New P2P Sharing to End TV

Bram Cohen, the author of peer to peer sharing protocol, announced his newest creation yesterday at SF Music Tech Summit.  This would be BitTorrent Live, and it lets anyone with content they would like to publish do so at very little cost and to millions of people.

This new peer sharing network is being destined to become the future of viewing video and make television the way we know it obsolete.  Users can put anything that they wish on BitTorrent Live including:  news, events, TV shows, movies, sports, and anything else that can be recorded.

Cohen told Tech Crunch at the event, “My goal is to kill off television.”  He realizes that TV the way it is, is headed for an out anyway.  People want to watch the content, but they want it available online.  Above all they want it to be affordable.

This level of P2P will allow anyone with content they want to broadcast to be able to do so and be very affordable to do so in the process.  Even those that already stream such as Netflix and Hulu will be able to reduce their prices with this type of technology.  It will start to diminish the greedy entertainment industry that has greatly been showing its colors as of late.

This idea works a lot like normal torrent downloads in that an individual is capable of finding other individuals to stream the video from and not from a central source.  Those that upload videos and do not want to profit will be able to use BitTorrent Live at no cost.  Those who do want to profit will be charged a small fee.  This is still largely different than the millions that are devoted to advertisement now.

“It fits the DNA of what BitTorrent is about because it is open and free,” said Cohen.

The main problem with this technology at the moment is cost.  To stream the way television does requires the bandwidth that cable companies have already paid to have, not to mention satellites to provide better streaming.  In the meantime the beta is available for people to try out, and the only requirement is a one time download.  It will run straight out of the user’s browser after that.

Business In America Can Be Daunting At Times, Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Ask For

Being in the customer service business, sometimes I will agree, the instructions that I receive from the customer don’t make sense. This happens way to often in business, and sadly if you don’t find a way to mitigate and translate what the customer wants, the business relation between customer and company can suffer greatly. Large corporations, like Wal Mart, find a way to translate what the customer wants and keep things on their budget. But other companies have a tough time understanding what the client needs, and instead they try to deliver what they believe the client wants.

Imagine if every time you went to a restaurant the chef gave you food that he thought is what you wanted instead of what you really needed? The image at the bottom will paint you a clear picture of what I mean with business, at the end, the companies are all trying to make as much money as possible out of a customer who in reality just wanted a simple solution.

Global Warming-Proof Sled Doesn’t Need Any Snow

Designer Szymon Hanczar’s perfectly named We Never Give Up! sled has the traditional form factor of a winter wonderland ride, but to accomodate recent global warming trends, it comes with casters so it’s not dependent on snow.

Can anyone else see how this is a horrible Idea? Since the sled uses wheels, you simply find a concrete hill and let it go, the only problem is that when you do crash or fall off of it, the landing is not as soft as if you fell off a snow sled. The sled has no way to turn left or right, nor does it have a way to slow down, so once you let go, you’re on your own.

Here is a list of possible threats:

1) Sidewalks
2) Parked Cars
3) A pot hole
4) A small pebble
5) Cats and other animals
6) Your own stupidity

From a snow sled, you may get up with ice down your back, you jump up and down because of how cold it is, and get back on the sled… in this one however, you fall off the sled and your friends update their statuses and your video goes viral on youtube.

The Coolest Toy Ever An RC Robot Bird That Atually Flies

Who said robots couldn’t fly by flapping a set of wings? I know this is probably the most inefficient way of making something fly, but it’s definitely something that’s cool and awesome. The reason “bird like” planes are difficult to get off the ground is because of the way the wings move. When a flat wing moves up, it creates pressure to the top of the wing that pushes the object down, when the wing comes down, it makes the pressure on the bottom side of the wing that pushes the object up. So you can see how this would be difficult.

Engineers have long given up on the whole “let’s fly like a bird design” and focused on the more traditional, more effective, more durable designs that we’re used to now days – the ones with the turbine and flat steady wings. This doesn’t mean that other people didn’t keep on trying, but the majority did. Mainly because of the video I posted on the right where this poor man completely destroys his invention in a matter of minutes.

The video from above is actually an original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk! Version 1! It truly is an amazing machine. Its hard to believe when you first see it, but it is the easiest thing to fly and has proven to be quite robust. Robert, the guy flying the bird, found this gem hanging from the roof of one of their local hobby shops and had to pick it up. Surprisingly, the bird flies better than the “much older human size counter part” if you’re interested in buying one go directly to the source – Via: RCUAV

This Boy Can See In The Dark: He Literally Has Cat Eyes

The video above is of Nong Youghui, a boy that has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch the dark with eyes that glow in the dark. When light hits his eyes, the lights show the reflection of the light, similar to what happens when you flash a light to a cat in the dark.

Doctors have studied Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, he was deeply concerned over his bright blue eyes.

Dad Ling said: “They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did.”  Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day.

Experts believe he was born with a rare condition called leukodermia which has left his eyes with less protective pigment and more sensitive to light. The precise cause of leukodermia is very complex and not fully understood. It is known that as a result of this auto-immune disorder, eyes are more sensitive to light and without as much protective pigment as would be found in normal eyes.

The actual video became popular in 2009, but just recently people started to find the video in different sites and, nothing ever came out of this child’s special ability but it’s still cool none of the less.

What Computer System Does God Use? – Floating Error Message Sign

Have you ever seen the large LED display advertisements found on the side of the road? they’re supposed to be better because they are cheaper, easier to control, and can display more than one ad at the same time.  Odessa, Ukraine has a couple of them near on their highways and one of them crashed in the middle of a foggy night. The floating digital board displayed an error message all night long.

The messages have a small camera in the front of the signs to keep up with what kind of advertisement is being displayed, when there is an error, the ad company should get the notification on their computer and they should be able to fix it – that is unless the computer with the camera crashes down.

For what ever reason the Ad Company didn’t get the notification, and for the citizens of Odessa, Ukraine, heaven’s computer crashed, maybe Steve should introduce them to Apple?! … to early for that joke? [via BoingBoing]

How the New Hanke Henry Calendar Will Work – What Day Will Your Birthday Land On?

There is nothing wrong with our current calendar, but people still think the Gregorian calendar is a pain in the rear. I love the fact that every year, my birthday lands on a different day – which is good because no one want’s to have a birthday on a Monday night.

Something else too, I just recently learned the easy way to remember how many days each one of the months has. The small tip at the bottom will help you remember every month’s days – which can come in handy…

Count the months on your knuckles and the grooves between your knuckles. Leave out your thumb knuckle. Every month that lands on a knuckle is 31 days, every month that lands on a groove between knuckles is 30 days (or 28 for February).  See that’s not that difficult right? to bad I just learned that a few weeks back.

But all of that is going to change with a new calendar proposed by two scholars from Johns Hopkins University. They said that their calendar would make: September, March, June and December the only months with 31 days, every other month, including February, would have 30. Now comes the sh!tty part, the calendar would be identical year to year, so your birthday, Christmas, and every other major holiday would fall on the same day, same week, every year.

Henry and Hanke claim that the new calendar would have amazing economic benefits. Because the calendar would be the same year to year, financial calculations would become much easier.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the worst idea for birthday bashes, depending on what day your birthday lands on, in my case, a Tuesday… every darn year I’ll have a Tuesday celebration. So if you landed on a Saturday or Friday, congratulations!

Aside from that, the calendar is not that bad and it actually makes sense. Every 5 to 6 years they will add an extra week to the end of December. So you will go from December 31 – December Extra Week (7 days) and then January 1’st after the week is over.  So what if you’re born  on a month that had 31 days but now has 30? well, you will get the chance to celebrate your birthday on the day of choosing! The following calendar will help you get ready for when this new calendar goes into effect…in 2017 want to join the movement? check the official Hankee Henry Calendar Site.

The Longest Stair Case in the World

I have enough trouble going up the stairs to my apartment on the second floor, not because of age – because I’m only a quarter of a century old, but because it’s a pain in the rear to carry all of our furniture on your back – that and I’m lazy as hell. So I can only imagine how much of a drain it would be to climb this set of stairs.

This staircase has 699 steps it’s located on the island of St. Helena and it was built back in 1829 as a way to carry manure out of the city grounds. Nowadays it’s climbed by tourists since this is one of the top attractions on the island. Just so you can get an idea of how big the stair case is, the Empire State Building’s stair case is 1,576 long. This is almost 1/3rd the height of the ESB.  The workers at the city climbed this on the regular basis, I can only imagine how fit these people were – I wonder if they ever figured out how to use the pulley system? and while I’m on this thought, they should install the world largest slide! Via: Today I Learned