Woman Types Out Entire Novel On A BlackBerry

You know those people who sit down and text all day? It’s as if they are sitting down to type a novel of a text message. Well, turns out that a woman actually did write out an entire novel directly from her blackberry. I don’t know how healthy that is for your joints, but it’s pretty cool.

Georgina Campbel, a 41 year old woman, claims that she was watching a movie with her daughter. After the movie was done, she bet her daughter that she could write something better. Four months later and 55,600 words, she finalized the first cellphone written novel – Kickdown Girls.

This is what she said: I started typing on my BlackBerry because it was something I had with me all the time and could easily just take out and start typing anywhere. I was writing on the train, on breaks at work, waiting for a bus, having a bath, when I was walking around – anywhere. It took over my life – all I thought about morning to night was writing the book. It was almost like a holiday. I’d just sit down and start typing the book on my BlackBerry using my two thumbs. It was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done – and to have it published is just amazing.

But sadly, not that many people are liking the book. Sure, it’s a hell of a feat, but you still need to be a writer in order to get things across the right way. Just because you have a tremendous amount of persistence, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a great book. A review left on Amazon reads: “I could barely finish the first chapter. Appalling grammar, crudely written it’s almost in text-speak. It reads as if written by a child, I don’t even want to give it 1 star but I have to, to complete this review. Don’t waste your money on it.”

Well, I still have to give it to her, but I’ll just wait until the book gets turned into an ABC family series to see what it’s all about. In case you’re interesting at giving this a shot, The Kickdown Girls is available on Amazon for purchase.

Via Herald Sun

The Avengers “Iron Man” MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band

Who says girls get all the fun when it comes to jewelry?  outside of watches, and necklaces, wearing a bracelet or a crap ton of rings doesn’t make guys look “cool.” As a matter of fact, it’s pretty hard to find something that looks “cool” enough for your crowd of friends. But, thanks to ThinkGeek we can now pretend to be cool by wearing a Magtitatn Neo Legend Power Band, or that one bracelet that Tony Stark was wearing when Loki visited Tony Stark’s pad and they were talking about what kind of drinks to have. The power bands are the bracelets that call out his suit mid flight and wrap around him just in time to save him from eminent death.

You may not get the cool side special effects, but you do get a hell of a power band that looks pretty bad ass. Unlike other movie props, this isn’t a replica of a screen worn prop; the Power Band worn on screen is exactly the same as the one offered by Think Geek. It’s worth at a solid $199.99 and it’s made out of titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber which makes it pretty sweet looking.

Avengers “Iron Man” MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band

  • Exactly like the Power Bands seen in “The Avengers” – worn by Tony Stark.
  • Limited edition.
  • Fully licensed Marvel collectible.
  • Materials: Titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, epoxy resin, and two 100mT (1,000G) ferrite permanent magnets.
  • Sizing:
    • Medium: fits wrists 6.3″ – 7.5″
    • Large: fits wrists 7.5″ – 8.5″
  • Width: approx. 0.59″

The Funnel Wall – Can This Intricate Creation Make The Sound Of My People When It Rains?

Sometimes you have to sit and wonder who comes up with such an intricate design for something that sounds… like rain. I’ve always hated the straight up and down water drains on the side of large buildings, so aesthetically, this design is pretty cool. But, it’s not very useful, I’m the sure the guy who made it was expecting something else, and then it rained, and nothing really happened.

This building is actually known as The Funnel Wall, it’s found in Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany, and it claims to play “music” when it rains. But after watching the video posted above, it doesn’t sound much like music if you ask me.

The US Fires the World’s Most Powerful Laser – Next It Will Create A Star!

The United States’ National Ignition Facility at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California just fired off the most powerful laser in history. The laser put out a beam measured at 2-megajoules, enough to put it on spot #1 for the most powerful laser in the world.

So what’s the point of this? Well, to create a small star of course! The researchers fired off a single beam of light that is then split into 48 separate beams. The beams are bounced around a warehouse that’s about the size of three football fields using mirrors, eventually the 48 beams get split up into 192 different beams and are taken through amplifiers that increase the strength of the laser every single time they bounce around the facility.

After the laser has made its way to the final exit point, the laser contains about 1,000 times the energy of all the power plants currently in place in the U.S. or about Five Trillion Watts of energy. Since this was just a test, the facility didn’t go through with the full experiment – that’s going to happen later this year when they will be shooting the laser at the small frozen hydrogen fuel cell in the image to the right. The fuel cell is going to be wrapped inside a gold plated cylinder called the Hohlraum.

This Gold plate is going to be located inside of a 32.8 foot ignition chamber and will turn the lasers into X-rays that will in turn compress the hydrogen cell at one hundred billion atmospheres in just 1/1,000,000 of a second.

Why? Because this will create a small start … a SUN! … on earth! They hope that the star is going to generate more power than the energy used to get the laser to shoot, not to mention, the chamber needs to be able to contain the heat that is going to be generated by the creation of  the star. That’s if they get to make a star in the first place.

Most of the funding that the NIF has been receiving comes from the US Nuclear Weapons Complex, which uses the facility to test the physics of nuclear bombs, and the US Department of Energy’s fusion-energy budget. If they can’t get the laser to induce fusion the way they plan, the US Department of Energy Fusion-Energy budget is going to get moved around to an alternative approach that uses magnets rather than lasers to induce fusion.  In this huge economic downfall that we’ve been having in the US, it’s nice to know America still has it in the bag!  [via Gizmodo via Physorg]

Man Makes Successful Flight with Human Bird Wings: Fake or Not

By now most people on the internet have seen the video of Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets achieving flight with his motorized bird wings. When I first saw this video on Wired after finding the link on Reddit, I was in awe.  That was so cool. I really was not questioning the legitimacy of the video. Then I read the comments on Reddit, and followed those up by reading comments on other sites such as Wired and Gizmodo among others. Too many people were screaming, “Fake!” Some people even questioned if Wired had even done its homework.

Needless to say I rewatched the video, closely this time without amazement. This time I could sort of see why other people had their doubts; however, I still wanted to believe it was real, and I had little reason to believe otherwise while watching the video. So, I sent the link to my fiancé who is a computer and engineering whiz and can usually spot a fake at once. He told me it could be, but he had no reason to doubt it was real. Yay, I have hope again!

Today, Wired attached this update, which goes into much detail about what the camera was doing during recording, and the physics that would be involved with something like this without being biased. The writer, Rhett Allain, does not commit to one side or the other, but tries to show what he could determine was really happening in the video.

I personally believe some people were confused. Many believed that Smeets was flying by using his own arm strength, but in fact he was using a motor putting out 2,000 Watts of power to support not only his weight but also the light-weighted wings. He has also been developing this device for over six months.

Not to say that the backstory could all be a lie, but there is too much real history that can be found to prove it is not fake. People also assumed this was first flight, but how do they know that. There are actually videos that prove it was not the first time, and the previous attempts did not go so well.

I just think so many people really wanted someone to really invent something like this, but when it really happened no one actually thought it could be done. We are such a jaded society. I believe that Mr. Smeets has actually created a way for humans to take flight, and if it turns out I am wrong, oh well.

Reusable Gecko Tape

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has come up with a tape that was inspired by gecko feet.  It is a reusable adhesive fabric that can be cheaply made, and it is called Geckskin.  It is tens of centimeters wide and is actually three times stronger than gecko feet.

Patches of this material can be attached to glass and still hold up over 300 kilograms of weight.  The researchers of this product said that amount is more than any other adhesive can hold, and this one can be reused over 100 times.  That makes using this to hang up televisions or to hold computer and car parts together a breeze.

The inspiration, gecko’s toes, has the perfect example of the best adhesive, which must be soft on one side to conform to the surface but also stiff to hold weight.  Gecko toes have fibers that are made of strong proteins, but “are thin enough to bend and make close surface contact.”

While others have tried to emulate the hairs on the toes, UMass took a simpler approach by depositing “a thin rubbery polymer layer on a fabric made of stiff carbon fibers.” It works by using the Van der Waals force, which is the sum of the attractive or repulsive forces between molecules.

Duncan Irschick, UMass biologist involved with the research, explained the stiff side is what gives the material its strength. The fabric is a millimeter thick and has a “striking force of about 30 newtons per square centimeter,” which is three times the amount of gecko’s toes. Although according to the leader of the research, UMass Science and Engineering Professor Alfred Crosby, the adhesive should work on any surface, but there are more studies that must be done.

Crosby described the product as, “Our Geckskin device is about 16 inches square, about the size of an index card, and can hold a maximum force of about 700 pounds while adhering to a smooth surface such as glass.”

WineRack Flask-Bra – Turns Your A Cups Into D Cups a Wine Bottle at a Time!

Turn an A cup in to double D’s AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too! Not to mention the savings on overpriced drinks! – No, this headline is not a joke. It is in fact dead serious. One might even call it. . . as dead serious as a boob job?!

What we’re talking about is the WineRack-Flask Bra. Effectively, this is a sports bra that any wine-o of a woman would give her right boob up for. Whether you’re speed walking with your wine-o best friend or going out for a night with your lady friends, or even your guy friends too, just fill it with the liquid of your choice in comparative relevance to the breast size of your desire, pop this sucker on under your shirt, and you’re good to go all night. Or, at the very least, until you drink all your boob juice. For the low low price of 29.99 you can have your very own juice carrier that can hold 64 shots, 7 beers, or 3 bottles of wine, plenty of juice to be the center of attention. Check out this video to see a similar product for guys – not as cool though.

So the way I see this, you’re essentially saving yourself what could be hundreds of dollars on drinks for a wild weekend, and potentially earning your fair share of admiring looks from the fella’s before they realize you’re just another wine-o. In case you saw a possible flaw for this product, its inflation size is not completely dependent on how full of liquid it is. Just a few blows into the straw keeps the party going. And if you think this product is on the creepy side of the fence, try rethinking it, after all, who doesn’t love boob juice that isn’t milk?!

Sprinkles’ Cupcake ATM

Imagine a world where fresh food is delivered straight from an ATM-vending machine. Well, that is not the case quite yet, but Sprinkles Cupcakes has taken a step in that direction. On Tuesday, the store opened a 24-hour vending machine in front of its Beverly Hills store. Fresh cupcakes are placed into the machine daily, and people can just order from the screen, swipe, and voila… cupcakes.

The chain plans to place these ATMs at all of their stores across the United States. Each machine will contain around 600 freshly baked cupcakes. Each nicely boxed cupcake will cost $4 compared to the $3.25 unboxed price from the actual store.

The point of the machines was that the stores had to largely increase their hours to keep up with the demand. This helps to make the cupcakes available at all hours for their customers. The idea came to the owner, Candace Nelson, while she was pregnant. “I was pregnant with my second child, and I thought, ‘I’m the owner of a cupcake bakery, and even I can’t get a cupcake in the middle of the night.”