V-Luxe an iPad accessory to turn your ipad into a retro-styled television

Every 30 years or so, we get tired of the “advanced” technology and we take a look back to the “good-ol-days” and a sense of nostalgia kicks in “thing’s aren’t made like they were anymore” and this look into the past is kind of comical.

Philco Predicta TV’s are extremely well designed, and their vintage appeal adds a lavish effect that only the wealthy elite could afford, that is until today, now you too can own one without actually paying a king’s ransom.

BKNYDesign’s Paula Anne Patterson, the girl behind the V-Luxe for the iPad and V-Luxe Juinior for iPod and iPhones, hand constructed the shell cases out of walnut, cherry and African mahogany. The “top” is placed on a swivel that allows you to move the display onto different viewing angles on your modern age “historic” television.

Of course just because it’s cheaper than an original Television from the 50’s, it still doesn’t come cheap, at $500 for the Vluxe, and $200 for the V-Luxe Junior you better think twice about this decision. At the end, you are paying for a design/art piece, so you really aren’t looking for function ability as much as aesthetics.

Army aproves $66 million into a “Punisher” gun.

The US Army has finally awarded $66 million dollars to ATK, a Defense and weapons manufacturing company based out of Minneapolis Minnesota. With this contract ATK will develop the XM-25 nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ a semi-automatic weapon that has a Laser Rangefinder and can launch rounds that explode at a set distance, meaning it can defeat barriers protecting enemy fighters. Saving lives, and time of the American Soldier, currently the soldier has two options, go around the barrier and take out the enemy face to face, or call in air support to fire down at the enemy, both are dangerous, and take time. The XM-25 would be an instant solution to this problem.
The way it does this is by using the Laser Range Finder programing a 25mm airbursting round and launching it up to 500 meters (546 yards) away. The round will then explode at the programmed distance. This weapon came out about 1 year ago but was under a “testing” phase by the Army, check the video below to learn more about it and see the weapon in action.
ATK may also develop door-breaching and armor-piercing rounds for the XM-25. The site said the Army wants to acquire 36 more XM-25s. The first batch may be deployed in a year, the site said, although mass production won’t happen until 2013 at the earliest. The site previously said the Army would buy more than 12,500 XM-25s beginning in 2012.
Read more: CNET & CNN

Samsung’s ultra thin 11.6 inch 9 series Laptop,

Up to about right now, the only Laptop capable of competing against Apple’s MacAir was… well they really didn’t have anyone to compete against them until Samsung came out with the Ultra Thin 11.6 inch 9 Series.

The computer comes with an okay 64 Gig hard drive, nothing to fancy but definitely big enough for the thickness of the laptop, the actual laptop has a very nice design around the entire outer shell made out of duraluminum, and the curves would make any woman jealous. The Laptop is valued at $1,199 here are the full Features for this bad boy. Need more? go to Samsung.com

Duralumin, the New Definition of Lightweight The Series 9 is designed with mobility in mind, thanks to dramatic duralumin enclosure complete with arching curves and remarkable durability. Duralumin is twice the strength of aluminum, despite being light in weight. Elegant from every angle, the Series 9 also includes backlit keyboard, brilliant LCD display screen and a large multi-touch clickpad. It’s a minimalist look that is both simple and sophisticated.

See Vivid Content, Wherever You Go

If you live for the latest HD movies and games, then Samsung’s SuperBright screens, with 400nit* brightness, will transform your mobile experience. You can enjoy HD movies, games and other favorite media even when viewing in direct sunlight with no annoying reflections. *340 nits on 11” model

Powerful Processing With the new state-of-the-art Intel® Core™ i5 Processor you get optimized power management when you are playing the latest 3D games, editing and compressing large-size photos or HD video, or multi-tasking. It has Turbo Boost Technology which accelerates your PC’s performance by intuitively allocating CPU processing power when you need it the most.

64GB Solid State Drive

You’ll have room to bring it all with you with the 64GB drive. A solid state drive (SSD) provides plenty of storage, and with no moving parts it boots up 60% faster than a hard disk drive (HDD). You’ll get less power usage, faster data access and higher reliability

Power Back up in 3 Seconds with Fast Start You no longer have to shut down your Samsung computer, just close its lid and it goes into a special powerless sleep mode. When you open the lid your computer comes back to life in 3 seconds and you are exactly at the same place as when you shut the lid. Fast Start saves your data and system configurations to your hard drive and PC memory. So, when you power it back on it is just like you left it.


Longer Battery Life and Life Span

Longer Battery Life and Life Span The Series 9 delivers mobility and freedom with its power efficient performance and extensive battery life of up to 7 hours. Its advanced Lithium-Polymer battery and Samsung’s innovation PowerPlus charging technology make the battery lifespan last up to three times longer than the typical notebook battery so you can keep going, without worrying how much battery life is left.

Intuitive Navigation Intuitive Navigation Samsung’s new multi-touch SuperButton clickpad is stylish, user-friendly and convenient. It features a glass coating and image sensor which means no more cursors disappearing or jumping around on the screen. This intelligent multi-touch gesture pad, which is located in the center of the palm rest , features 21 types of gesture support such as pinch, swipe, and rotate, and also has advanced 3D image sensing for intuitive navigation.

Learn more about this Laptop at Samsung’s Website

Flying Robotic Bird, It flaps it’s wings like a real bird.

These engineers over at Festo’s Have created a flying robot designed to flap it’s wings like a real bird. they call it the very ingenious name of “The Smart Bird” creative uh?
Festo has had a fascination with robotics since the start, and they have several pieces of technology that constantly make the news. A simple search for Festo on Youtube will pop up video after video of Festo’s advancements in robotics.

But lets get back to the bird, This bionic technology-bearer, which is inspired by the herring gull, can start, fly and land autonomously – with no additional drive mechanism. Its wings not only beat up and down, but also twist at specific angles. This is made possible by an active articulated torsional drive unit, which in combination with a complex control system attains an unprecedented level of efficiency in flight operation.   Now in order for this bird to fly, it has to be light weight and capable to glide, well at about 1 pound, “the Smart Bird” has this covered. Check the video below to see it in action.

Now you may be thinking it’s just a flying bird, whats up with the big deal? well like any other piece of technology, it has to start small, imagine airplanes developed using this type of technology, or even military implications like small un-maned air vehicles (UAVs)  the list could go on and on.Festo creates robots that move in a fluid motion, and once they get it figured out the advancements in aerodynamics would be tremendous.

Read more about it at Festo’s Website

Snowball Fights finally become a sport!

Not very technological, but worthy enough to catch everyone’s attention.
The formal name for this absurdly fun but physically precarious competition is yukigassen. That’s Japanese for “snow battle.” It originated nearly twenty years ago as a scheme hatched by the Mount Showa-Shinzan resort to attract more winter season tourists, and it combines elements of paintball, chess, and backyard brawling.
This game is played in a 44 yard by 12 yard “snow battle field”, the game was initiated in Japan, but it’s moving into the United States via Alaska in their annual Fur Rondy festival, Anchorage’s version of the Mardi Gras. This game is quickly becoming a sport. The way you play is by having a 7 v/s 7 team of players hurdle snowballs as big and heavy as baseballs down the field in an attempt to knock out their opponents. The team with the most players at the end of the timer wins. OR you can run down the middle of the field like a mad bomber steal your opponents flag and run back home without getting hit by a snowball. Check out the video below to learn more about it.
There are currently over 2000 teams in Japan where the yukigassen competition is becoming the equivalent of hockey’s Stanley Cup. Frankly, I’m not surprised. The sport is in America’s DNA. The 1770 pre-Revolutionary War altercation that became known as the Boston Massacre started as a snowball fight between local patriots and British soldiers. 
All of it sounds like fun, but getting hit in the face by minor league baseball pitchers with an ice ball gives “Snow Fight!” a new meaning, read more about it at Yahoo

U.S. Navy has a better flight simulator than the U.S. Airforce?

Who has the best flight simulator in the world? is not the Royal Air Force, or Chinese Air Force,it’s also not the U.S. Air Force…  it’s the U.S. Navy, yup for some reason the Navy feels they need to teach their pilots how to fly planes rather than how to Navigate Boats.

Now I know that the Army, Marines, Navy, also fly planes and you’re probably thinking “why doesn’t the Air Force have one of these? well it’s pretty simple, the Air Force train using real jets, since they need to have real time flight contact. Regardless of how BIG and accurate this simulator is, real life works better for them. Not dissing the Navy air force division at all since this is actually very sweet, trainees need to clock in 96 hours in the T-45C (the simulator) to fly a real T-45 Goshawk fighter. The actual details are still unknown as to how big the screen is, or how real the objects in the simulator look and how well everything works. But regardless, this is an amazing piece of technology here is a video of the OLD flight simulator that they had and it’s used to keep already trained pilots active and keep them trained without using their jets. while the NEW one is supposed to train pilots to fly a real jet.

the old one looks pretty cool if you ask me, I can only imagine how the new one looks and works. you can read more about the system here US Air Force Official Flickr

His Helmet is better than your mom’s Helmet!

So get this guy, he found an old military helmet at lord knows where and he completely scrapped it apart. The helmet came with pre-installed speakers and microphone for communications int he battlefield, and he modified the whole thing to communicate with the video game system instead.

The only problem is that I think the helmet may be a little heavier than normal and not to practical, but for a home made project this thing is pretty sweet. Now we all just need to go by an old army navy store and find a surplus helmet bin and get it all together. You can learn more about it by visiting Make Magazine, or follow this link right here! and check everything this thing comes equipped with, a Blue tooth, a speaker, a head set, and lastly it comes with this *I quote*

‘—…a complete second circuit integrated to output to an RF-wireless headset that is also routed through the original system’s speakers. The combination allows for a unique helmet that allows me to both have the ambient video-game sounds as well as chat-communications integrated into a single helmet for gaming, but also allows me to use it as a regular bluetooth, radio, or wireless headset form the TV when the wife isn’t awake yet.—‘


Now THAT is innovative!