3,500 Cellphones Were Used to Create This Pegasus Sculpture

Talk about sending a whole bunch of cellphones to waste. I know the sculpture is pretty bad ass, but let’s say that each phone is just $100 per cellphone, MINIMUM, this is the most expensive sculpture of a Pegasus that I’ve ever seen. The sculpture is going to be at the entrance of the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

It was constructed out of 2000 feet of metal rods that make up the inside wire frame, the cellphones were then tagged to the exterior of the frame. Overall, Pegasus took over 720 hours to make and it stands just shy of 19 feet and has a wingspan of 16 feet. It was manufactured by Huawei, a Chinese company, to introduce their new Ascend D Quad smartphone – which Huawei considered to be the “world’s fastest” phone. That’s why they are using the Pegasus as their mythological creature. Whether or not the phone actually stands up to the Pegasus, that’s a different story.

Even if the phone doesn’t make it big, the statue is pretty impressive. It would be sweet if the phones could actually turn on to make it glow at night, but I doubt that’s possible.  Via CNET

Minority Report Glove Lets You Control Your PC With Hand Gestures

I’m sure there are easier ways of controlling your computer by modifying the Kinect system or modifying the Wii Sensor grid, but if you don’t want to sit hours in front of a computer trying to figure out how this works, or if you don’t know how to make the hack, you could buy this Minority Report style glove that lets you control your PC from anywhere in the room.

A couple of years ago these two MIT students made one of the best replicas of the system. Their gloves literally allowed you to control a map the same way Tom Cruise controlled his computer in the movie. I don’t see this glove being very practical for every day computer users, but I do see this glove being very helpful when you’re giving presentations. But if you really want to get a hold of this mouse, you’ll have to drop down about $80 bucks.  via SlashGear

Container Lets You Pour Just The Right Amount Every Time!

Don’t you just hate having your pasta or rice inside that bag and regardless of how much you try to guess a serving for 2 you always end up making food for 10 people? I do, I’m usually having to use a measuring cup to make sure I have just the right amount – and even then I make food for 10. You have to admit, it’s hard to guess how much a person eats, especially when you take rice and it expands to a size you didn’t know was possible.

I also hate not being able to guess exactly how much cereal I need for my milk to be fully gone when I’m done eating my cereal. This is why I love this new plastic container from Quirky. You can place two dividers in the main container that always allow you to pour the exact same amount of whatever you have inside the container.

This is great for me because now I can just simply pour the box over while I’m half asleep and not have to worry about how  much cereal I’m having to pour. This is also great for parents who have children that like to over fill their plates full of cereal. And lastly, this is great for people that read the back of the box and it says – serving amount, 14 servings – now you’ll really have an Idea of how much you need each time. Simply set the lid to the 1 serving and tilt the box over to feed the right number of people.

The container can hold 3.25 quarts of dry food, it lets you pour down to half a cup of goods at a time. The product is no longer on the design stages, this is going to be out for sure, but they didn’t say when exactly. Check out the gallery at the bottom to see how convenient this really is! via The Green Head

People in China Pay $1 a Month to Have Their e-mails Read “Sent From My iPhone”

Have you ever received an e-mail from a person and at the very bottom of the e-mail it reads ‘sent from my iPhone’? Well, apparently there is a market for this. People who want to have this signature at the bottom of their e-mails can pay a company $12 a year and they can add the signature line at the bottom.

Apparently, the demand is so high that people are actually falling for this. They don’t want to pay the $800 it costs to buy an iPhone so I guess they think, $1 a month is pretty awesome, I’ll make people believe I have an iPhone for basically free!

A Chinese sales site called Taobao say “The iPhone is too expensive. If you don’t want to spend that money, then fake it!” After you sign up for the service you are prompted to give them your password and they will set you up with an awesome signature line to make people believe you have one.

Of course you wouldn’t fall for this silly and ridiculous offer. The offer is trying to target users of China’s QQ Messaging service which is used by younger people who are not really familiar with their technologies yet. So here, I’ll spare you a $1 and teach you how it’s done.


1. Pull up your Settings!
2. Click on General in the top right hand corner
3. Go to the “signature line”
4. Type your signature, “sent from my iPhone”
5. Click “Save Changes”
6. You’re done.


1. Pull up your Yahoo! Mail account
2. Click “Options” in the top right hand corner
3. Click “Mail Options”
4. Click “Signature” – the link is on the left of the page
5. Type your signature, after choosing “Show a signature on all outgoing messages”
6. Click “Save Changes at the top of the page”
7. You’re done.

OR you can simply search Google, I’ve taken the liberty to Google it for you, click here and see how it’s done. Via Gizmodo

Badass Tactical Mug Lets You Strap on Spec Ops Gun Attachments

Nothing says you’re drinking coffee like a real man better than the OPMOD Battle Mug. This mug lets you spike up your drink while you smell the napalm in the morning. You can literally equip your mug with night vision scopes, laser targeting equipment, and just about any other gadget you can think of. Oh, and it comes with a tripod on the side so you don’t have to rest it on the ground.

This mug has three Mil-Spec 1913 tactical rails that allow you to put any type of attachment your heart desires. The video above lets you see just some of the things you can equip your mug with. The best thing about it is that you will always be able to identify your mug. Each one is custom-engraved with its own unique serial number and includes a removable AR15 carry handle, so you know it’s both durable and awesome. If you want to get your own mug, you’ll have to drop down $250 dollars, so it can be a little expensive. Not including the gadgets and equipment you need to buy separately you’re looking at dropping about $1000 before your mug looks bad ass. But I can guarantee you that you’ll never need another mug again. by OPMOD via Geekosystem

Study Finds That There Is No Difference In Usage Between Unlimited Data Plans and Tiered Data Plans

You know when AT&T Started to send out the text messages with the “you’re in the top 5% of the people that use data so we’re going to slow it down” and every American started to get pissed over it? Well, AT&T and other major carriers said it was to save bandwidth usage… a.k.a. charge you an arm and a leg for something that’s completely useless and fake.

A study was conducted by Validas, an analytics firm that analyzed over 50,000 cellphone bills from AT&T and Verizon to see if throttling was actually something that was necessary to save bandwidth. After the study, it turns out that the numbers didn’t really add up. So why do they have the bandwidth caps? According to Validas’s findings, throttling may indeed simply be a ploy to push unlimited users into newer tiered plans – you know, so they can charge you an arm and a leg for the extra bandwidth.

That’s right, if you look at the chart above you can see that regardless of what kind of plan you have, you still use about the same kind of data – or at least you would if AT&T didn’t slow you down.

Subscribers who approach the top 5% of unlimited data users in a single billing period see their data speeds throttled, however, countless users have found that AT&T is now beginning to throttle users after less than 2GB of data usage in a billing period. So yes, you have unlimited data, but they want to literally annoy you into getting the 3GB tiered plan for the same price that you would pay for the unlimited plan – $30 a month. The only difference is that you have unlimited speed all the way to the end… THEN they start to charge you for going over.

It’s like going to Ihop to get unlimited pancakes, sure you may have as many as you want, but we’ll wait 20 minutes between pancakes OR you can get 3 pancakes right away for the same price without a 20 minute wait – if you want more we’ll charge you extra. So the tiered plan is really good for impatient people, but if you can tolerate the speed caps you should be alright.

According to Validas: “When we look at the top 5% of data users, there is virtually no difference in data consumption between those on unlimited and those on tiered plans — and yet the unlimited consumers are the ones at risk of getting their service turned off. So it’s curious that anyone would think the throttling here represents a serious effort at alleviating network bandwidth issues. After all, Sprint does seemingly fine maintaining non-throttled unlimited data for its customers.” Via BGR

Nike+ Training Shoes Will Deliver Unrivaled Athletic Analytics to the Palm of your Hand!

When I ran in Triathlons, one of the biggest pains was the lack of not having an accurate way to measure performance while running. That was 4 years ago. The closest thing we had was a pedometer, and a timer. But Nike just came up with the next big thing for runners. They developed a technology that offers even more data analysis for workout fiends everywhere.

The Nike+ Training Shoes have sensors inside the soles that transmit data tracking your performance in real time. By using the shoes, you will receive important data about your run – including steps, lunges and even your vertical leap. The data is then transferred to your smart phone where you can analyze and modify your workout routine. They even have a basketball-focused version of the shoe – Hyperdunk+, see what they did there?

The information that is delivered to your app can be uploaded to their network. Additionally, you will be given the option to compete against your friends by keeping track of everything you do while you’re wearing your shoes. Every step you take, every jump, every lounge, and every mile you complete. This level of interaction is supposed to make you want to work out more in order to beat your friends in a “fit race.” I thought they were already building an app for that? an app where you’re supposed to run away from other zombies?

If everything goes according to plan, the shoes will be on the market sometime this summer. In the meantime, you can enjoy the video and see what this shoe promises it will do for you! Via: Tested

For the Next 30 Days Box Will Give you 50GB of Free Storage!

Box, not to be confused with Drop-Box just updated its Android App for the better. If you get the application within the next 30 days, you will bet 50 GB of storage in the “Cloud” for free. No strings attached, you will never have to pay for anything.

Additionally, if you get the app right now, they will increase the max file size from 25MB to 100MP but you have to get it before March 23 at 11:59:59 PM. Check out the video above so you can see how the box can help you and your business / personal life stay connected and organized. I know 50GB doesn’t sound like too much, but it’s definitely worth it, especially when it’s free storage that you can access via your cellphone! Check out Box.net  if you want to learn more about the system. Via MaximumPC