginnings of “Anonymous” from the early days of the hacker scene and the first hacker collectives, all the way through the years and to the current age of “Anonymous” as a global protest movement.

“Anonymous was kind of like the big, strong, buff kid who had low self esteem, and it all the sudden punched somebody in the face and was like, ‘Holy $hit, I’m really strong!’ From the video, Anonymous calls itself the final boss of the Internet, and sometimes it proves to be the truth. “If you are going to violate the freedoms of the Internet, you certainly better watch the F**K out.”

Canadian Cable Companies Offer Pick and Choose Flexible Channel Package

A while back I had a horrible experience with my cable company, they charged me an arm and a leg for the service that I hardly ever used. I was paying almost 100 dollars for 2 channels that I really liked. I was watching about 2 hours of television a day, and the movie selection no longer made sense. Then I started thinking about how cool it would be for cable companies to offer a custom channel plan’ where people can register for only the channels they want. Each channel would have a different price, and we could select only what we care about the most. Several people had strong points against it; one of them was the fact that the cable companies would lose several of the programs when no one is buying the “Bears and Moose” channel – you get the point.

But Canada has a different idea; all of the cable companies have started offering packages where you can select which channels you watch the most. Our US companies still think is a horrible idea but Canada is not like the US so that doesn’t matter. Let me re-phrase that, the Canadian cable companies still think it’s a horrible idea, but the Canadian government is forcing them to do it.

According to the government, customers deserve greater control over the channels that they pay for. So, the cable companies have a “basic” starter package of 86 channels for $20 a month. The channels are all “low level” channels that no one in their right mind would pay for, but that’s the starter package to keep small companies afloat. Each additional channel will cost you an extra Canadian buck, dollar, pound, or loonie, whatever they are using right now.

The sad thing is that the companies are going to find ways to make up for the revenue losses, they will either start to put out more ads, or they will start to charge too much for specific channels. I guess we’ll have to see what’s going to happen to the companies in Canada, if it works, the companies in the US might get an extra push to offer the same service, but if it fails, the companies will have yet another reason to push this move in the back burner.

Via Engadget

WinX DVD Ripper by DigiArty Review: Safe To Download

When you spend $50 or so dollars on a DVD, you don’t want to have a collection of movies that are collecting dust in the corner of your room. It makes sense to want to back up your copies and carry them with you everywhere you go, on your iPad, or your Android. Just recently I was trying to transfer some movies from my DVD collection and onto my iPad, the only way of doing it was through purchasing expensive software that guaranteed the job OR try to take my chances at downloading a free software that could potentially be infected with viruses, freeware, spy bots, you know, the whole list weird malicious names. Then I came across DigiArty, a software company that is full of DVD ripping software.

The thing that caught my attention was that WinX DVD Ripper is free, it didn’t make sense at first and it instantly sent out the “red flags”. The software claimed that it can backup your DVDs to your hard drive to increase the protection of your movies. You can then store your DVD’s as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, Mov, MPeg, and a number of other formats. Once they are downloaded, you can take the movies and send them to your iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android Phone, PSP, etc. with your own customized profile settings.

So it actually get’s a lot of things done for free, if you’re wondering why they are giving it out for free here is a catch. It does exactly what it describes it does %100 of the time, but it has several features that are blocked unless you buy the premium service.  The chart at the bottom has a list of all the services offered in the premium service and all the services that you have on the free version. Honestly, the free version is more than enough to get a one time movie ripping session out of the way. But if you’re going to be doing this with several movies, I would recommend the Platinum version. (platinum is like the online gold standard now days) Click on the image at the bottom to see a larger version of the features.

The things I really liked about this service were:

1) It doesn’t come with any viruses or any type of malware, this is probably one of the first downloads in a long time that gets this done without any threat to your PC.
2) It’s free, no strings attached, and when you want to erase it, it doesn’t leave those spam messages to upgrade upgrade UPGRADE.
3) It downloaded in like 10 minutes, and it ripped a 2 hour long movie in 18 minutes.  That’s pretty fast.
4) IT Works and it offered a very friendly interface. You can rip movies in 3 mouse clicks.

C-Net reviewed the Platinum version of the software and they gave it an awesome review score. They compared WinX to another competitor and WinX got their vote. If you’re looking for a free way of taking your DVD’s with you and porting them onto your iPad, then this is the way to go. If you were one of the lucky people that got an HP touchpad, you could turn that into a movie pad for when you’re on the road. I would also recommend and see what else DgiArty has to offer, here is the link to their website, they have a whole list of other products that claim to do amazing things. If it’s anything like the DVD Ripper, then I’m sure you’ll love what they have to offer.

Finally, CliffNotes Get Animated! They Bring Shakespeare Cartoons, to Life!

Reading Shakespeare can be as boring as watching a high school game of golf. But now students across the nation will be able to learn about six of Shakespeare’s classics without being bored to death. The current titles are – Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. There is no word on when or IF they will have other titles coming to the series but this is a great start. The whole reason behind the animated series is to make student’s want to actually pickup the book and learn more about the story. Highly unlikely, but it’s worth the try.

Now, you will have to pick up the book and learn about it for class. Cliff Notes already shortens the books tremendously, the video plays shorten the cliff notes about as much. The video above has a small reel of what you can expect when you go out and see the show’s your self.

CliffNotes Films, via GOOD

Magician Uses iPad to Play a Cool Halloween Horror Show

Halloween is happening tonight, and for the next couple of hours people will be storming the streets asking for candy. This is to be expected, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood, but in case you’re stuck at home watching boring TV shows waiting for little children to rush at your door, this magician from Germany whipped out his iPad and put up a really cool magic show using an awesome illusion that uses simple effects that come pre installed with the iPad. He actually has a really cool sense of humor, and while his “German accent might already scare you to hell” wait until you see the story he’s about to tell. It may not be the most creative story ever, but it’s worth the watch.

Before you run away thinking this is a ridiculous show, rest assure, this show is actually really cool.  Simon Pierro is a professional magician, and while his iPad act may not be one of the greatest, it still leaves you wondering how he did it. I hope you enjoy the show, and hope you have a great and a happy Halloween!

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50/50 Movie Review

The lead is a bit of a delicate role.  Adam (Gordon-Levitt) goes through a roller coster of emotional events, so getting someone to fill Adam’s shoes is a rather scrupulous choice in casting.  And I think they found the perfect guy.

When I first heard about the movie, I thought to myself “Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan in a movie together…and it’s a comedy about cancer?”  It’s a hard sell, albeit, I did get a chuckle or two out of the trailer.  I had faith in Levitt’s choice in films and his acting, and Seth Rogan rarely does something that’s not worthwhile, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Granted, I took a minute to get to it, so after the hearsay of how much of a downer movie it is, I got myself prepared for it.  Though it had been described as a “downer,” I hadn’t heard anyone say it was bad.

Plot: Adam (Godron-Levitt) is a carless, diligent, healthy-habited, nice guy who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Leaning on his best friend Kyle (Rogan), difficult mother, and a young therapist (Anna Kendrick), Adam undergoes many challenges of enduring his sickness and it’s effect on the people around him, all the while learning to focus on the most important things in his life.

It was a really good story.  Just really well done.  As rocky an emotional road that movie is, they did a fantastic job of bringing you in and getting you attached to the characters.  When something happened, you felt it.  You just coast and smile and enjoy the ride, and suddenly there’s a drop.  And your heart just– it sinks a little.  As the characters make peace with the event, so do you…but, this is essentially a roller coaster film.  You go in looking for the comedy, and you also go in for the drama.  And boy do they do both of ’em well.  You get to those highs so that the drops have more effect.  The following is a graph depicting the progression of overall happiness throughout the movie:

I will say, I’ve only shed tears at 3 movies in my lifetime.  As a kid I cried at “Angels in the Outfield.”  Then later at “The Green Mile.”  And just recently, “Toy Story 3” got me even after my brother warned me that I’d cry– which I serously doubted would happen considering my track record.  (DAMN YOU PIXAR AND YOUR PHENOMENAL STORY TELLING!)  For “50/50”, my eyes watered up.  They watered up good.  But right before that tear could fully form, I managed to suck it right back into my face and hold onto my Man-Card.  I’m a tough one to crack, so ladies (and you sensitive dudes out there)…bring some tissues.

The cast was rather choice.  As odd a pairing as Rogan and Gordon-Levitt sounded to me, it ended up being a pretty good match.  The flavor to their characters made it seem like a real-life pairing of best friends.  Kind of like a Cory Matthews & Shawn Hunter kinda deal.  Different enough and balanced enough to really work.  I had never heard of Anna Kendrick before this movie, but she has certainly grabbed my attention now.  I’ve managed to dodge her Twilight films because whenever someone mentioned that sparkly garbage, I’d stamp them “crazy” and quickly change topics to avoid brain damage.  Little did I know that the abomination to vampire films everywhere actually hosted a real actress in it.  She pulled off an awkward, inexperienced, young therapist incredibly well.  And she’s absolutely gorgeous to boot!  Her character was this gentile hope that something good could still happen in this crazy “downer film.”

I love movies that progress so naturally that I don’t stop to think about plot points and try to figure out the outline of how things intertwine and how they got from Point A to Point B.  It’s just good writing that avoids the Hollywood formula, and it’s a huge plus to me.  Overall the movie was incredibly enjoyable, despite the emotional rollercoaster.  I left the theater reminiscing a couple scenes that really moved me, and was perfectly satisfied with being $10 poorer.