Army Helicopter Drops Hellfire Missile Over Texas Neighborhood

At least this wasn’t as bad as when the US dropped a nuclear bomb over a small town in Georgia, but still pretty bad none of the less. About one hudnred homes were evacuated from Killeen TX near Fort Hood on Tuesday night after an Apache Helicopter was performing a routine flight and accidentally dropped a hellfire missile.

As the helicopter was flying above a neighborhood people saw the object falling from the helicopter around 8 pm, which to me is surprising since it’s kind of hard to see that late at night, and the fact that you live near the military base Apache helicopters would get kind of boring to see after a while. Regardless, after the object dropped from the sky, the neighborhood went into an instant evacuation.

Later on, the Army found the missile sunk into the ground, an official said that the missile did not have any explosives nor did it have a propulsion system. He went on to say that the aircrafts from the military base never fly over civilian areas with live ammunitions. [Washington Post]

Awesome Quadrotor Flying Machine Gun!

I’m not sure how Russian this guy is, but he definitely is Russian enough to not be messed with. The FPS Russian people made an awesome video of a Quadrotor prototype that is equipped with a machine gun as its main striking power, and enough explosive devices to destroy a full vehicle. I’m sure you’ve seen videos online of quadrotor-copters doing some pretty awesome things, but this is the first of its kind. The drone wasn’t developed by some high tech company, but it still gets the job done fairly well. In a few years, I can see the US military taking on a quadrotor copter rigging it up with some awesome weapons – if they don’t already have that.

The FPS Russian actually takes the small drone around shooting some “unwelcomed strangers” which are buster like dummies with C4 explosives inside them to make them detonate – you know to add to the awesomeness.

Aside from the machine gun that it uses as its main weapons, the drone has enough dynamite to explode and take out a good size vehicle when it receives the detonation signal. Maybe the US Air Force should incorporate this into their designs, especially after the Iranians reverse engineered a drone and now have the instructions on how to rebuild it.

DARPA Developed One of The Fastest Robots Around – The Cheetah

According to Business Week the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding Boston Dynamics’ development of a prototype robot called the Cheetah. The robot managed to set a new land speed record at 18 mph for legged robots on March 5.

Marc Raiberts, the head of Boston Dynamics, believes the cat robot should be able to clock speeds up to 40mph after “key design and technical features are further refined.” Raibert also believes this kind of technology can be beneficial in a battlefield to operate as a “scout.” The company also believes that it can be useful during civilian disasters although no such time frame has been released for when this sort of technology could be used.

Right now the Cheetah runs while “tethered to a hydraulic pump for power and relied on a boom-like device to help maintain power.” Raibert referred to this set up as “training wheels.” He also said that later this year the company would start testing a free-running robot that will have a gas-powered engine and software capable of running 3D movements.

The main problem for getting this type of robot working on the ground is the battery. There is very little room for a battery on this machine, so the battery must not only be small but has to be strong enough to power it.

Raibert told Time, “Our approach is to get the basic concept and scientific solution working in the lab in a simplified setting then do the system integration needed to get the machine outdoors.”

Conroe TX Police Drone Crashes Into Police

The Examiner reports that the Montgomery County (Conroe TX) Sheriff’s Office had a small mishap with one of their new toys. A $300,000 dollar toy to be exact. According to the report, the sheriff’s SWAT team suited up with all their fire power. They brought everything, including the “Bearcat,” which is a large APC they use to transport the officers to different locations. While they were getting ready, they launched the experimental drone developed by Vanguard Defense Industries to take pictures and video of the police in action – then it crashed onto the police vehicle.

According to Vanguard CEO Michael Buscher said his company’s prototype drone was flying about 18-feet off the ground when it lost contact with the controller’s console on the ground.   It’s designed to go into an auto shutdown mode, according to Buscher, but when it was coming down the drone crashed into the SWAT team’s armored vehicle.

Luckily no police officers were injured during the crash, and to be honest, it wouldn’t of crashed if the armored vehicle was on the way. Most drones now days have the ability to “glide” or to return to a pre-programmed location. The only problem is that these drones don’t have the ability to see towers, trees, power lines, people, vehicles, or any other thing around them. Once they lose connection to their ground unit, they instantly begin to fly or glide to a safe area hoping that nothing is going to be on the way.

Don’t get me wrong, as you can see from the video above, these drones can really make the difference in battle, or just patrolling the city from above. If a criminal went out the back door while they were conducting a raid, the drone is cheaper to fly around than a helicopter. Also, if the drone gets shot at, no officers are in danger of getting hurt – unless it crashes on top of them.

They have been unable to figure out what caused the disconnection error, but small problems like these need to be fixed before we start patrolling the streets with drones, last thing you want is to have a 7′ foot drone landing on top of your car on your way to work.  [Examiner]

F-16 Dodging 6 Iraqi SAM launches [Video]

It’s not often that hear about US Fighter Jets shot down during battle, most of the time it’s going to be a helicopter because of their horrible maneuverability, or enemy jets that get shot down as they are entering friendly territories, but this doesn’t mean it never happens. In 1990, a group of F-16C’s were heading out on a mission to destroy Iraqi refineries. On the way to the refinery, the group was detected by SAM Sites (Surface to Air Missile sites) and several missiles were shot towards their direction. Some missiles had tracking capabilities, others were direct shoot missiles, and even thought a couple of planes were shot down, the mission continued to be a success.

The video above comes from the cockpit of ET -one of the planes that managed to avoid getting hit by six SAM Missiles. According to the “Lucky Devils“ –  this incident took place on the third day of the mission, you can read the full statement there but here is what happened:

As the Group of F-16’s were flying towards the refinery, Multiple SAMs were launched at the package (the group of F-16’s), some ballistic and unguided and some tracking with a full system lock-on. In spite of this, some members of the package refused to jettison their bombs until clear of the city to avoid possible damage to civilian non-combatants.

ET The pilot in the video above, became separated from the package because of his missile defensive break turns. As he defeats the missiles coming off the target, additional missiles are fired, this time, from either side of the rear quadrants of his aircraft. Training for SAM launches up to this point had been more or less book learning, recommending a pull to an orthogonal flight path 4 seconds prior to missile impact to overshoot the missile and create sufficient miss distance to negate the effects of the detonating warhead. Well, it works. The hard part though, is to see the missile early enough to make all the mental calculations.

The energy required to execute these missile break turns forced Maj. Tullia’s jet to descend to 10,000ft (3,050ml, which put him in the heart of the AAA envelope. The only answer in this case was to select afterburner in order to increase airspeed and climb. However, being extremely low on fuel, and 700 nautical miles from home, afterburner must be used very judiciously. Before sufficient airspeed is increased, however, ET is faced with another multiple missile launch. In this case two separate SA-6 missile sites launch at his jet while he is climbing out of the AAA envelope. By continuing to unload his aircraft, ET watches the missiles as they close on his aircraft. The unloading and accelerating causes his aircraft to change its flight path, and a change in the missile flight path can be observed as well.

As the timed break turns are accomplished, one missile flies so close that ET can hear the roar of the rocket as it passes where, just a fraction of a second earlier, the right wing was. Two missiles are launched towards him from the front of his aircraft and can be easily seen on his HUD film. Finally, as he reaches the outskirts of the city an optically guided missile of unknown type is fired. There is no radar warning of the launch, but the track of the missile can easily be observed to be guiding towards his aircraft. A defensive turn overshoots the missile, and Maj. Tullia proceeds on his way, now searching for the rest of his Flight.


Lockheed Martin Hid Their Factories Underneath Canopies During WWII

During WWII Lockheed was a very important target for our enemies, it still is, but not as bad as it was then. The biggest threats of the time were spy airplanes, and the dreaded minute missiles. To protect its military installations and hangers, Lockheed was forced to hide them under large canopies that looked like entire neighborhoods. The images at the bottom are aerial and ground level shots of the base – before and after the camouflage.

To make it even more realistic, people were instructed to ride their bicycles above the canopies to make the fake “neighborhood” disguise even more real. All the while, planes were being constructed underneath the canopy.

Imagine being an enemy pilot and you just randomly start to see planes coming out of the ground? That’d be some freaky crap – “Ich schwöre! Ich sah ein Flugzeug kommen aus dem Boden!”  — Translation: I swear I saw planes come out of the ground!… yea sure Franz, stop smoking that next time you go out flying.

Before they were hidden

After the canopy was installed

Citizens rode bikes above the canopy to fake active neighborhoods

Mean While underneath the Canopy people lived a normal life... almost

Every once in a while, planes would launch from underneath "the town"

An Honest Swedish Army Commercial – What if All Commercials Were this Honest? [video]

The military is full of awesome commercials and posters, I’ve seen awesome – satellites about to get hit by other satellites and an entire team of military specialist from the air force are working together to avoid the impact. I’ve also seen the one where the US Navy Seals are out on the desert and they are about to get hit by snipers, but a drone with super awesome technology tells where the snipers are – the seals use a HUD to display their locations.

But at the end of it all, it’s just a commercial. People that actually enter the military hoping to play with these awesome toys never even get the chance to see them, much less use them.

What the military will do for you, is train you to be a better person, it will prepare you for a life that normally you wouldn’t be prepared for. That’s the real military – but at the age of 18 who want’s to hear about getting prepared for life, right?

Well, the Swedish Army has a commercial that talks about getting you ready for life, and while this commercial may not intrigue the high adrenaline rush 18 year old kids, it doesn’t lie to them. This commercial is very well put together, it’s aimed towards people that want to get something out of life through the military. The video posted above has all the bells and whistles of an American made commercial, with an awesome ending.

The Top Ten Places You are Not Allowed to Visit

There are places on Earth that civilians are not allowed to visit, most are military bases and installations, but some are hidden in plain sight, like the VIP center in Disney Land that has a decade long waiting list.

We already know the reasons as to why we can’t visit Area 51 or other military bases- they hold secrets that we’re not supposed to know about; like the not so super secret alien spaceship, or the next military plane.  I’m just curious as to what’s inside the Disney Land resort O_o what could be so secret that they don’t want us to visit?  The video listed above goes over every one of the places and shows you a satellite view of the location. Here is the list of these secret locations.

10 )  The RAF Menwith Hill in the Ukraine – This base is the worlds largest electronic monitoring site. If a missile is about to launch, or launches anywhere in the world, these is the sight that’s going to detect the launch well before anyone else.

9 ) Club 33 Disneyland in California – An exclusive members only club for VIPs located in the center of Disneyland. The waiting list to access the club has a decades long waiting period.

8 ) Bohemian Grove in California – An innocent looking campsite that only the most powerful people in the world can enter.

7 ) The Vatican Secret Archive in Vatican City – Most of the texts can be ordered up, but the “secret” archive means that the Pope has his own personal set of Texts. While you can order anything you want, no one is allowed to go inside – at least not unless you have connections.

6 ) Laxcaux Caves in France – They are covered in Paleolithic cave art, only a very select few number of scientists can enter the caves.

5 ) Pine Gap in Australia – The only area in Australia that is marked as Prohibited and actually enforces the entrance to any citizen on land or air. Not even planes flying over the area can enter unless they are flying over 18,000 feet above the base.

4 ) Metro 2 in Moscow Russia – This is the secret underground metro system in Russia, built by staling for the Russian secret service.

3 ) Room 39 in  Pyongyang in North Korea – This is allegedly a government controlled front for drug dealing and smuggling.

2 ) Mezghorye in Rusisia – Rumored to be the location of Russia’s dead hand nuclear missile site. At any given time, there are two battalions stationed in the base to keep praying eyes away.

Ofcourse, this list would not be complete without the American Super Secret military installation.

1 ) Area 51 in Nevada USA – This location is so secret that there are hundreds of conspiracies around the military installation.

Many of these places may not hold anything in them, but just because citizens are not allowed to enter the locations makes them the topic of discussion for many conspiracy theorists. Area 51 probably has nothing more than experimental air planes, but when there is doubt, people assume different things:

Observation – No citizen is allowed inside Area 51
Conclusion – They are holding Alien space crafts.

You see ho that makes sense?